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  1. Well, that was the right thing to do at 197, separating Darmstadt & Brucki. But what are the Navy Coaches thinking by requesting or accepting a #5 Seed for Prince. Worst case scenario IMO.
  2. SoCon website had a mistake as Mora is Gardner-Webb. Fixed it in above post.
  3. Southern Conference Seeds 125 (1 NCAA allocation) 1. Fabian Gutierrez, Chattanooga 2. Sean Carter, Appalachian State 3. Korbin Meink, Campbell 4. Cian Fischer, Davidson 5. Jacob Brasseur, Presbyterian 6. Jordie White, The Citadel 7. Will Edmiston, Gardner-Webb 8. John McGarry, VMI 133 (1 NCAA allocation) 1. Noah Gosner, Campbell 2. Trevon Majette, Gardner-Webb 3. Codi Russell, Appalachian State 4. Wade Cummings, Chattanooga 5. Kyle Gorant, Davidson 6. Cliff Conway, VMI 7. Nathan Orosco, The Citadel 8. Khalid Brinkley, Presbyterian 141 (1 NCAA allocation) 1. Josh Heil, Campbell 2. Bradley Irwin, Appalachian State 3. Mason Wallace, Chattanooga 4. Reid Stewart, Presbyterian 5. Jacob Dado, The Citadel 6. Brandon Bright, Gardner-Webb 7. Noah Roulo, VMI 8. David Loniewski, Davidson 149 (2 NCAA allocations) 1. Jonathan Millner, Appalachian State 2. Tanner Smith, Chattanooga 3. Jason Kraisser, Campbell 4. Selwyn Porter, The Citadel 5. Job Chishko, VMI 6. Will Baldwin, Davidson 7. Bryton Goering, Presbyterian 8. Anthony Schiess, Gardner-Webb 157 (1 NCAA allocation) 1. Matt Zovistoski, Appalachian State 2. Matthew Dallara, Campbell 3. Zachary Phillips, Presbyterian 4. Will Lawrence, VMI 5. Douglas Gudenburr, The Citadel 6. Hunter Costa, Davidson 7. Tyler Shilson, Chattanooga 8. Christian Trimble, Gardner-Webb 165 (1 NCAA allocation) 1. Quentin Perez, Campbell 2. RJ Mosely, Gardner-Webb 3. Will Formato, Appalachian State 4. Dazjon Casto, The Citadel 5. Drew Nicholson, Chattanooga 6. Noah Satterfield, Davidson 7. Jon Hoover, VMI 8. Parker Corwin, Presbyterian 174 (2 NCAA allocations) 1. Thomas Flitz, Appalachian State 2. Neal Richards, VMI 3. Austin Kraisser, Campbell 4. Hunter Fortner, Chattanooga 5. Evan Schenk, Gardner-Webb 6. Steven Newell, Davidson 7. Kyle Kretzer, The Citadel 184 (2 NCAA allocations) 1. Andrew Morgan, Campbell 2. Matthew Waddell, Chattanooga 3. Julian Gorring, Appalachian State 4. Austin Stith, Presbyterian 5. Samuel Mora, Gardner-Webb 6. Gavin Henry, Davidson 7. Max Gallahan, VMI 8. Cooper Youngblood, The Citadel 197 (1 NCAA allocation) 1. Rodney Jones, Chattanooga 2. Chris Kober, Campbell 3. Demazio Samuel, Appalachian State 4. Zach Brown, VMI 5. Martin Duane, The Citadel 6. Roderick Davis, Gardner-Webb 285 (2 NCAA allocations) 1. Jere Heino, Campbell 2. Cary Miller, Appalachian State 3. Michael McAleavey, The Citadel 4. Chris Beck, VMI 5. Grayson Walthall, Chattanooga 6. Mitchell Trigg, Davidson 7. Imani Heslop, Presbyterian 8. Gabriel Pickett, Gardner-Webb
  4. No Sidney Flores at 125 for Air Force.
  5. Show_Me


    Agreed. And he has been injured quite a bit. Hoping for the "best version" of Leeth for MAC & NCAA.
  6. When can we expect to see them ?
  7. So Berreyesa came out of Redshirt to not wrestle post-season. I don't pretend to know all the circumstances, but it seems odd.
  8. Show_Me


    Some interesting potential QF matchups (if pre-seeds hold) : 125 #2 Werner vs #7 Heil (Werner was still in RS for dual) #3 Cardinale vs #6 Gromacki (Gromacki wrestled 133 at dual ?) 133 #1 Rooney vs #8 Patrick (Patrick won in dual, 4-3) 141 #1 Simon vs #8 Lipari (Lipari wasn’t at Rider yet for the dual) #2 Cheek vs #7 Madrigal (Split matches ; Cheek won in dual 4-2 & Madrigal won @ Scuffle 6-2) #3 Perry vs # 6 Laney (no dual this season ; Perry not an AQ, Laney is an AQ) #4 Shoop vs #5 Leeth (no dual this season) 149 #4 Williams vs #5 Hagan (Williams won in dual, 5-2) 157 #2 Carson vs #7 Klucker (no dual this season) #3 Jacques vs #6 Parks (Jacques won in dual, 5-4) #4 Ruffin vs #5 Early (Ruffin won in dual, TB-1) 165 #4 Schuster vs #5 Jones (Schuster won in dual, SV-1) 174 #3 McNally vs #6 Moore (Moore did not wrestle in dual) #4 Flynn vs #5 Siegrist (no dual this season) 184 #3 Walton vs #6 Agee (Walton won in dual, 4-3) #4 Wilson vs #5 Hazel (no dual this season) 197 #3 Koelling vs #6 Pelham (Koelling won in dual, 3-2) #4 Braun vs #5 Smith (Braun won in dual, 8-6) 285 #2 Spaulding vs #7 Ihry (no dual this season) #3 Earnest vs #6 Bagoly (no dual this season ; Earnest not an AQ, Bagoly is an AQ) #4 McKiernan vs #5 Cloud (no dual this season)
  9. Beat me to the punch. McGee is now 11-0 on the season, 8-0 @ 133. WrestleStat still shows him as being injured ? He was a R12 guy last year at 125. Maybe he can't beat Cardinale at 125, but the ODU 133 starter has a losing record so one would assume that McGee could hold the 133 spot. It doesn't look he has taken a redshirt yet. Cardinale is only a Sophmore though. Anybody know what the ODU plan is ?
  10. Coach Storniolo (Northwestern) on FRL today stated that "Coaches have no business doing the Rankings" due to their lack of due diligence, conflicts of interest, & Conference bias. He also acknowledged Coaches "brokering deals". Pretty much in alignment with my original post FWIW.
  11. I don't think so. I believe you have to wrestle in the Qualifier to be eligible for NCAA.
  12. I don't think so. The seeding guidance doesn't allow it. It states : "The only grounds for coaches' challenges will be errors in the results database or in the pre-seeders' calculations. It also states : "Exceptions may be made for those lacking the six bouts needed for a pre-seed if the wrestler is a past EIWA finalist or All-American. In this case the wrestler's coach can argue his case at the pre-seed meeting; the coaches may vote to seed the wrestler no higher than one spot below the pre-allocated spots earned at that weight."" This exception applies to Prince but does NOT apply to Darmstadt. Unless they deviate from the written seeding guidance, Darmstadt is stuck with a #4 Seed.
  13. Show_Me


    Thought MAC Seedings might be out by now ? Do you know the MAC Seeding Criteria ? It strikes me odd how every Conference does it differently (EIWA has a 4 person panel with some "unknown criteria"", the Big 10 can do whatever they choose, etc.) If you know the Seeding Criteria, how would you Seed 133 & 141 differently than the MAC Coaches did with their Rankings ?
  14. Also 56 but still drink (too much at times). Been posting here since 2001 or so.
  15. Good overall outline of the process. IMO, there are 2 Seeding outcomes that just don't feel right. 197. Darmstadt (Cornell) being a #4 seed flies in the face of common sense. He has handily beaten the #1 Seed Brucki (11-4) & also beaten the #3 Seed Jacobsen (MD). Its not only a bad Seed for Darmstadt being the #4, but also a terrible draw for Brucki as he won't likely be a finalist. Most everyone would agree that Darmstadt & Brucki SHOULD be on opposite sides of the bracket. Koser or Jacobsen greatly benefit from this outcome as one of them will be a Finalist. Based on the above guidance, Cornell or Princeton can NOT even challenge these Seeds. 149. There appears to be some flexibility with regards to Prince (Navy). He doesn't have 6 matches at 149 but is a returning EIWA Finalist. He could be Seeded as high as #5 (4 AQ's). However, if I am the Navy coach, I would request a #6 Seed to get on the opposite side of the bracket from #1 Clarke & #4 Kolodzik. If that request is denied, I would be accept a "random draw". The #5 Seed is the WORST possible place to be for Prince based on a QF matchup with Kolodzik just to make the Semi's. I don't have a clue if the request for a #6 Seed would be entertained ?
  16. Show_Me


    The FINAL "MAC Coaches Rankings". The Seeds will likely be very similar to these. Bolded wrestlers earned an AQ (41 Total). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 125 lb. weight class (3 AQ's) 1. Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan, Junior) 2. Luke Werner (Lock Haven, Junior) 3. Killian Cardinale (Old Dominion, Sophomore) 4. Bryce West (Northern Illinois, Sophomore) 5. Cameron Valdiviez (Missouri, Sophomore) 6. Jake Gromacki (Clarion, Senior) 133 lb. weight class (5) 1. Derek Spann (Buffalo, Junior) 2. DJ Fehlman (Lock Haven, Senior) 3. Tim Rooney (Kent State, Senior) 4. Allan Hart (Missouri, Sophomore) 5. Tye Varndell (Edinboro, Freshman) 6. Josh Mason (Bloomsburg, Redshirt Freshman) Note: Richie Koehler (Rider) earned an AQ. 141 lb. weight class (5) 1. Dresden Simon (Central Michigan, Junior) 2. Sa’Derian Perry (Old Dominion, Senior) 3. Kyle Shoop (Lock Haven, Senior) 4. Evan Cheek (Cleveland State, Senior) 5. Shakur Laney (Ohio, Senior) 6. Grant Leeth (Missouri, Junior) 149 lb. weight class (5) 1. Brock Mauller (Missouri, Sophomore) 2. Brock Zacherl (Clarion, Senior) 3. Colston DiBlasi (George Mason, Senior) 4. Tyshawn Williams (SIUE, Senior) 5. Alec Hagan (Ohio, Sophomore) 6. McCoy Kent (Northern Illinois, Senior) 157 lb. weight class (6) 1. Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider, Senior) 2. Jarrett Jacques (Missouri, Sophomore) 3. Zac Carson (Ohio, Senior) 4. Justin Ruffin (SIUE, Sophomore) 5. Larry Early (Old Dominion, Senior) 6. Logan Parks (Central Michigan, Senior) 165 lb. weight class (2) 1. Troy Keller (Buffalo, Senior) 2. Peyton Mocco (Missouri, Redshirt Freshman) 3. Izzak Olejnik (Northern Illinois, Redshirt Freshman) 4. Shane Jones (Old Dominion, Senior) 5. Cornelius Schuster (George Mason, Sophomore) 6. Joe Terry (Ohio, Junior) 174 lb. weight class (4) 1. Jacob Oliver (Edinboro, Sophomore) 2. Dean Sherry (Rider, Senior) 3. Andrew McNally (Kent State, Junior) 4. Connor Flynn (Missouri, Senior) 5. Jared Siegrist (Lock Haven, Senior) 6. Kenny Moore (Northern Illinois, Senior) 184 lb. weight class (3) 1. Dylan Wisman (Missouri, Senior) 2. Trevor Allard (Bloomsburg, Junior) 3. Brit Wilson (Northern Illinois, Sophomore) 4. George Walton (Rider, Sophomore) 5. Corey Hazel (Lock Haven, Senior) 6. Antonio Agee (Old Dominion, Senior) 197 lb. weight class (4) 1. Greg Bulsak (Clarion, Junior) 2. Ethan Laird (Rider, Junior) 3. Wyatt Koelling (Missouri, Junior) 4. Gage Braun (Northern Illinois, Redshirt Freshman) 5. Landon Pelham (Central Michigan, Junior) 6. Ben Smith (Cleveland State, Sophomore) 285 lb. weight class (4) 1. Matt Stencel (Central Michigan, Junior) 2. Jon Spaulding (Edinboro, Junior) 3. Colton McKiernan (SIUE, Sophomore) 4. Jordan Earnest (Ohio, Redshirt Freshman) 5. Ryan Cloud (Rider, Senior) 6. Ty Bagoly (Clarion, Sophomore)
  17. With the addition of Little Rock, there will be 6 Teams. Will the #1 & #2 Seeds automatically receive Byes in the Quarters (or) will the Byes be drawn randomly ?
  18. 174 lbs. (9 qualifiers) 1. Michael Kemerer, IOWA 2. Mark Hall, PSU 3. Dylan Lydy, PUR 4. Devin Skatzka, MINN 5. Mikey Labriola, NEB 6. Kaleb Romero, OSU 7. Joseph Gunther, ILL 8. Layne Malczewski, MSU 9. Tyler Morland, NU 10. Willie Scott, RU 11. Jared Krattiger, WIS 12. Phillip Spadafora, MD 13. Max Maylor, MICH 14. NO ENTRY, IND With 9 NCAA bids available, why wouldn't Indiana enter one of their 2 - backup 165's - both of whom have close to 20 matches this Season ?
  19. I think you are selling him short on his post-season magic. In 2018, he was NOT Seeded, yet finished 7th. In 2019, he was a #16 Seed, yet finished 8th. He significantly over performed both years. I would expect him to be Seeded higher this year unless he lays an egg at Big 10.
  20. As there are 4 different weight classes with 2 AQ's each, will the Pac-12 be wrestling "True 2nd Place" matches ?
  21. Yea, on Friday's episode Nomad called message board participants "idiots" or some derogatory variation thereof. The same people that are paying for FLO memberships, listening to FRL, etc. These FLO guys don't seem to care or understand who is "buttering their bread".
  22. Cptfaw164 - I think we agree on more things than not. I appreciate the “Passion”. I mean that.
  23. That’s fair. I will let Jdalu explain. btw, I am optimistic on Hartman, McCormick, & Harvey. Bummed that Missouri guys Weiland & Hopkins are out. Its D1 Wrestling.
  24. I don’t have a dog in this hunt as I am a Missouri guy (let the criticism begin). I am only here because I am dying for “pre-Seed” info for ANY qualifier. But, jdalu has been forthcoming with EIWA info. Maybe we should just assume for a moment that the Seeds are a result of the Seeding Criteria. Just saying.
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