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  1. zeeb - You may be right. However, I thought that one of the criteria for choosing At-Larges was "placement at qualifier" ? For Nickell, that would be 6th place in a weight class with 2 AQ. Do they simply overlook this criteria if the placement was a result of Injury Defaults ? If so, his Ranking would clearly put him in good position for an At-Large bid.
  2. I've long been a proponent of the idea that "every" DI program should be allowed to have representation at the NCAA Tournament. My rationale is simple... it benefits the small/fringe programs that are MOST AT RISK to lose wrestling. What is more damaging to a program than to not have ANY qualifiers for Nationals year after year. This measure, by helping small/fringe programs, also helps College Wrestling. I know some will come on here and slam this suggestion by stating the obvious. An undeserving wrestler would be taking a spot from a deserving wrestler. With that being said (and understood), wouldn't the benefits of this far outweigh the consequences of replacing a #30-33 ranked wrestler in a few brackets with a slightly lower ranked wrestler who is the SOLE representative of his Program ? I know this will probably never happen despite its benefits to several fringe programs. It is not guaranteed to save any programs but certainly would help their survival IMO. Instead, we will continue to watch the decrease of D1 Programs to the point that someday soon the Big 10 Tournament will essentially be the NCAA Tournament.
  3. Even if healthy, hard to see nickell getting an at-large bid with a 6th place finish (2 aq). I think bacon will be ok at 174 (# 29 ranking), however, Thomas may be in trouble at 165 with a # 31 ranking. The number of "upsets" in other qualifiers will be key for any wrestlers in these predicaments.
  4. Thanx. Did Meredith have to wrestle a "true" 2nd place match at 197 ?
  5. Are they wrestling true 2nd place matches at 157 and 197 with only 2 auto qualifiers and the 2nd and 3rd place finishers not wrestling each other ?
  6. IMO, despite the great match ups, this event will never get maximum attendance as it is currently structured. With 50% (4 of 8) of the participating teams only getting 1 dual, what fan base is going to travel anywhere to support this event ? This is by far the largest factor preventing this event from ever growing into the kind of event that organizers hope for. If they want to optimize attendance, give fan bases a reason to make the trip. Allow quarterfinal losers to wrestle a 2nd dual with the losers of these matches being done (but still 2 duals) with the winners advancing to a 5th place match. This simple alteration would give 6 of the 8 participants three guaranteed duals with the remaining 2 teams two duals each. This by itself would give fan bases a reason to make the financial and time investment to make the trip. I am certain that the nwca could figure how to incorporate these extra duals into a 2 day format. Is the nwca willing to make changes like this to maximize attendance and make this a legitimate event ?
  7. Where can we find results ? I have searched with no success. Tourney did conclude earlier today ?
  8. Nice win by Mizzou overcoming the forfeit at 133. Hopefully they carry this momentum into Mac and into NCAA.
  9. Big win by Haynes. Come on Dom !!
  10. McCormick forfeiting decided the dual... Your correct. Hucke getting majored didn't help.
  11. Tough sv loss by toal. Could decide dual ?
  12. Waters dec McDonough 3-0 Miz-3, Iowa-0
  13. Predictions ? 125 McDonough dec waters 133 Ramos dec McCormick 141 Ballweg dec hucke 149 Houdashelt md Kelly 157 St.john md Bradley 165 Toal dec Moore 174 Evans dec porter (upset potential) 184 Larson dec lofthouse/gambrall 197 Haynes dec burak 286 Bradley dec Telford Iowa 16, Mizzou 16
  14. Porter vs Heflin very intriguing. A porter win may secure him an NCAA seed.
  15. Vak is dead on with exception of 149. Houdashelt over tessari.
  16. I was one of the 700 in attendance at the Mizzou Regional. Living 100 miles from Columbia doesn't permit me to attend many duals. However, with this event being National Duals, I decided to make the journey, despite the 10 AM start. Although steep, I didn't mind the $15 addmission as I mistakingly ASSUMED that all the coaches would put out their best wrestlers against other teams in an attempt to advance to next weekend. Therefore, I would get to see multiple matchups of Ranked wrestlers. Winning duals to advance was the purpose of this event, or so I thought. I really believed that this event would be DIFFERENT than the many other duals I have attended where forfeits or backups were used in a game on "Seedmanship". I WAS WRONG. What a disappointment !! In the 1st place dual, down only by a score of 4-0, Purdue elects to not wrestle #16 Quiroga against #5 McCormick at 133#. They forfeit. If that bad wasn't enough, Purdue then decided to also not wrestle #13 Lopouchanski against #15 Houdashelt at 149#. What a sham. What purpose did these moves serve ? How is Purdue going to win the dual and advance to next weekend with this madness ? I really don't understand the logic behind these moves. And before someone claims injury, I saw both Purdue wrestlers in the dual against Wyoming and there was no sign of any problems for either wrestler. With team aspects aside, what benefit did this provide to Quiroga or Lopouch ? Does this enhance their ability to get an NCAA seed by dodging ranked wrestlers ? It does hurt the Mizzou wrestlers who were denied an opportunity to get quality matches and make a stronger case for NCAA seeding. More importantly, the 700 fans that were in attendance were denied the opportunity to witness the types of matches that prompted them to pay $15 and be there in the first place. After Purdue sent a replacement out for Lopouchanski, a fan clearly and loudly yelled "what an embarrasment, why aren't you putting out your best wrestlers". Everyone in attendance including the Purdue coaches heard it. The Purdue coaches just laughed it up like they thought the statement was ridiculous. This is precisely the attitudes and mindsets that are killing attendance and in so doing, killing the very survival of our sport. I will not attend another Regional. I suspect I am not the only attendee of this opinion. And we wonder why our sport is "dying on the vine" ???????
  17. Feb 9th West / Central District Qualifier Pratt, KS TBA Results ?
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