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    With Jared Prince (Navy) making the very recent drop, he has to be considered an AA candidate as he was R12 at this weight last season. Due to his lack of matches at 149, he will not receive an AQ at EIWA. Not sure how many AQ the EIWA will receive ? 3 AQ's seem very likely (Kolodzik - Princeton, Clarke - American, & Hoffman - Lehigh) with Richard of Cornell maybe getting a 4th AQ ? Wondering what the EIWA Seeds will be, especially for Prince. He will have to steal a bid as an "At-Large" doesn't seem likely due to his lack of matches.
  2. This metric is 1 of 3 used to determine Conference AQ allotments. The Final Coaches Ranking to be released on Feb.27 will in large part determine AQ's. Based on the various reports, coaches are brokering "deals" to get their wrestlers favorable rankings for AQ purposes. If true, should this metric be replaced by an "average ranking" of Media Rankings ? I agree with Jason Bryant and Matt Dernlan (Rudis Podcast #124) that the average media ranking approach would be a better vetted & accurate method. For those that say the media outlets aren't subject to NCAA accountability, how are current Coaches Rankings being held accountable by the NCAA ? Thoughts ?
  3. Its not "convenient" or a "coincidence". Its premeditated "bracket fixing" to achieve Dressers desired matchups/outcome.
  4. Please elaborate. The date for the Iowa HS Finals was set well BEFORE Dresser agreed to Dual Missouri. If that was a conflict (which I don't believe for a second), Dresser would NOT have agreed to dual Missouri on Feb.22.
  5. Unfortunately, I have to agree.
  6. Pinnum - As a long-time D1 fan, I completely understand what you are saying. It doesn’t change the fact that Dresser’s actions last weekend regarding the Dual & ISU Last Chance were despicable, unethical, & bad for D1 Wrestling.
  7. Dresser never addressed why it was acceptable to only sent 5 starters to a dual that was scheduled on the calendar long term (or) why he & Metcalf couldn’t be present to Coach the ISU 1/2 Team in the said dual. This embodies everything that is wrong with D1 Wrestling.
  8. To get an AQ, you need to satisfy 2 of 3 metrics (Coaches Rank, Win Pct, & RPI). How much are you willing to bet that these actions by Dressser do not result in Coleman receiving an AQ ?
  9. By Coleman receiving 4 "cheap Inj Def Wins", he improves his Win Pct from .500 (5-5) to .643 (9-5) without even having to wrestle a single minute. A massive improvement without having to risk ANYTHING. Now today, he can get his 15th match for RPI which gives the Big 12 an AQ for 184. This goes against everything ethical about the "process" of the Allocation System.
  10. It is 100% obvious what was done here. This can't be how the NCAA wants the AQ spots to be earned for Conference Tournaments ! The NCAA needs to make the necessary changes to NOT allow this type of nonsense to be employed by Coaches like Dresser going forward. It is a complete sham and is an embarassment to College Wrestling.
  11. Mizzou matted the wrestlers in the ISU dual that have started for them the past month with the exception of 197 as the dual was secured by then. None of the 3 wrestlers they sent to the Last Chance have wrestled or been starters since Jan.25. Sending 3 non-starters to an Open to get matches coming off injury is common & legitimate. What is NOT legitimate is : 1) sending only HALF your team to a scheduled dual that has been on your Calendar long term. 2) not sending your head Coach & head assistant coach to said dual. 3) making arrangements to host an Open for the sole purpose of getting starters bogus wins by Inj Defaults..... gaming the Allocation System.
  12. The Inj Def by the backups count as a win for the Starter and improves the Starters winning pct (1 of the 3 metrics for getting an AQ). Regarding Sebastian, he needed one more D1 match to meet the minimum of 15 to qualify for an RPI (another 1 of the 3 metrics). The loss by Inj Def allows him to meet that & likely get an AQ for the Big 10 at 184. So Dresser brokers a deal to give Sebastian his needed match (loss by Inj Def) for RPI qualification and in return gets a easy win with no risk of losing or injury for his Starter to improve Winning Pct. Gaming the system at its best.
  13. Isn’t this the same Coach Dresser that called out Coach Brands for “Ducking” his team while at VA Tech ? Pot, meet kettle. Perhaps even worse is how he is blatantly gaming the Allocation System with these bogus “Injury Default wins”....... which were obviously pre-meditated. These shady tactics will take AQ's away from other wrestlers/conferences.
  14. Iowa State only sent 5 starters for the Mizzou dual today. This was a scheduled event that has been on the calendar. Disappointing. Coaches Dresser & Metcalf were NOT at the dual. Why even schedule this dual if your Coach Dresser ? I regret making the 200 mile round-trip drive to see this dual. Simply put, stunts like this are bad for Wrestling.
  15. Coached a really good heavy at Sr Nats in Cleveland that faced Arthur Jones In R16 (I think) and Arthur was super explosive on his feet for a HIgh School Heavy. To this day, I really think Arthur could have been a multi-time D1 AA had he pursued it.
  16. What is the “Seeding Criteria” ? Every Confetence seems to do it differently.
  17. Agree, but, Moody did get the first 3 takedowns vs Pic before getting stuck on Sunday.
  18. Where is moveurfeet32 now that Hofstra is having some level of success ? He has gone out of his way MULTIPLE times in the last year to "crap" over Hofstra & their Staff. I am not a NY guy (look at my username), an EIWA guy, or a Hofstra supporter....... but his continual bashing has made me pay closer attention to Hofstra. Their recent success/improvement deserves a positive mention.
  19. I overall agree with this take. I much prefer the Monday & Friday episodes because I can hear about some of the 70+ Programs NOT called Iowa or Penn St. The main episodes devote more than 90% of their time to less than 10% of the Programs. I have also become a big fan of David Bray.
  20. Dual started at 157. 157 : Robb gets taken down with @ 20 sec remaining in match and loses to Lewan by 1. 165 : White cruises. Loses MD via late escape with under 10 sec 174 : Labriola wears his teammates singlet (Ruettiger - Rudy's nephew) on Senior night. Tech Fall. 184 : Venz handles Embree. Thought this match might be more competitive. 197 : Schultz by regular decision over Striggow. Expected bonus here. 285 : Parris wbf Fall over Jensen in 1st period. 125 : Medley dec Thomsen 6-1 Nebraska - 15, Michigan - 12
  21. This. I also wondered about the change being due to the Olympic Year, hence, my original question to ThePirate about this reduction being a “1 year thing”.
  22. Why was it reduced to 15 ? 17 data points makes the metric a more meaningful and relevant statistic. Were they concerned that too many wrestlers would not acquire 17 matches ? I would rather see 20 matches as a RPI minimum since this is only one prong of three used. Wrestlers can still receive an AQ spot without the RPI.
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    Per the "2nd Coaches Rankings" released today, there are 10 wrestlers from the Big 10 ranked between #6 & #22. This will be a crazy Tournament at this weight in particular. IMO, this weight class will be one of the most entertaining at NCAA's as Seeds will NOT hold from the first round on.
  24. Is the drop from a 17 to 15 match minimum for RPI just for this season or is it a permanent change ?
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