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    That is also how I would rank it. Boo dropping from #1 to #5 after losing in sv to a Top 5 wrestler seems overly punative but it is the best ranking.
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    Mauller gets a late takedown & gets another in sv to beat #1 Boo Lewallen. How does everyone Rank this weight class now ?
  3. It will take some time, but I have no doubt that Coach Clemsen will make this team competitive (relative term in the BIG) quite soon. I coached against him in HS, watched the majority of his matches while he was at Edinboro & observed him very closely at Missouri as an Assistant. In short, he is a winner & will raise this Program to respectability despite the multitude of challenges that he faces.
  4. Agree with almost all that mlbruem stated. I do however think that both Schmitt & Jacques could finish 6-8. Also believe that O’Toole may wrestle as a true Freshman & be a top 5 AA contender.
  5. Sad but unfortunately the trend going forward.
  6. For Utah Valley, is Hunsaker now wrestling up at 149 an indication that Matthew Findlay will not be wrestling this season ? Is Romero done for the season at 165 ?
  7. Cleveland St. wrestles hard. I was generally impressed with how they wrestled overall. Their coach is doing a good job with the program. 125 Heil, 141 Cheek, & 197 Smith should qualify.
  8. Looking forward to watching them wrestle later today as they wrestle Missouri for the first time ever.
  9. Not a Taylor fan, but I thought he did a nice job in announcing the dual. A bit talkative but was knowledgeable, positive, and came across fairly unbiased. I would prefer him over the majority of announcers I have endured over the years. I hope he does some more of this in the future.
  10. Real positive & supportive thread ripping Hofstra, The Citadel, & VMI ....... Programs with either roster caps, a general lack of resources compared to other Programs, or in situations that don’t allow them to be Penn State, Iowa, Cornell, etc. Would you all feel better if these Programs were eliminated ? We are our own worst enemy.
  11. When do they become eligible to wrestle in NCAA Tourney ? Same question applies to Little Rock, Long Island, & Cal Baptist.
  12. Had the same thoughts when reviewing the Virginia Duals results. Outside of their 174, they are just not D1 competitive. Did not realize they have 0.0 scholarships. Tough to be competitive in an improving ACC under these circumstances. This yet again highlites the disparity in resources between D1 Wrestling Programs.
  13. I never said that Rivera is “afraid” of Lee. If he is indeed considering a drop to 125, one would think that he would want to avoid Lee until the Semi’s at the earliest, preferably the Finals. It just makes sense. Hence my initial question about his chances of getting a Top 7 Seed with a late season drop. Still awaiting opinions to my “original question” about Seeding.
  14. To avoid the likely #1 Seed (Lee) in the quarters. A better path to the Finals.
  15. How soon would Rivera have to drop to 125 to get the matches required to get a Top 7 Seed at NCAA given the Seeding criteria ? RPI would not be possible. Would getting to the Finals of BIG be enough ?
  16. Small D1 (9 million) 1. Missouri State University ; fills a fairly large geographic gap currently without D1 Wrestling (Mizzou - 150 miles to the North, Little Rock - 235 miles to the South, Oklahoma State - 265 miles to the West, Illinois - 390 miles to the East). They had a Program (SW Missouri State) until the 1980's. 2. University of Missouri - Kansas City ; The highest quality/quantity of High School Wrestling in the State would allow this starter Program to be somewhat competitive rather quickly. 3. Southeast Missouri State ; They had a Program until the 1980's. D2 (1 million) 1. Missouri Science & Technology ; Also had a Program (University of Missouri - Rolla) until the mid 1980's. 2. Truman State University (or) Northwest Missouri State ; Had Programs previously, Truman State very recently. These D2 Program additions would have multiple "In-State" D2 Programs to compete against (Lindenwood, Maryville, Drury, & Central Missouri). That is how I would spend MY 10 million.
  17. There were some great Mizzou wrestlers prior to 2003 that don’t make this list. Credit to Coach Smith for making Missouri an annual Top 10 team.
  18. +1 Couldn’t have said it any better myself.
  19. That is not correct. The FLO rankings were NOT previously behind a pay wall. I guess they believe their Rankings are far superior to the other Ranking services ? Bad idea IMO.
  20. Is their a “deadline” each week to set your 10 man roster plus 2 floaters ?
  21. Malik competed for Mizzou at 65 kg at U23. I believe he would be a redshirt Freshman.
  22. Isn’t Mike the head coach of the recently established D3 Wrestling Program at Westminster ?
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