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  1. When I was in high school, we used the 4 strap "Michigan" head gear. In college we used the "Halo". The "Halo's " were a lot more comfortable. Wore them for every practice and match. Never had any ear problems.
  2. I've posted about this before. At my first practice as a Freshman in high school, the coach showed us pictures of kids with Cauliflower ears. Scared the crap out of me. From that day, I wore headgear every time I stepped o a mat. Never had a problem wearing them. When I was in college we had the "Halo" headgear. I found them to be the most comfortable. I agree with the poster who said to keep headgear mandatory through college.
  3. This is pretty much what I was told when I wrestled in college. The NCAA has already reduced the "importance" of riding time. When I wrestled, in the "dark ages" , the matches were 2-3-3. If you got 1 minute of riding time, it was one point.2 minutes of riding time,2 points. I was a much better "mat" wrestler then on my feet. I won several matches by getting 2 minutes of riding time. Personally, I enjoy seeing just how well some of today's wrestlers can ride.
  4. When I was in high school, they still had a couple of old horse hair mats. They were kept in one of the school's storage rooms, that acted as a "hot room", back when you were allowed to work out hot rooms. They had a plastic cover that had the circles on it, so no horse hair mat burns. But the smell was something !
  5. When I was in college, after wrestling season ended, our coaches told us they didn't want us on a mat until the first day of practice in the fall. They wanted us spending the Spring and Summer lifting and running. No contact, both to avoid injury and stay "fresh". One other thing I've noticed with younger (pre-teen/teen) kids wrestling year round is that is a lot of "burn out" with kids giving up on the sport before high school.
  6. If I'm reading correctly, he says this is his last season. He's not "enrolling" till next semester. So he'll be done by Spring, before winter grades come out. So would he even need to go to class, let alone pass anything ?
  7. When I was in high school we wore what they called "Michigan " headgear. In college I wore the Halo. I found the Halo to be a lot more comfortable and never had any issues with it coming off during practice or matches.
  8. The lawyers I referred to said that is was their opinion that,under Title IX,if a college decides to pay any D1 athlete, they have to pay them all. Are they correct ? That will be up to the courts. As I posted,no matter which way this goes,the litigation will go on for years. One thing for sure,if this does go forward,for a long while,the only people making money,will be the lawyers.
  9. The possibility of colleges paying athletes isn't new. I remember a couple of lawyers on a radio show pointing out the "elephants in the room" with the concept. 1.First and foremost is Title IX. Their opinion was that, if a college wants to pay any D1 athletes, they have to pay all D1 athletes. That means everyone, on every male and female team's roster. They also said that, as they look at Title IX, all athletes on a particular team ,and possibly all athletes, on all teams ,would have to be paid the same. 2 Another question they raised: If a college pays athletes directly, do they become employees ? 3.If they are employees, can they unionize, either at the school or nationally. In my opinion, regardless of how this moves forward, there are going to be numerous legal issues and court challenges before any athlete sees a paycheck.
  10. There's an article in today's The Record,that Asnault has been hired by Rutgers,as an assistant coach. (Sorry,it won't link) The article says he's replacing John Leonardis. Leonardis is now the new Executive Director of the Scarlet Knights Wrestling Club
  11. According to Northjersey.com Suriano will not be competing in the OlympicTrials . No details as to why .
  12. Rebroadcast of the B1G Championships at Minnesota .
  13. Does anyone know what people are considered "Tier 1 Personnel" ?
  14. There's an article on the front page of today's The Record sports section by Jeff Metcalfe and Steven Falk titled"Suriano Likely Not At Rutgers This Season". (Sorry,can't get the article to link) According to the article,he's training at the Sunkist Kids Regional Training Center in Tempe.
  15. Caught part of an interview Gable did on WABC radio in New York last week. It covered several topics, including his work on the movie. He said he was brought in as a Technical Consultant to "straighten out" the wrestling scenes in the movie. He didn't say if, originally, that included being on screen.
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