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  1. rpbobcat

    Made Up Positions?

    Different sport. But Clemson just brought in former Auburn and Akron Coach Terry Bowden (63) as an "Unpaid Intern" while he goes for a maters Degree.
  2. rpbobcat

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    I've been asked a number of times "with what you're going through now,was it worth it ? YES !
  3. rpbobcat

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    In addition to memories I have a knee and shoulder that,while they may not work as well as I would like,are really great at predicting changes in the weather.
  4. rpbobcat

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    Like "where do you see yourself in 5 years,10 years" ?
  5. rpbobcat

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    I agree 100%. I wrestled in college because I loved the sport. I do appreciate the "life skills" I developed as a result of the sport, including "time management". As far as "work ethic", in my experience,you don't find people going into the sport without a strong "work ethic".
  6. rpbobcat

    Thoughts From an NCAA Champ

    What I find is that people who wrestled in high school and, for whatever reason,either didn't try to wrestle in college,or decided to quit early on,are, for lack of a better word,"impressed" if you were able to wrestle in college,especially if you were D-1. What I do find surprising is how many people are still "shocked" that "jocks" like me,get degrees in subjects like engineering.
  7. rpbobcat

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    Based on their record,especially in the B1G, whatever Rutgers is doing in football isn't working. Maybe football should follow wrestling's recruiting model. At least they'd be competitive.
  8. rpbobcat

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    From reading on some other wrestling boards,there are a lot of questions about timing ,based on a 4/1 Tweet from GM's Asst. coach about games/cheating with recruiting. The next day he decommited. A follow up Tweet from the same coach talked about visiting/recruiting already committed athletes. Apparently,his picking RU came out of nowhere.
  9. rpbobcat

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    I was trying to be polite.
  10. rpbobcat

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    Personally, I think its a combination of both. Top programs recruit wrestlers a certain level of talent. How that wrestler evolves from there,is up to the program.
  11. rpbobcat

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    Vulakh seems to be a "get" for RU. But, from reading some of the other wrestling boards,there seems to be some questions as to how he was recruited by Rutgers.
  12. rpbobcat

    Rutgers is the key to ending the PSU dynasty - T/F?

    Living in New Jersey,I follow Rutgers' wrestling pretty closely. I think that,after next year,Rutgers' wrestling is likely to experience a drop off. No doubt Ashnault and Suriano helped raise the program's stature. But,if recall correctly,Ashnault only came to RU because of his family's involvement with the school. Everyone knows the Suriano story. From talking to people who are more familiar with the inner workings of Rutgers' wrestling program,even with Ashnault and Suriano,they haven't been able to recruit wrestlers of similar caliber. I think that,once Suriano is gone,recruiting top talent,is going to be even harder. I know they have a new wrestling facility,but it seems everyone has one now. How much different /better can Rutgers' be ? Plus as one poster said,Rutgers is not exactly the most beautiful campus.
  13. rpbobcat

    ROTC and Wrestling in College

    When I was in college we scrimmaged Army every year. It was interesting talking to the Cadets,especially Plebes, about the rigors of the Academy compared to regular college,including having enough time to study. To a man,they all said that you learn real fast "attention to detail" and "time management". Also amazing how polite they were in conversation,and how tough they were on the mat
  14. rpbobcat

    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    The Mercado reminds me of the "headgear" in the original Tron.
  15. Do you know if you can buy or sell session tickets on the NCAA ticket exchange ?