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  1. I went to Ohio University and FDU . I follow what's going on at both schools. I also work with FDU's engineering schools. Covid forced them to deal with long simmering budget issues,including,in the case of O.U. declining enrollment. O.U. implemented pay cuts for faculty and staff. Coaches and Administrators in the Athletic Departments also took pay cuts. Both O.U. and F.D.U are also seeing enrollment drops because of classes being partially or fully on-line. A big issue is that the schools are charging full tuition,for "remote" or partially remote classes. That's pushing a lot of students to consider a "gap" year. Combine that with reduced density in dorms and there's more red ink.
  2. To me,the fact that Suriano didn't show up the night they raised his and Ashnault's National Championship banners says a lot. You'd think, as the school's first National Champion,you'd want to be there for the honor. I know he was in Italy at the time. But,apparently ,Rutgers tried to work with him to come up with a date that worked.
  3. Seems some New Englanders and New Jerseyians can get along. :-) Boston's Dropkick Murphys will be streaming a concert from an empty Fenway Park. Appearing remotely from New Jersey,for 2 songs,Bruce.
  4. This may be O.K. in 2022. But,presuming there are Olympics next year,couldn't this create a conflict with the Olympic trials ?
  5. From what I've read,there is no question that people who have had Covid develop some type of immunity. The question is,how long does it last. Apparently,depending on the strain,immunity can be very short lived. Same thing,the articles I've read said they've never been successful in developing a covid vaccine. One reason they said is that it mutates quickly and frequently. As someone pointed out,they've been trying to develop an AIDS vaccine since the virus first appeared. Still haven't been able to.
  6. This was the article in Bloomberg.com http://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-05-11/the-virus-could-be-the-cure-for-college-sports?srnd=premium Seems to be the same article that Yahoo posted. The article has been generating a lot of buzz on some college fan boards since it came out yesterday.
  7. Right now NFL teams have a 55 man roster and 10 men on the practice squad. Seems reducing the number of scholarships to 65 would work. Plus,can't college teams have walk-ons ? If they can,they could fill roster spots if needed. I mean,given the number of scholarships for wrestling,there aren't a lot of the guys really just walk-ons too ?
  8. There's an interesting article about this in today's The Record by Dan Wolken of USA today. It won't link,but you can find it if you google his name. Apparently,even granting an extra year fro Spring sports isn't going to be a slam dunk.
  9. In all honesty,no one knows for sure about anything that goes on in China,except what they allow out. It could be 24 new infections,or 2400 or 24000. We have no way to know for sure. Same thing,one of the hotels they were using for quarantine ,a building built in 2013 and converted to a hotel in 2018 collapsed a week ago. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for their construction methods.
  10. For sports like wrestling ,where there wasn't any thought of a pro career,when I wrestled ,MMA didn't exist, academics came first. In fact, my dad required my GPA be at least a 3.5.,which isn't easy in engineering,or no wrestling. What does hurt,is not being able to end your season/career "on your own terms". My senior year I was having a really good season. I was looking forward to our conference tournament and a shot at an NCAA berth. At practice,few days before the tournament,a guy put me in an illegal headlock,threw me down and separated my shoulder. Season over,career over. Still wonder if I would have made the NCAA's . I'm sure "what might have been" is what a lot of the wrestlers that qualified for the NCAA's are thinking this morning.
  11. That will make The Masters different According to a radio report I just heard,they're going to cancel the remaining Spring Training games.
  12. So,if I understand correctly. A conference has 2 Aq's at 125. The number 1 seed finishes 4th. He would need an at large .
  13. I hate to show ignorance,but could someone please explain how if you got an AQ,you need an at large bid ?
  14. I just listened to Gov. Coumo's Press conference. A few interesting points: 1.The death rate for '"flu" in the U.S. is about 0.6%. The death rate for Corona,is currently 1.4%. That % is expected to drop, as a greater number of people are diagnosed with the virus. 2.He said that they are now testing a larger number of people. More people tested means,mathematically,there will be more positive tests. 3.Of the people who test positive for the virus,80% will "self heal". 4.The 20% who need further treatment seem to be primarily the elderly, with "underlying" health issues. Especially respiratory. 5.They are most concerned with nursing homes,senior living facilities,etc. I'm not a big Cuomo fan. But he handled this Press Conference,including the follow up questions,very well.
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