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  1. According to Northjersey.com Suriano will not be competing in the OlympicTrials . No details as to why .
  2. Rebroadcast of the B1G Championships at Minnesota .
  3. Does anyone know what people are considered "Tier 1 Personnel" ?
  4. There's an article on the front page of today's The Record sports section by Jeff Metcalfe and Steven Falk titled"Suriano Likely Not At Rutgers This Season". (Sorry,can't get the article to link) According to the article,he's training at the Sunkist Kids Regional Training Center in Tempe.
  5. Caught part of an interview Gable did on WABC radio in New York last week. It covered several topics, including his work on the movie. He said he was brought in as a Technical Consultant to "straighten out" the wrestling scenes in the movie. He didn't say if, originally, that included being on screen.
  6. I'm an engineer. You can plot 1M ,1B and 1T on a "regular" (linear) scale. But I agree,it makes more sense,given the exponents,to treat the question as logarithmic. After I made my post, I actually dug out some old log paper and plotted it. (As my wife says,"engineers are not like the other children".) As far as a slide rule,if calculators hadn't become readily available my sophomore year of college,I don't know if I would have made it through engineering. I could never get comfortable using a slide rule. I teach a class at FDU on the history of land surveying. One of the things I bring to class is my dad's old K&E Log-Log Slide Rule. The look on students' faces,when they find out this is how things like the GW bridge were designed, is priceless.
  7. Yes, I wrestled ,D1. I really enjoyed it. But "fun" is not a word I would use to describe it.
  8. If I recall my high school math correctly ,a billion is 1000 million,a trillion is 1000 billion. That would put 1 billion close to the 1 million point.
  9. There was an article in The Record this morning that said one option under consideration is using multiple,smaller venues for individual state championships. Each venue would have 1-2 weight classes.
  10. Saw a couple of on-line articles which said the Ivy League was looking into granting an extra year of eligibility to under graduates and relaxing rules on red shirts and graduate students competing. Didn't see any specifics yet.
  11. I am posting this as a small business owner who barely survived NJ's Lock Down earlier this year. I have a small engineering/surveying company. We were classified an "Essential Business". So we were allowed to operate during the Lock Down. Problem was,most of our clients were forced to shut down. We saw virtually no new business ,and spent most of our time finishing up existing projects. I had to furlough all of my employees. 75% worked reduced hours. The remaining 25% were furloughed completely. The thing people don't seem to understand about a lock down is that,when it ends,things don't go right back to normal. It took several weeks till we saw any indication of things picking up. We're still not close to normal. We have brought back all our employees. But only 25% are full time. The remainder are on reduced hours,for the foreseeable future. Another full lock down,will most likely mean shutting the doors.
  12. Apparently,the fate of High School Winter sports in NJ,including wrestling ,remains in doubt. According to nj.com ,the NJSIAA will issue their decision next week on the fate of High School Winter (Season 2) Sports. The nj.com story quotes the the NJSIAA's Chief Operating Officer (Colleen Maguire) saying the decision "which will not be subject to change . . ." With the ongoing spike in positive tests,that statement is concerning.
  13. That's correct. I should have been been clearer in my post. Hopefully it stays that way.
  14. The whole thing is moot now. If I read the press release correctly on nj.com, Governor Murphy canceled all indoor sports, thorough High Schools. College and pro sports are exempt.
  15. i don't think they were "dumb". Both of them majored in engineering. Problem was,they grew up with Free Style. Neither one ever even tried Folkstyle till they tried out for our team. Hard to "unlearn'" everything you've been taught about wrestling . You can't just "flip a switch" and be able to wrestle Folkstyle.
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