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  1. He hadn't, when he left school to train for the NFL draft. I don't know if he ever went back to finish after his pro career was over. As I posted,he was in a "stay eligible" business curriculum. After his playing career was over he went into coaching.
  2. Short answer,yes. A friend of mine's son got recruited to play football at Stanford. He wanted to go pre-med. He got told that,especially wit the time needed for football,he could never keep up with that,or pretty much any rigorous academic curriculum. He ended up in a "stay eligible" business program. He did get what he wanted out of Stanford,he made it to the pros as a tight end.
  3. The B1G decided on fans other then family and staff. Supposedly this was done because the ability to have fans in the stands varied so much by state. NJ for example only allows 500 people,some B1G schools were talking about 20% of their stadium capacity.
  4. In college I played Soccer and Wrestled. My preseason experience has to do with Soccer. Preseason camp started in mid-August. We got a letter (this was pre-email) in the beginning of July,reminding us to show up to camp "in shape". First day of camp we had a 5 mile, timed run,through the Golf Course,in cleats. If you didn't finish in the allotted time,you ran it every day until you did. That was in addition to two a day practices. We also had a coach who did not believe in weekend partying. Unless we had a game,we had practice early on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  5. When Covid first hit and our Governor here in N.J. locked the state down,we were told it was to "flatten the curve". Apparently a number of people didn't understand exactly what that meant. The purpose of "flattening the curve" was to reduce the number of Covid cases at any one time (peak) so as to not overwhelm the hospitals. That reduced the peak,but extended the length of the curve. As anyone who had to suffer through Calculus will tell you,the area under the curve,in this case infections/deaths,is the same. So "flattening the curve" didn't reduce infections or save lives, it just extended how long it took to get to the same end number. It took a while,but Governor Murphy reluctantly admitted this at one of his press briefings.
  6. The NFL regular season ends the beginning of January. "Spring" college football would just be beginning then. So you'd be playing games in the "dead of Winter". Not exactly fan friendly. Colleges don't tend to have home games after Thanksgiving weekend. So they're not set up for things like snow and ice removal. I've seen what's involved with snow removal at Met Life Stadium. Massive amounts of manpower and equipment. I just don't think "Spring" football would be viable until March. Based on what I said in my previous post I don't think "Spring" football is going to happen.
  7. Dwayne Johnson and a group of investors just purchased the XFL with,based on a story on ESPN.com, the hope of reviving the league as soon as 2021. So that may not be an option,at least not until this version of the XFL goes belly up.
  8. I think its more likely they won't be able to push a number of sports,especially football to the Spring. When it comes to football: 1.Realistically,you can't play "Spring" football in January/February. 2.If you start the Spring football season later,now you may be playing in May/June. Players need time to recover after the season. June is when they start Summer workouts. 3.Unless the NFL agrees to delay their draft, Spring football has to be done with enough time for players to decide if they want to declare for the draft,go to combines,have Pro Days,etc. 4.How many top players would risk a pro career by playing in the Spring ? My opinion,especially if the SEC,ACC and other conferences still play, The B1G and other conferences just wait till Fall.
  9. The league made it official. No Fall sports. Decision on Winter sports to be made at a later date.
  10. Army and Navy are in FBS. So I presume they would still be playing that sport.
  11. I went to Ohio University and FDU . I follow what's going on at both schools. I also work with FDU's engineering schools. Covid forced them to deal with long simmering budget issues,including,in the case of O.U. declining enrollment. O.U. implemented pay cuts for faculty and staff. Coaches and Administrators in the Athletic Departments also took pay cuts. Both O.U. and F.D.U are also seeing enrollment drops because of classes being partially or fully on-line. A big issue is that the schools are charging full tuition,for "remote" or partially remote classes. That's pushing a lot of students to consider a "gap" year. Combine that with reduced density in dorms and there's more red ink.
  12. To me,the fact that Suriano didn't show up the night they raised his and Ashnault's National Championship banners says a lot. You'd think, as the school's first National Champion,you'd want to be there for the honor. I know he was in Italy at the time. But,apparently ,Rutgers tried to work with him to come up with a date that worked.
  13. Seems some New Englanders and New Jerseyians can get along. :-) Boston's Dropkick Murphys will be streaming a concert from an empty Fenway Park. Appearing remotely from New Jersey,for 2 songs,Bruce.
  14. This may be O.K. in 2022. But,presuming there are Olympics next year,couldn't this create a conflict with the Olympic trials ?
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