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  1. This has been a hot topic of conversation on football and basketball boards,ever since Ca.started the ball rolling back in September. Obviously this will impact football and basketball the most. There are few tricky issues that have come up. One is,what if a player wants to sign an endorsement deal with Adidas,and their school uses Nike ? Players can be paid for "endorsements". Question is,what constitutes an endorsement ? For example ,what would stop boosters from forming a "Sports Information" company and then giving endorsement contracts to every football and/or basketball player. The other potential rub it that,based on one of the news stories I saw last night,some people in Congress want to pass legislation that ,if a player does sign an endorsement deal,their scholarship would be considered "taxable income".
  2. To this day my dad,a Lehigh grad, refers to them as the Engineers. As far as MIT,a number of colleges share the same team name. Off the top of my head I can think of several :"Bearcats","Wildcats","Bulldogs","Trojans","Tigers". So what's the problem with both Lehigh and MIT being the "Engineers". When they first proposed this, Lehigh said they were considering changing the team name to reflect the diversity of the university's curriculums ,beyond just engineering. At the time, they polled alumni. They were overwhelmingly against it. Didn't matter.
  3. First off,he wasn't terminated,he was only suspended. There's an article about this in today's The Record (sorry,I can't get it to link). Based on the article,neither N.J.'s Division of Civil Rights (DCR) or the NJSIAA specified the rationale for the official being suspended. All it says is its the result of an agreement between N.J.'s DCR and the NJSIAA. The article spends more time talking about the changes to the "hair rules" and "Implicit Bias Training", then the actual incident. I presume that,at some point,the NJSIAA's decision will be made public. Then we will hopefully know a lot more.
  4. Wouldn't he have to have dual citizenship ?
  5. There were a few stories on the news the past few days that, going back to at least 1996 ,officials of the Ohio Medical Board were aware that Strauss was abusing male athletes. But chose to do nothing.
  6. This. I have a friend who is big Rutgers booster. He parks in the Scarlet Lot. He was worried about Rutgers joining the B1G from when it was first announced. I was with him for a tailgate for RU's last home game,before the conference switch. He said to the people there, "Enjoy this.Its going to be a long time,if ever, in our life time (he's in his 60's),we're gonna be happy at the end of a football season. " Most people there agreed . Rutgers has had a loyal following of die-hard fans like him and his friends,going back to their darkest days in football. Rutgers loses them,then the look out for the "when and where".
  7. I know that there have been a number of complaints from Rutgers fans concerning the "quality" (number of "stars') for football recruits. The fact that Rutgers seems to be regressing, would indicate that at least their football team is getting worse. As best as I can recall,before Schiano,the Rutgers fans were calling for new coaches,not conference. As I also recall,talk of possibly joining the B1G started when Schiano was coach.
  8. If their record in football and men's basketball are any indication,they have gotten much worse since moving to the B1G. Before moving to the B1G Rutgers was at least competitive in these sports. Its seems even their women's basketball program has suffered a downturn since moving the the B1G.
  9. Another conference.
  10. Agree,money makes the world spin. When Rutgers was invited to join the B1G,there were a number of news stories about how one of the B1G's primary motivations was being able to push the Big Ten Network into the NYC area. The network is here,and isn't going away. I don't know if any AD's want Rutgers out of the B1G or not. From their perspective,at least in football and men's basketball,why would they ? What's not to love about playing Rutgers? No question,Rutgers gets a lot of money from the B1G. But,now that "the shine has worn off" and when donors and fans get fed up with being the B1G's doormat in football,and,to some extent ,men's basketball,they may have to look into other options. Even now,they can't convince N.J.'s top prospects in football to "stay home" and go there. Do you really think continuing to get destroyed by teams like OSU,PSU,Mich.,MSU etc.in football is going to somehow elevate the program ?
  11. Living in New jersey I know a lot of die hard Rutgers fans. For the most part,they think moving to the B1G ,at least when it comes to football and men's basketball ,the only sports they care about,was, at best,premature. Rutgers "not being as competitive as they would like" in football,is an understatement. Right now,and for the foreseeable future,they feel RU isn't going to be close to competitive in football,and marginal in men's basketball. No question,the money from the B1G is great. But the fans I know really hate being embarrassed ,pretty much every week during football season. The consensus is that,unless there is some glimmer of hope on the horizon,money or not, Rutgers should at least consider going to another conference.
  12. Does anyone know what kind of attendance the Big 10 Championships get. The RAC is relatively small (8000 seats I believe). I know when it was first announced that Rutgers would host the championship, a lot of people around north Jersey where i live,thought they should consider holding it at a larger arena,like the Prudential Center or Izod,especially since by then American Dream will be open.
  13. I've got 2,both from my senior year in college. First was the guy who tore the cartilage in my right me,by trying to get out of a figure 4,by pulling my leg over his head. Thanks to cortisone and therapy,I was able to get back on the mat. Then another guy on the team tries an illegal throw and separates my shoulder,two weeks before the NCAA's. There went any shot of ever being an AA
  14. Different sport. But Clemson just brought in former Auburn and Akron Coach Terry Bowden (63) as an "Unpaid Intern" while he goes for a maters Degree.
  15. I've been asked a number of times "with what you're going through now,was it worth it ? YES !
  16. In addition to memories I have a knee and shoulder that,while they may not work as well as I would like,are really great at predicting changes in the weather.
  17. Like "where do you see yourself in 5 years,10 years" ?
  18. I agree 100%. I wrestled in college because I loved the sport. I do appreciate the "life skills" I developed as a result of the sport, including "time management". As far as "work ethic", in my experience,you don't find people going into the sport without a strong "work ethic".
  19. What I find is that people who wrestled in high school and, for whatever reason,either didn't try to wrestle in college,or decided to quit early on,are, for lack of a better word,"impressed" if you were able to wrestle in college,especially if you were D-1. What I do find surprising is how many people are still "shocked" that "jocks" like me,get degrees in subjects like engineering.
  20. Based on their record,especially in the B1G, whatever Rutgers is doing in football isn't working. Maybe football should follow wrestling's recruiting model. At least they'd be competitive.
  21. From reading on some other wrestling boards,there are a lot of questions about timing ,based on a 4/1 Tweet from GM's Asst. coach about games/cheating with recruiting. The next day he decommited. A follow up Tweet from the same coach talked about visiting/recruiting already committed athletes. Apparently,his picking RU came out of nowhere.
  22. Personally, I think its a combination of both. Top programs recruit wrestlers a certain level of talent. How that wrestler evolves from there,is up to the program.
  23. Vulakh seems to be a "get" for RU. But, from reading some of the other wrestling boards,there seems to be some questions as to how he was recruited by Rutgers.
  24. Living in New Jersey,I follow Rutgers' wrestling pretty closely. I think that,after next year,Rutgers' wrestling is likely to experience a drop off. No doubt Ashnault and Suriano helped raise the program's stature. But,if recall correctly,Ashnault only came to RU because of his family's involvement with the school. Everyone knows the Suriano story. From talking to people who are more familiar with the inner workings of Rutgers' wrestling program,even with Ashnault and Suriano,they haven't been able to recruit wrestlers of similar caliber. I think that,once Suriano is gone,recruiting top talent,is going to be even harder. I know they have a new wrestling facility,but it seems everyone has one now. How much different /better can Rutgers' be ? Plus as one poster said,Rutgers is not exactly the most beautiful campus.
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