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  1. Any big upsets in Hershey ? And I know they don't start until 5 on the boardwalk... Post upsets please. I am on my coach in Florida following on line... Coach Gug
  2. Sorry my 2 are gone. Some great wrestling going on the next 2 days .... GATA Coach GUG
  3. The Manatee Mafia will be in OKC and we are very excited to be at ANOTHER NCAA championship!!! I may have 2 all-session tickets for sale... if interested PM me... $200 each.... Coach Gug
  4. Mr Hughes Get well ---your friends from Florida wish you a speedy recovery. Hope to see you at the NCAA tournament again and talk some more. Coach GUG and The Manatee Mafia
  5. Best of luck to you Coach Waller. We would love to have you down in Florida for a little mat time and VACA... Coach Gug 941-720-0309
  6. 330 total wrestlers. 10 weights... 33. Per weight Coach GUG
  7. Hello-- Coach GUG from Manatee High is looking for 4 lower level Tickets for all sessions for the NCAA Tournament. Please contact Andrew Gug 941-720-0309 or gugliema@fc.manatee.k12.fl.us Thank you-- High school coach from Florida needing tickets.
  8. How do I check that beforehand so I don't have a houseful of people here in 2 hours and look like the village ... GATA Coach GUG s
  9. Can someone tell me if the osu/Iowa dual can be viewed on an IPAD ? I have the ability to connect my IPAD to my tv but the IPAD does not use "flash player".... If I have to figure out how to connect my tv to my computer instead I will I just do not want to be w/o... So technology advanced wrestling fans help me out ! Thanks Coach Gug I signed up for the osu tv deal for 9.95 / month.... Anything else I need to do ?
  10. need 3 tickets in lower bowl.... high school coach... Coach GUG 941-720-0309
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