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  1. Jordan Oliver when he lost to Steiber, he handled it like a champ! I have nothing but respect for him, doesnt take many loses but when he does he does so like a true winner!
  2. Ouch Stan, he still won a world title :) better than most. I am not sure what your beef is with Wade but he really was a world champ, all be it a university world champ.....
  3. First, again congrats on your scholarship! Second, walking on takes GUTS kid! You’re going to get the worst beatings you have ever thought humanly possible. There will be guys who want you OFF the team! Seriously because you are taking workout gear from someone who wants to be where you are.....You would not believe how many guys want to get the work out gear and be called part of the team. SO in short be prepared to take it and keep on coming. If you can handle it you will be respected by ALL (not just the team but students across campus). As a starter and national champ DII I never quite understood why some guys endured the punishment but I CERTAINLY respected them ALL for sticking it out. Nothing made me more upset than watching guys walk on and make it through preseason just to collect gear and then disappear. As a matter of fact we often made them return the gear if they "walked off". So do some serious heart to heart type thinking and look deep within yourself to make sure this is something you WANT to do! It’s not easy and everyone who has responded knows that the season is LONG and getting your brains beat in while trying to use them to get an education is tough very tough. Last, being part of a wrestling team regardless of your starting position or rank is the BEST feeling/reward you can possibly have in your life. Not just during your college years but LIFE! The best relationships and experiences in my entire life came during my college wrestling days and quite a few of them were had with "non-starters" involved with our team! I would say if after some serious thought you decide to do it then by all means do it! ALL TEAMS AT ANY LEVEL are not successful without guys like yourself. Without walk-ons NONE of these teams would be successful or even competitive. 9.9 scholarships will not fill a team nor does it make a great squad. It’s the walk-ons and partials that are making these blue chippers better. As a 4X HS state champion I was made a TON tougher/better by kids who NEVER won a state championship I also learned a TON off the mat from these types of guys, guys who had passion for the sport. Like I said, a really good college team has depth and typically that comes from TOUGH kids who walk on or get very little to compensate for the type of dedication and grind it takes! You will be amazed at the level you improve and the rate you will improve that is FOR SURE! Iron sharpens Iron and that room is FULL of IRON! So best of luck and keep us posted on your decision and progress...
  4. When I came into the college room I watched Doug Moses go up n down the line up and he was 40 yrs old.... Amaizing how he could still keep up with the young guys. He and Gable were best friends and had similar work ethics and practice philosophies. That is the hardest thing to get used to from HS to College I think is the hour long live wrestling sessions where you get your head kicked in for an hour straight by what you consider an older man! OUCH will never forget calling my dad and saying I am coming home I cant take down a 40yr old dad how in the hell am I supposed to compete in college.....
  5. WOW OUCH BRGUY!!!! Its not too late to delete your post HA HA HA! Very well stated ^
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