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  1. Individual results can be easily obtained through other sources. But the rankings, recruiting, and articles are all unique. I like the change. Let Earl spend less time on data entry and more time creating content!
  2. On the restart rule... I don't know how much I like that. If you get a takedown you can essentially gain a point by running them out of bounds if they get to their feet. That could have big implications on a tie match with short time left.
  3. My understanding is that a lot of smaller liberal arts schools have trouble attracting enough male students to keep a decent gender ratio on campus (more females than males are going to college nowadays and that is more pronounced at those types of schools, and if the balance tilts too far then they have trouble attracting females who don't want to go to what is almost a girls only school). Sports teams are a way to attract males to school. It's like reverse title IX.
  4. I agree and that's been my point all along. The average Big 10 wrestler is basically the same level as the average Big Twelve wrestler. And the average wrestler of those two conferences is miles above the average wrestler of any other conference.
  5. Of course taking the top Big Twelve school out has a greater impact than taking the top Big 10 school out. There are three times as many Big 10 schools! If you want to do that comparison you have to take out the top three Big 10 schools. Take out Iowa, Minnesota, and Penn State and you end up with fourteen AAs for the Big 10 to six for the Big Twelve. Which indicates that the Big Ten is more top heavy than the Big Twelve is. Here's another example to illustrate why you can't just drop the top team... take it the other way and drop the bottom team from each conference. Average 2014 Big 10 team score: 48.8 Average 2014 Big Twelve team score: 46.25 Average 2014 Big 10 team score(minus Purdue) : 52.6 Average 2014 Big Twelve team score minus West Virginia: 61.2 Since it has fewer teams, the outlier is much more pronounced in the Big Twelve. However, if you instead drop the bottom three teams out of the Big 10... Average 2014 Big 10 team score(minus Purdue, Michigan State, and Indiana) : 61.2 You find out that the top 3/4 of the Big 10 and top 3/4 of the Big Twelve had an identical average team score.
  6. I'd guess that Arizona State would draw mostly from California, so that would come at the expense of the Pac-12. I'd guess that West Virginia would draw from the Mid-Atlantic states, so that would come at teh expense of ACC schools.
  7. Take a random Big Twelve wrestler and a random Big 10 wrestler. They are each about equally likely to be a national champion. They are each about equally likely to be a finalist. They are each about equally likely to be an All American. They are each about equally as likely to have reached the R12. They are each about equally as likely to be an NCAA qualifier. No other conference comes anywhere near those two in any of those accomplishments. The only difference between the Big 10 and Big Twelve is that the Big 10 has more schools. The conferences very easily sort into tiers Tier 1: Big 10, Big Twelve Tier 2: MAC, ACC Tier 3: Everybody else
  8. And 2 Big Twelve champs won it. Which, given that the Big 10 has three times the number of teams... means they performed about the same. They also had about the same percentage of All Americans (Big Twelve had slightly more per capita last year, Big 10 had slightly more per capita this year). The Big 10 has more teams than the Big Twelve. But year over year they perform at about the same level.
  9. I think they tread water and stay in the top five. They had a few guys fade away this year that'll be back and should score them points, and the only big point winner from this year that they lose is Ramos. Iowa next year should be about the same as Iowa this year.
  10. What is the business that Flo is in? Sports coverage What is the business that ESPN is in? Sports coverage If ESPN chose to focus more on wrestling beyond the NCAA championships they could easily drive Flo out of business. That means they are competitors. I don't get what is hard to grasp here. They are both media companies who's business is sports coverage. Maybe the brewery idea wasn't getting the point across. Then consider FloWrestling the local mom and pop shop and ESPN to be WalMart.
  11. I think ESPN did an excellent job. Much better than Flo would have done. But the topic wasn't to compare the merits of ESPN vs. Flo. It was whether Flo was "biting the hand that feeds it". They weren't. Because they're a competing media company to ESPN for this event.
  12. The problem is this is said about at least 20 programs... they can't all be top ten even with great coaching and recruiting. There's only 10 spots available in the top 10.
  13. The same channel they broadcast dozens of tournaments every season. A subscription based Internet stream. Except your example isn't at all comparable. Flo regularly streams wrestling tournaments and if they could afford the rights there's about a 100% chance that they'd cover NCAAs just like they covered several conference tournaments. They have the equipment, expertise, and personnel to offer live coverage of wrestling tournaments. ESPN, the Big Ten Network, The Pac-12 Network, individual colleges that offer streams of their events... these are all competitors to FloWrestling. Just because Flo is smaller than them doesn't mean they don't compete against them. Just like my example from earlier, your local small microbrew isn't a major player in the world market for beer. But they do compete against every other brewer out there.
  14. That is like saying my home brewing operation is a competitor to Budweiser. More comparable to say that your local craft brewery is a competitor to Budweiser. They're on completely different levels of scale, but they're still selling the same thing.
  15. Not only is ESPN not the hand that feeds Flo, it is a competitor. If ESPN didn't own the broadcasting rights to the NCAA Championships Flo would be able to make a killing broadcasting it.
  16. Can people stop claiming that the athletes would have to pay taxes on their scholarships if they were employees? That is just flat out wrong and shows how little people are actually thinking about it rather than spouting off talking points. Tuition assistance is a very common benefit that employers give to employees and it is not taxed. The IRS has very straightforward rules on the issue and they have been in place for decades.
  17. Ain't gonna happen. He's made it very clear that he's staying put at UNI. The only job I could ever see him taking is the Iowa job. If that never comes up, then Schwab will be here until he retires or gets ousted by the AD. Does UNI have the money to keep him if a Big 10 school comes calling? If nothing else the extra money for assistants would have to tempt him.
  18. I'd expect them to want to go to the team that produces the best individuals compared to where they were ranked as recruits. A coach that can turn a guy ranked 200th into an AA is worth a lot more than can get an AA finish out of somebody ranked in the top 5.
  19. Lots of university jobs have the requirement to be a student. Grad students are the big one. But also a lot of maintenance jobs, groundskeepers assistants, food service, and so on. There's a long precedent for that.
  20. Pretty much a total collapse by the Beaves. Plus didn't Meeks run into Cox early? I bet that was a surprise that early in the Tournament, and then Cox just kept on going. Swartz with his plodding style, and workman attitude held his own .. IMO. He's not the quickest, nor fancy, yet he does get r done when he can. Meeks pinned Haas to start the tournament but lost 5-3 to Gadson on Thursday night and then 5-3 to Woods on Friday morning.
  21. I don't totally disagree with you on that. But I think that there is some confusion of cause and effect. There are lot of people who could be very good wrestling coaches despite not having wrestled at a high level. They just aren't around wrestling enough to get a chance to do so. In sports like football and basketball there are ways for someone to progress up the ranks that don't require having competed at a high level (i.e. start as a Freshman/JV coach because they need a body, toil for a decade or two moving up the ranks), or more commonly compete at the D-III level and then move up as a graduate assistant. In wrestling that path isn't really there. College coaches are almost exclusively drawn from the ranks of assistant coaches. Sho are almost exclusively drawn from the ranks of elite wrestlers.
  22. I think that wrestling coaches have to be at least marginally high level competitors only because that's the only way to initially get a job as an assistant out of college and work your way up the ranks to being a head coach. Also, as I posted above, wrestling coaches are expected to get in and scrap until they get too old to do so. But I do think it is a fallacy to think that somebody has to have wrestled at a high level to be able to come up with a good gameplan to beat a specific wrestler. Being able to watch film, recognize weaknesses, and come up with ways to beat them is a very different skill from wrestling itself. The top coaches can do both, but there are lots of great wrestlers who couldn't gameplan their way out of a paper bag. And there are lots of people who could be excellent strategic coaches who never wrestled beyond high school
  23. I think that a football graph would look a lot similar. In wrestling it isn't, but I can understand why - Wrestling is the only college sport I can think of where the coach is expected to go in and scrap with his athletes. You'll never see Nick Sabin getting down in the trenches and rushing the QB during practice!
  24. The push out rule remains the worst rule fix idea I've ever heard. Call guys for stalling if they are backing up. Call guys for stalling if they are just pushing and not trying to create an angle for a shot. Don't completely change the way the sport is wrestled. Rewarding Sumo and strength over technique is all the push out rule would do.
  25. Northern Iowa is certainly in better position than they were a few years ago. But if you'd told them on Thursday morning they'd be leaving with 3 AAs and a finish outside the top ten they would have told you there's no way they'd do so poorly. I'd say they were one of the biggest team disappointments of the tournament.
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