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  1. NEEDED: 3 lowers, together. Please PM me. 100% legit, can pay pronto.
  2. Our NWHOF tickets just fell through. Thus: Four former wrestler/coaches/fans seeking 4 tickets for all DI sessions, preferably together and preferably lower level or club. (Will consider 2 and 2). We are professional, responsible, reliable, and can pay immediately. Please contact me: emwpro AT yahoo DOT com. Thank you.
  3. Give me a break. Non-vaccinated children should not be allowed in public schools or activities. Parents who do not vaccinate their children should be held criminally liable for the consequences, ie preventable diseases suffered or transmitted by their children.
  4. I wrestled at Boston College from 1991-1995, and it was the formative experience of my life as a young man. To compete with so little administrative/financial support requires a serious love of the sport and great respect for our fine and honorable coaches (Rod Buttry, Steve Biondolillo, Jim Gallagher, Justin Harty, Mike Alvarez, and others). Several of us coached professionally during our twenties, and a handful of my teammates have developed highly successful coaching careers. When BC cowardly dropped wrestling with a litany of ever changing rationales and in spite of an offer for a solid 7-figure gift, many of us functionally severed ties with the school. Some people - many on the Board and then-AD Gene DeFillippo in particular - truly are human scum. In spite of them, BC wrestling alum are proud and grateful.
  5. As others I think have mentioned, Antonio lost to Cleveland State in round 1. He then won 6 straight before losing in OT to Trent Hynek of Iowa State, and placing 4th. 'Tone won the Gorrarian that year. Because Antonio was the only AA in the history of my alma mater, Boston College, at this special time of year I'll also pay respect to the many honorable programs like ours, dropped by cowardly Trustees and chickensh*t administrators.
  6. Former DI wrestler and HS wrestling coach seeking 2 good seats for Th/F sessions 1-4, or all sessions 1-6 if needed. Lower level or box strongly preferred. Serious buyer, can PayPal immediately. Please email me emwpro AT yahoo dot com. Thanks v much.
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