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  1. Curious who's 28/29 yrs old? The guys that are frequently talked about being old (Kemmerer, Eierman, Amine, Micic) look to be 25 going on 26. Genuinely curious who the oldest guys still competing are.
  2. I don’t believe he has been enrolled at ISU this year, could be wrong though. He moved to somewhere in the Northeast, maybe Boston, after last year for a full-time career. Sounds like he’s getting the itch to return and weighing his options on where.
  3. There’s a ton of good breweries and beer in MSP: Surly, Barrel Theory, Modist, Dangerous Man, Wild Mind, Ansari’s, Town Hall, and many many more.
  4. For those of you that mentioned Andrew Long, it is rumored that he will be back wrestling in college this coming season.
  5. Bigger school, better location... Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota are all right there, cheaper tuition along with Minnesota getting instate and with Illinois and Iowa getting discounted rates. DeRoehn will do well there. It will be tough for anyone to do what Pete Rogers did at Lakeland, the shcool is less than 1,000 students with a pretty sizable tuition.
  6. Not quite, Adidas remade him his own sample pair. These are remakes to the original Adidas Ringers you are thinking of, similar to how they made the combat speed 4's close to the original color schemes. Check out this picture, they say M2 on the back, have a lace strap and combat speed soles. They're rumored to be released in November around Thanksgiving. https://www.flickr.com/photos/thatmcgow ... BWL-cEe2PQ I hope you got a pretty penny for the pair you sold, they are worth up to $1,000 today.
  7. Northland Comm. Tech. College in Minnesota added a JUCO program this year and I believe Yakima Valley dropped last year.
  8. Did he not qualify for NJCAA, or is he redshirting? The word is he had a season ending knee injury a month or two ago.
  9. http://njcaa.org/sports_polls.cfm?category=Polls&sid=40&divid=0&slid=22
  10. A possible Iowa Central lineup would be interesting with the loss of Jahwon Akui, Edwin Cooper, the rumored redshirt of Terrell Wilbourn, and the always questionable status of Frank Cagnina. Steve Spearman will be tough to beat for them.
  11. Wow, impressive how they won it with little support last year. I'm sensing a very competitive JUCO Nationals this year.
  12. Exact same word that I heard along, with NEO putting together a top of the line facility.
  13. The head coach at NEO will be Joe Renfro, current Head Wrestling Coach for the reigning National Champs at Labette CC.
  14. I would keep an eye on second year program Iowa Western over the next couple years. Brought in some solid kids this year. http://goreivers.com/sports/roster.asp?sport=wrestling
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