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  1. To bad Gramball from Iowa can't get one.
  2. Nelson, Steinhause, 141 Dardanes, Zilverberg all dominated their match. Storley had a close match but won, Schiller wrestled a good match and won a close match. Yohn wrestles to the end and stayed in the match to the end a little short but good effort. Thorn 125 lost but again stayed in the match until the end. I think the all Americans Dardans and Ness will come ready on Saturday. Looking though Maroon and gold glasses it should be a good dual.
  3. Good article. It looks close on paper. I think either team could get hot and sweep the first four weights. It's not the end for either team if they don't win. No doubt it makes a difference for the Big ten tournaments seatings.
  4. I agree Rey and Nelson was another great 285 lb match last year. They compete and do moves that the Heavy's over that weight probably could not do. The 115 comparison for agrument sake is they do more are quick and probably shoot more than a 350lb man. Don't gas as easy.
  5. Not alot of action with big heavy's. I rather see a 115 ib weight class than heavy's over 285.
  6. She is an Iowa fan no doubt. I still like her. I remember her saying the term no bimbos.
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