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  1. Great year? What quality wins besides James Green? Lost to guys ranked above him and below him, beat nobody above him (that I remember). It's hard to win 2-1, 3-2 all the time. No major offense. Andrew, well, no need to really explain. 3rd period collegiate wrestling ability isn't an option; it's something you MUST have. I'm not questioning Andrew ability. He's awesome in the first 2 minutes.
  2. That's my guess. 2,3 and 4 is where I am lost.
  3. Well you act like it's criminal to question Andrew. It's not just this tournament; it's all 2012-2013 that hasn't looked great. Good reason to question.
  4. To the folks that do the seeding- wish you the best at 174! :) Storley is going to ruin the tournament for a few poeple with his B10 placement and where he ends up in the NCAA bracket. As long as he doesn't crumble again.
  5. To the folks that do the seeding- wish you the best at 174! :)
  6. If you can't accept anothers opinion get the heck out of here. I'm not hear to please you and write what YOU wanna hear. Those are my thoughts and I will stick to them OLD MARINE WRESTLER!
  7. How about a little credit where credit is due? How's that to take the monkey off his back?
  8. Both Dylan and Andrew's future wrestling careers aren't looking great. I just don't see the fire in them that I do of most fierce competitors. Each has their own weaknesses that are huge, and both gas tanks are obviously blatant issues.
  9. I think this bodes well for Nico and bad for McD.
  10. Your shoulders don't have to be on the mat? Which wrestling are you watching VAK? A pin, or fall, is a victory condition in various forms of wrestling that is met by holding an opponent's shoulders or scapulae (shoulder blades) on the wrestling mat for a prescribed period of time.
  11. good one DSJ should have won and rightfully so, but I thought that call was crazy myself.
  12. I think PSU 122, Iowa 109 and OSU in third with... ? PSU 123, Minny with 112.5, Iowa 109, OSU 92. My bad, I think Minny is in 2nd.
  13. I think PSU 122, Iowa 109 and OSU in third with... ?
  14. DSJ looked pretty classy himself.
  15. I like both of them, trust me, I do. They were awesome to watch in H.S. NCAA is a whole different level, but I still expected them to transition nicely. With the talent they have, it's not unreasonable. I feel it is as bad as I say. In 3rd period close matches, AA currently has no chance really against above average to great competition.
  16. Downplay it as you must, but as a PSU fan, many of us had different expectations for these 2. They were 2 of PA's best in recent memory. With promising signs for Andrew from his freshman year, then the ability to sit back and learn as a RS, we expected big things. He used to pin kids left and right as a TRUE fresh, and I don't know if he has more than 2 this year? Furthermore, he's yet to beat top competition and doesn't have a fighters chance in the 3rd in a close match. It's a couple months in the happening, so it isn't promising that it can be turned around. Dylan has found himself in 1 pt and overtime matches all to often, and it's hard to get to the promise land in NCAA like that (Yes, I know Kellen Russell did it).
  17. When's the last pin for either of them. Definitely huge steps backwards and a bleak looking future in this sport.
  18. I'm not nearly as as excited as I once was about there futures.
  19. Sorry, but I have more interest watching Alton, St John or Welch than I do Churchard vs Walsh! Every weight has been like this thus far.
  20. I understand it's at ILL, but are we REALLY going to have to watch all their matches when other good ones are going? What a disappointment. 3 other good matches, and we're stuck watching this? Yes, I feel the right to complain paying $15 for this with NO SOUND.
  21. As a state fan, it wouldn't be right if Brown was seeded any higher than 5. Regardless whether he got teched by all four and lost by 4 altogether, he still lost to all of them. On the flip side, I think he is capable of beating any of them.
  22. Possibly. I just know that up to now, I have never once visited the site. If I have to multiple times, then perhaps I will sign up. Again though, it's not a money thing as I have definitely threw in my fair share this year.
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