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  1. He's good enough but thus far not the least but clutch.
  2. Didn't Perry only lose once? And a guy he beat jumped him?
  3. McD will definitely benefit with Delgado on the flip side of the bracket. I'd bet on Delgado If they meet again. He's going to be extremely confident. Never counting McD out though. He is who he is for good reason.
  4. Nvm, it's on TV out here in the Burgh!
  5. Is there any video coverage of this?
  6. Does anyone have any tickets for sale tonight?
  7. Didn't Dylan only beat Donnie Tasser like 2-1 a couple weeks ago?
  8. About every commercial is one of these two. Biting the hand that feeds you ??? Jeez .... :shock: Did I say anything negative? Thank you.
  9. About every commercial is one of these two.
  10. Meg will TF or pin Unless AA is fixed, another dec is it DA just beat Tasser couple weeks ago 3-2.. MDec is highly unlikely Taylor should TF or pin Wright should be better prepared than he was at the all star match although he sure hasn't impressed me of latr
  11. Really? EVERY fan base in the WORLD has absurd fans. No ifs, ands, buts about it. PSU's are magnified right now beings the recent success. Don't let it fool you though, knuckleheads are everywhere.
  12. I thought he was at 157 at some point in his career. 5 years 165. (1 bout at 174) How soon we forget... Thanks.
  13. I thought he was at 157 at some point in his career.
  14. He got 2 for the reversal and 3 NF. It was 13-2 and ended up 13-7.
  15. I was thinking he would walk away with 157 easy and flip flop with both at 165. I would have loved to seen it.
  16. I've stated this several times before. I respect Dake a ton although I hope Taylor beats him good. Brands is a coach that every wrestler could hope to wrestle for. All the interviews have actually drawn me to like Dake more. He is very confident and rightfully so. He tends to always keep things in line as well.
  17. Take 149 and 174 out of that picture immediately. Alton needs to address health issues and come back strong next year. J.O, barring injuries will not lose. Brown had a solid win today, but I don't see him making noise this year.
  18. It's hard to do though beings it's such an individual sport. It's also one of them things were IA could beat PSU who could beat OK St who could beat IA. Who's the real #1 in that case? To measure overall strength, I think there are better ways to measure, ie, how many AA's, average finish, etc. I am in BIG favor of PSU competing at the duals, and while I won't argue Cael's beliefs, it stinks for the die hard fan that we are wrestling Rider and Rutgers while your having fun!
  19. Looking to stir the pot some more? Just curious. Just busting some chops. Lot of fans made sure to fire preemptive strikes before the Iowa dual about how little it mattered, and now the Penn State fans are fired up after their dominant win over Illinois. Kind of funny. To me every match matters. I'd love to have more matches similar to the PSU Iowa atmosphere we witnessed. Obviously I was disappointed afterwards to see 3 chances slip away from us. The good thing is, we can get some revenge come March. Besides a few days throughout the year, I'm a fan of Brands. No matter the situation, he's one guy you ALWAYS want on your side.
  20. Looking to stir the pot some more? Just curious.
  21. That is correct. Trac only got 1 match wrong this time! :)
  22. Let me know if this link works: http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/dualme ... =121511009
  23. Something health wise could definitely be an issue. It only makes sense. He's not out partying while the rest of the team is practicing.
  24. Yeah, I'm curious as to what it is as well. It may have something to do with his style, as he goes all out off the whistle, usually looking for the fall. However, there are other wrestlers who work hard from the first whistle, who don't gas out in the 3rd. Andrew is talented enough to hang in there with ANYONE, but, I agree that this issue, whatever is causing it, is a threat to hold him back from his potential. I've followed the Altons for a LONG time, and they are two of my all-time favorites. They are both great kids, and I just hope Andrew gets it corrected, whatever "it" is. Me too. I'm actually from Lycoming county which is right next to them. Andrew can absolutely hang with anyone in regards to potential. It's just when the body says no, that's lights out. I've been there...
  25. JMO, but it seems like a major issue right now. It's not like it's showing at the end of 3. I see some tiring in the 1st. Anyone else? Now, you are exaggerating a bit. I've not seen him tiring in the 1st periods. In fact, in each of his last two matches, he was extremely impressive in the first 1.5 periods. It seems in the middle of the 2nd, you can see some tiring. I'm still in the camp that he will be fine come March, and there is more to it than just not being in shape, which I don't think is the case. Double watch his last 3. Trust me, I hope for nothing more than to say your right, but I'm having some doubts. I feel bad for AA because its not him at all. I'm thinking weight may be an issue.
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