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  1. I think when broken down individually, IA is the the only team that beats PSU in a dual. It's crazy, but there could be a couple team tie here. NCAA's is a different story. I think the battle is for 2nd.
  2. I'm not going to disagree with Brands being a great coach. He gets the MOST out of his wrestlers. I LOVE his enthusiasm and he is a guy that wrestlers wrestle their hardest for. I'd still take Cael's recruiting/coaching package over Brands recruting/coaching.
  3. Maybe he is referring to D Alton, M Brown, A Alton? That's who I am referring to.
  4. I feel obligated to say I completely agree with you! To be the best, you need to close out matches!
  5. Great match - Iowa proved to be clutch, PSU crumbled when in the clutch! 125- McD vs Meg: Fantastic match and great way to get the night started. I thought Mega looked better tonight and is MUCH improved from last year. I think he pulls out out one against McD if they wrestle twice more. I'm still not convinced that one of these 2 win NCAA's though. 133- Ramos vs Conaway: Ramos rose to the occasion. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a 4 point win (either by MD or a 4 pt TF). Conaway came back down to earth tonight and Ramos is looking very good. 141- Ballweg vs Pearsall: Ballweg dominated. I'm excited for a new chapter to begin here in the PSU era. Easy to score on, no offense, blah. Ballweg should finish strong. 149- AA vs (IA Fresh): AA was superior in regards to technique, but should be thankful for the injury timeouts. I'm not sure what the result is here with no breaks. He just doesn't have gas right now. I'm starting to think this is a serious issue that just won't be corrected. Some just don't have what others do regardless how much you train. J.O. would make very dirty work of him right now. 157- DA vs St John: DSJ proved you need to wrestle a FULL HARD 7 minutes in order to beat him. Great scramble to come through at the end and do what champions need to do. Dylan gave this match up IMO. There were some positives here for DA, but his gas tank is in question as well. 165: DT vs Moore: As a PSU fan, what a treat we have to be able to watch him as much as we do. Moore is a good division 1 NCAA wrestler that just got beat down. Taylor dominated and gave us some entertainment. 174- Brown vs Evans: Evans is a gamer and kid you want on your team. Brown should have won tonight though. He was in deep on the final takedown and Evans just came through in the clutch. Great match and proved to be the tossup as predicted. 184- Ruth vs Gambrall: Several times it looked like Gambrall looked frightened and was hanging on for dear life. Ruth continues to be an animal. Like DT, a joy to watch. 197: Q vs Burak: Q looked below Q standards. Credit to Burak, but Q won't get the job done this year looking like this. Burak did what his team could ask for, keep it to a D. 285- Telford vs Ging: Go ahead and make your own assessment here. PSU continues to be mediocre. Telford came through as expected. Crappy night for a PSU fan as 3-4 matches slipped away. Great night for IA to beat the front runners!
  6. My thoughts exactly. Some bodies are just different regardless.
  7. Congrats. Win a title for your baby boy!
  8. McD is still a clear favorite any way you crack the shell. I hope more than anyone Nico pulls it out, but his last 2 matches against McD were decisive losses. Brown/Evans and St. John/Alton are the two toss ups I see. Andrew Alton in my book is a toss up to his own self as well. He could win huge, or lose to him self as he did last week. Hopefully he's up for a 7 minute challenge. We ARE!
  9. 125: McD over Nico Team 3-0 Iowa 133: Ramos over Conaway MD Team 7-0 Iowa 141: Ballweg by MD Team 11-0 Iowa 149: Alton by dec over Kelly Team 11-3 Iowa 157: St. John by dec over Alton Team 14-3 Iowa 165: Taylor by MD over Moore Team 14-7 Iowa 174: Evans over Brown Team 17-7 Iowa 184: Ruth by MD over Lofthouse 17-11 Iowa 197: Wright by dec over Burak Team 17-14 Iowa HWT: Telford by dec over PSU Team 20-14 Iowa
  10. When your lungs tell you no, that's it. As a PSU fan, that Alton match has me majorly concerned.
  11. This looks pretty accurate. Switch anyone of the toss-ups at 125/174/285 and Penn State wins the dual. 133/141/157 will not be walks in the park for Iowa. I consider 157 a toss up as much as 125 and 174. I do disagree with your 133 assessment though. This will be a walk in the park for Ramos. He won't gas out like Graff did and it was clear Graff was the better wrestler before hitting E.
  12. It's hard to argue against Ed Ruth being the most dominant wrestler right now. Ihnen is definitely a quality wrestler and got straight worked today! If Ruth ends his quest as 3-1-1-1 with 2 career losses (1 avenged and dominated doing so), he has a special place in history. As a PSU fan, we are truly spoiled right now with DT and Ed Ruth.
  13. I think the 2 are WAY ahead of the rest.
  14. Seen it to many times. To reach the top of the podium, this should never even be in question.
  15. Scores or info on this Tig?
  16. I honestly think the only way Ruth gets upset is injury. I very well could be wrong though.
  17. Has Clark lost at all this year? I can't find any stats (due to RS)...
  18. Perhaps he may have. I don't think so, but in any event, I think that should be more of a conversation than someone mentioning Nico should worry about Clark. Even if Clark progressed significantly, didn't Guillibon work him pretty good? I never had a chance to see their match unfortunately.
  19. Thought so. Shouldn't he worry about coming close to beating Gullion before even thinking Nico?
  20. Nico is easily one of my favorite wrestlers, however, I just don't see it happening. I still think Nico as another L coming this year from someone NOT name McDonough. JMO. I do think Nico will win nationals as a JR and SR.
  21. WTF! I can't imagine the panic and suffering endured here! Prayers for the family, although I am not sure why the Mom 'KNOWS' her son was murdered.
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