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  1. Most would agree it won't happen and he wouldn't. I think the question is more theoretical than anything.
  2. If DT dropped to 157 and won, I would appreciate it much less than staying at 165 and losing. 75 years from now, all that will matter is the winner, but we all know he needs to win in at 165 this year or there's an asterisk.
  3. I think it would be closer than most imagine. Yes, I know Cael was THAT good. But I also see a man amongst boys right now as well. Has been dominating competition all along and has a very great chance of being a 3 time NCAA champ (3,1,1,1)!
  4. Something seems to be telling me that come March, it's going to be different. They both aren't laying it all out there yet. I must admit, as a huge DT and PSU fan, I can't help but to really appreciate Kyle Dake. A hammer on the mat and a very likable kid off with a sense of humor. I can't help but to root for him, until the very last match of his collegiate career (assuming they both get there).
  5. J.O gets my vote too. BUT... Logan Stieber is wrecking competition right now.
  6. Very good match... Storley is a young stud that has a bright future. I didn't see the sportsmanship thing at the end. I was still on an adrenaline rush from the previous match.
  7. Regardless your opinion on any journalist, fan, wrestler, coach, or anyone with ties to PSU, Penn State wrestling is still dominating across the board. There's really no need to knock someone every time, all the time. There are obnoxious and unwarranted fans with every school and every sports team in the world. Have you ever heard some baseball commentators for their respective teams? Dodgers? White Sox? Braves? Now this is straight bias with no beating around the bush!
  8. Cael was amazing, but really. Kills Ruth? Likely a 3 time NCAA champion that has dominated opposition. I'm not saying Ruth wins, but I think it's MUCH closer than most anticipate.
  9. I don't disagree with any of that. All I am basically implying is that, wrestler for wrestler, they are as even as it gets. Career wise could either be better for Dake, or even for both if Taylor wins this year and next. Even if Dake wins this year however, wrestler for wrestler, not career for career, the difference is minimal, not #2 vs #102. I agree that J Burroughs would have beaten both of these guys in his senior year.
  10. Fair enough. As as the poster before you said, best career and best wrestler obviously are different.
  11. Nico will not win. I predict he won't make the finals either. Andrew will sail into the finals but not come close to beating that DUDE! Dylan has a decent shot at 157, but no dice this year. I see a loss before the finals. Taylor will win the most important match of his career. (I've predicted Dake every other time) Brown will take 3rd Ruth will clean up with style while breathing easy again during his interview. Q - legit chance. Really legit chance Everyone else - no chance at all :)
  12. That's OK to put him with them, but I still don't understand how some can claim Dake top 3, even #1, but Taylor being no where near top 20. Gonzo; are these 2 about as even as you have ever seen in folkstyle? Honestly...
  13. Which is why I ask. So Dake is top 3, but Taylor is NO WHERE NEAR TOP 20, when the first match with Dake went into an OT rideout, and 2nd match went to whoever you felt won. How is the margin that different? I'm just asking. It doesn't make a ton of sense. Usually the difference between the 2nd best and 100th best is DECISIVE.
  14. Ok, so let me ask this in a different way. I won't call any names, but regardless whether you think Taylor/Dake won tonight, it's obvious to EVERYONE they are as even as we have ever seen. Match 1 - OT Rideout (2-1). Match 2 - Controversy with Dake winning during the last seconds 3-2. Many feel Taylor won, but whatever. If Dake is top 3 ALL TIME, and even in the same breath as Cael, where the heck is DT? I'd imagine he can't be THAT far behind Dake, RIGHT? Let's hear this.
  15. The hodge is for this year. Not the last 3. Up to now, I would have to say J.Olive or L. Stieber with Ruth right behind. Then Dake.
  16. 99% of wrestling nation agrees. Unfortunately we'll have the normal haters that will disagree.
  17. "I think" may be where you were struggling with this one. BTW, any regrets for this thread yet? Lol for sure... soon enough it should float away.
  18. Sorry dude, I didn't open this thread with any negativity. As a PSU and big time fan of Dylan and Andrew, I wanted to find out truth behind it. WTF is there to take any responsibility for? Someone bringing up State Penn? Or they aren't smart? Or they should play lacrosse. I will NEVER take responsibility for that because I would never stoop that low.
  19. So now you want to try and low blow me? Listen lightweight... I READ somewhere about these rumblings. If you don't believe me, I will gladly provide links. How the heck is it wrong for me to simply ASK for anyone to validate this? Just because negative people such as yourself can't help but to provide worthless remarks? And really.. you want to start calling out punctuation and grammar errors? On your? Check yourself before pointing the finger at others. Stink bomb is 2 words, not one. Keep being childish, some things just never change.
  20. FT, I refreshed a few times today just WAITING for you to bump this. LOL! I must say, while texting my brother all throughout the match, I am pumped!
  21. Storley is a beast and will be at least a 2x. His chances are pretty darn good this year as well.
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