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  1. Well stated and I couldn't agree more!
  2. Cool. No one cares that you do not like me or my posts. No one at all. Your probably just another Penn State hater. Again, I don't care, nor does anyone else. If you don't like my threads; simple... DON'T READ THEM. How's that? I don't go publicly to let everyone else here trying to read useful topics know how much I don't like each one of your threads. Quite frankly, everyone has better things to read. Get over it and move on.
  3. Your trying to point the finger at someone when in turn it's you. 1) Your the one trolling 2) Your posts are useless and derogatory Here's some recent posts of yours trying to bring down either: A) The Excellent Student athlete in either Andrew Alton, Dylan Alton, or Jordan Oliver B) Myself who defends these kids and schools he's a PSU homer waxing nostalgic from M's wonderful performance at NCAAs do you even know what blatant means or do you just make up words as you go along except for the drunken fights drawing police attention i would rather be a hater than a mindless predictable drone. you're supposed to discipline your son dont brag about it so a woman and man sustaining injuries at theirs isn't bad enough? rodney makes a mockery of his own intellect yet again. rodney you are a dumbass its cause a lot of there fans are stupid is it not obvious to everyone by now that Rodney is a troll and PSU hater trying to make all thier fans look like idiots?
  4. Right on. Instead of staying on topic and just simply letting me know if what I heard was bogus (which was the result), all sorts of negativity had to be brought of it. Whether it be insulting young kids, or talking about them wanting to go to the State Penn, it's all nonsense.
  5. In the original post, Rodney asked a question about a rumor that he had heard. He did so with respect. He has continued to post in this thread with respect. This is a public message board where we all talk about wrestling. When two high profile wrestlers find themselves in a position in which they get suspended, it warrants discussion. Mr. Alton put an end to the rumor and gave us all more details than we needed. I think we could all be well served to treat each other with a little more respect. We all share a love for wrestling, which is enough for me. As a Gopher fan, I want to see the Alton brothers compete. Let's move on folks. Oh, and I love Scribe as well. Thanks Tommy. Trying to avoid negativity, it's why I opened the thread the way I did. It still seemed to attract negativity.
  6. After digging several pages down of your recent posts, it's clear who the troll is. Do you bring anything but negativity to these threads? Like nothing you said is anything worthwhile, but always trying to bring other people down. Here's several of your recent statements - mostly regarding threads that pertain to great student athletes in Dylan Alton, Andrew Alton and Jordan Oliver. "he's a PSU homer waxing nostalgic from M's wonderful performance at NCAAs" "do you even know what blatant means or do you just make up words as you go along" "except for the drunken fights drawing police attention" "i would rather be a hater than a mindless predictable drone." "you're supposed to discipline your son dont brag about it" "so a woman and man sustaining injuries at theirs isn't bad enough?" "rodney makes a mockery of his own intellect yet again." "rodney you are a dumbass" "its cause a lot of there fans are stupid" "is it not obvious to everyone by now that Rodney is a troll and PSU hater trying to make all thier fans look like idiots?"
  7. I've actually had my suspicions lately. If so he's better at it than Mopar. I'm a PSU hater! Bingo!
  8. Great young kids with great mentors in life. They'll be just fine.
  9. Makes sense.. Thanks.
  10. I've been a bit confused too. Who's attached/unattached at PSU HW?
  11. Obviously we won't know for sure until he gets collegiate mat time. From what I have read from other fan sites is that Snyder is a guy who is ready now. We will see. I've watched a few of his matches and his all around game is phenominal. No weaknesses. I'm not saying he's going to be a Cael, but he will be a force from day 1.
  12. Altonmortgage@gmail.com your beef should be with rodneyee for starting this thread. thanks for responding to the rumors and clearing them up. Another poster I forgot to mention who has nothing but bad intentions. I was simply asking as I care for the well being of PSU and the 2 boys them selves. Please see my comments all along. I proudly boast the school I root for and the kids I root for. After all of your comments, mostly negative, I'd have not the slightest idea who your school is.
  13. No, it's not that. It's easy to attract haters when your the best team in the land. People continue to hate and make derogatory comments that are completely uneducated. This was a simple thread started because I was simply asking if anyone had any news on what I heard. Knowing there would be downright nasty posters with negative thoughts, I clearly opened up with saying 'let's keep the negativity away'. Some people such as Hammerlock and Flatbrain can't help but to show their true colors!
  14. I just don't think the tournament today really showed us anything we already didn't know. If anything I think it showed that Gullibon has a long way to go and so does Lawson. And these guys were really the only "new" guys. Everyone knows that the 49 and 57 replacements are solid guys. But I'm guessing that Penn State fans themselves hope that the next couple weeks is the only time these two see the lineup in their careers. Dylan and Andrew are both absolutely critical, that's all there is too it. They are both point scoring machines and legitimate title threats. What worries me is our recruiting for the future. Looking forward, yes we got Jimmy Guilibon. Zane Retherford should be legit, but I don't think as highly touted as PSU's recent top recruits. Thomas Haines has a ton of work to do. He's a beast and can develop, but a ton of technique needs to be developed. Snyder exposed him beyond. Chance Marsteller would be a monster pickup, the best of any recruits, but for some reason I am not thinking PSU gets him. OSU on the other hand had a load of talent coming, it's scary.
  15. Thanks for chiming in. People are disgusting that makes jokes such as State Penn, etc, as if they know what actually happened. Both are class kids that would be welcomed on any schools roster in the nation.
  16. Ohio State will be a force to be reckoned with. Their next few classes look stronger than PSU.
  17. Yeah, your the brightest crayon in the box, sherlock! If you read my comments dill weed, it clearly says the resources weren't great but I heard from a couple different posts elsewhere. I wasn't saying, but rather asking for some kind of validity. How bout something useful with your time here?
  18. Wow! PSU will win the title again next year, but after that... It's headed over to OSU. They will be absolutely stacked!
  19. Agree! And possibly the best in NCAA right now.
  20. Before anyone is quick to jump on anyone here and immediately bring negativity to this thread, I must say that I have no clue how reliable any of these sources are. But there are rumblings that they are looking to possibly transfer to either Clarion or back home to Lock Haven? Anyone have anything on this or likely a pile of crap?
  21. The video is approaching 41,000 views only a few days after the match. Pretty nice little fan base we have I'd say. I must admit, I watched it twice so the number is partially inflated.
  22. I see really no chance. The scary thing is, Ed Ruth has gotten a lot better as well.
  23. I think Nico will be upset and either Thorn or Waters win 125. Dardanes at 133 Dake at 165 Possibly Storley at 174
  24. as I said.....back just in time for February 1 match with Iowa! Thirty days seems excessive anyway. Bring them back for Iowa, I don't want a victory over a weakened squad. They'll have the Altons at the tournament, might as well get them for the dual. Absolutely agree! Who would want any sort of win with a * next to it. I told ya Vak - I agree with most of your posts. Just not the one about Chance, LOL.
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