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  1. Chance has dominated his opposition every step of the way to this point of his career. Even last night, after being out a few months, he almost converted a few nice take downs. Unlike college though, there is no riding time point. I think both would rather take their chances getting a takedown rather than trying to ride the other out the full length of a period.
  2. With the way both of these 2 steamroll there opposition, I suspect their tanks were tested more than ever last night. When your body says no, there isn't much you can do. I fully expect these to get better as they get more tested. I do agree though, getting out was simple for both.
  3. All the credit in the world to Cody W. I do however think Marsteller really showed rust from his 4 months of being off. This was basically his first go around since tearing his shoulder. I was just a fan and didn't really care who won. I doubt Marsteller goes to Pitt. I'm not sure he stays in PA to be honest. Any news on Snyder or where he is leaning?
  4. In case anyone wants to see: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... n-McMillan
  5. I know it's not college wrestling, but 2 future stars we should hear much of. Of all the years I have been watching wrestling at various levels, I watched the greatest match IMO tonight. If any of you get a chance to watch the Marstellar vs Wieroich match, please do. It was EPIC. On another note, any idea where Snyder is leaning torwards?
  6. I'll definitely want video, whether I pay the $20 or not. Tonight's Powerade is full of studs and should be one for the ages. Just an appetizer for the Scuffle.
  7. Can anyone help me? 1) Does FLO have exclusive rights to the Powerade and Southern Scuffle or are they just one outlet to watch it? 2) Does anyone have a concrete way of cancelling or does it still take threatening with a suit?
  8. These types of posts are what bogs these threads down with non-sense. What good does your post do? It's assanine and does nothing for any other poster.
  9. don't be ridiculous...it was his first match back after a lengthy rehab/recovery from a pretty severe injury @ Jr. Worlds. you think going out and pinning the kid in less than 20 seconds would have been better? it certainly wouldn't have helped him shake off some of the rust. Shake off the rust? You saw rust? He took the kid down and let him up, a freshman no less. I'm not saying it makes Marstellar the worst person in the world, but I see a difference between Jordan Oliver doing it to a D1 opponent and Marsellar doing it to a high school freshman. Chance has a big Powerade tourney coming up and only had like 2 matches to prepare for it. It's bad that he possibly wanted to fine tune a few things and possibly match stamina? I agree with most of your posts Vak but I think this one is far out of left field.
  10. Fair enough. As Gonzo said earlier, one thing we all agree on is that he is a young stud with a great deal of talent.
  11. So, if PSU does not have Andrew and Dylan Alton in the lineup, who becomes the favorite to win this? Oklahoma State? Also, I see VT as a committed participant. Would Yates be the #3 in that bracket? Very excited for the Scuffle to get here to say the least although I was really looking to see a possible Andrew Alton vs J Oliver match. I'd still predict an Oliver victory by 4-5 at least.
  12. I'd agree the All Star match wasn't exactly an offensive showcase, but it's not easy to do against top notch competition. Furthermore, it was the very first match of the season and I really didn't see a ton offense from anyone there really. Perhaps, that reply about the All Star match was to a different poster (I think someone else mentioned his offense in the All Start match).
  13. I just know out of the 8 victories so far this year for Nico, only 1 was a non bonus, and he still won by 7. He racks points up in all his matches. Usually always a tech or pin. Over 60% of his matches last year were also bonus. As other posters like to mention, Nico also his true to his year. He's done all this as a true fresh and sophmore.
  14. Oliver is a stud! Easily one of my favorites in recent memory.
  15. 9/10 matches he is relentless. Against the likes of Matt McD and Frank Perreli, maybe not so much last year. I have the privilege of watching him throughout the year and he just doesn't stop. I think your hope will be cemented. I'm not sure McD will be tested this year. I hope so, as I do with all great wrestlers.. But I just don't see it happening. To be quite honest, I was hoping for a RS for Nico this year.
  16. Have you seen Ruth's interview after any of his matches, including last years NCAA Finals against Nick A? You'd never know the guy even wrestled a match. If Hamlin did beat him, I don't think it would be because of better conditioning. I've said earlier and I strongly feel that Hamlin came as close as he will against Ed Ruth. With that being said, I definitely am a fan of Hamlin and he surely has made the state of Vermont proud. Very likeable kid!
  17. BS! Kyle Dake can NOT score at will from his feet anywhere remotely close to J.Oliver.
  18. My point is that it's a manufactured issue. Oliver and his opponent are both college wrestlers. If his opponent could take him down 12 times in the first period, I guarantee he would have. I know that, if I could have, I would have done so during my competitive career. Absolutely. Most would... It is the nature of the sport.
  19. he's a PSU homer waxing nostalgic from M's wonderful performance at NCAAs Did he ask you a question or me? Thought so....
  20. Gonzo, fair question. To be quite honest, I really like watching him as much as the other 2 Penn Staters I mentioned. Nico just has a motor that never really stops and is constantly attacking. He's such a gym rat that never wants to quit, and I think the only one getting in his way right now is... Well, you know who. Yes, I know he did get beat earlier this year as well (from another stud).
  21. The difference of course between wrestling and other sports is that in those other sports, whether you win by 1 point or 100 points the outcome is the same, but in wrestling you get more team points for margin of victory. So running up the score is encouraged. Also, if the ultimate goal is pinning, it's much easier to pin an opponent when they've given up mentally and physically. I can't imagine a better way of breaking a guy's will than to take him down 12 times in the first period. And the result was that his opponent went straight to his back in the 2nd period. Could Oliver have pinned him sooner? Probably, but the match still only lasted 4 minutes. And as others have said, it's not like Oliver was taking cheap shots or pushing him after the whistle or being a douche. I couldn't agree more. A win in football 7-6 is the same as 107-6. In wrestling, the take em down, let em up is rewarding for multiple reasons. Mentally, physically and the fact that it helps the team score.
  22. Taylor Ruth Oliver Nico L. Steiber M McD
  23. Stieber will NOT lose to Ramos. I'll bet much more than a signature on this one. I still like Oliver near the top of my P4P list.
  24. This is nonsense. What is he supposed to do, go easy when he is beating and/or better than somebody? If you don't want to get beaten, don't participate in competitive sports. Definitely. It's what great wrestlers do. Put on a show for the fans!
  25. Taylo.... Wait, can't do it. Maybe I will balls up before the scuffle.
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