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  1. Sorry bud, you're wrong! I've turned on no one. I've enjoyed the last 4 years, while your here griping non stop. Who's your team? Anywhere near the top? I haven't been impressed with either Andrew or Dylan at all this year, and I am not gonna fake that. What exactly has either of them done to impress anyone? Undefeated, with the bulk of the matches being wrestled in Lancaster county. Next year, and the following years - we'll be fine. Our young studs looked good today (Beitz, Retherford, Mcintosh, etc). Again. Dylan Alton, along with everyone else knew the only thing that could not happen, and it happened.
  2. Nope. I'm just saying - that 6 points is the biggest reason PSU lost today! Nico winning by 14, JG losing to a kid he beat, Beitz not able to gut it out, Brown losing to storely - there are many different scenarios. To me, the one looking at the lights, giving up 6 is the most to point the finger at. You know what Ness is going after, you need to do everything you can to avoid it. Call me a hater, but DA and AA have continually regressed throughout their PSU careers. And I am as big a PSU fan as you'll find!
  3. Bologna! Ruth and Taylor didn't lose jack! Once again, an Alton found himself on his back. That's what lost it. I'm ready for Beitz to be in our line-up for good at 149, and hope DA can figure something out. An AA for either of these two seems like a tall task right now.
  4. Or an Alton looking at the lights again! Ready for the next chapter there. I know, I am a downer!!
  5. That's what I was thinking. 5 minutes of timeout time, and still gassed. No chance. Sucks for us PSU fans!
  6. I think it's all taken out of context. Dake lost some fantasy matchups against Taylor, Burroughs, etc. He was put on a way bigger ladder. Who exactly are Andrews fantasy matchups? Ness? Grajales? I will admit that I think Andrews collegiate career thus far hasn't come close to meeting expectations. Mine at least. These kids were studs coming out of high school, and arguably the best P4P ranked kids during their senior years according to most sources. Yes, injuries have taken their toll, but still, they just don't seem right. Alton during his FR year was taking top ranked kids into OT, and now we are questioning every single match against kids that won't come close to AA status.
  7. It's ok. They'll still around helping the kids after this year.
  8. I, for one, am not to optimistic about them going forward. I always have said they can beat the best, but I am not convinced now. The gas tank is such a noticeable issue with Andrew, and Dylan doesn't seem to have what it takes to run a tough gauntlet at 157.
  9. 125: Garrett 133: Ramos 141: Stieber 149: Maple 157: Dierenger 165: DT 174: Howe 184: Ruth 197: Schiller HWT: Nelson
  10. Did Ruth wrestle him earlier this season? Ruth will be ok. Congrats to Dean, that was impressive.
  11. +1 to the sportsmanship of Logan. What a stud! He made no excuses, argued nothing, and shook Zains hand like a class act does.
  12. If he finishes this year in dominant fashion, as we all expect, where does that put him in regards to all time? He pretty much dominated his way through his sophomore season winning a title, Junior season winning a title, and we fully expect him to do so this year as well. Top 10? Top15?
  13. Nope, not impressed. Taylor just majors a kid who stalls the whole match. And Ruth only major the number 2 kid in the country that weight. Not impressive.
  14. There was really nothing fluke about it. I thought Zain won in every aspect, on the feet, on top, and bottom. I woulda bet my bank account on Logan. Zain is an absolute stud, but I will still put the next match as Stieber being the favorite. I do see Zain giving him terrible fits though. Just crazy to think he is only 18. Quite frankly, I'm happy for the simple fact that he was given everything. He already wrapped up the hodge, best p4p wrestler, etc. Taylor is a level above Stieber.
  15. Yesterday, Steiber had this already locked up. In December.
  16. And everyone just handed Logan the hodge in early December?
  17. As a PSU homer, I have to agree with MSU. A healthy, non gassing AA wins this by a major or better. But when the gas tank hits E, it's not exactly a bum on the other side he is wrestling. I'm sure he is more than capable of taking advantage over a dead opponent. I truly hope their gas tanks are better as I think he could be a legitimate contender to win it all.
  18. Apologize if this has already been posted; nice little article on DT. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Fe ... team-title
  19. Ruth does have an easy road, I don't think Logan Steibers is too hard either.
  20. Do we know what he did? I don't yet. I also hope that his last year of collegiate wrestling isn't cut short because of something dumb. I wanna see him wrestle while we can, plain and simple. In regards to Garrett Scott; he was a true phenom. What 'could' have been...
  21. I will pretty much guarantee you that Chance will not wrestle in the Dapper Dan.
  22. Guess what buddy, Penn State will march on. :-)
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