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  1. For those of you that TRULY believe he is mentioned in Cael's tier or even consider him to be top 3 all time... IF, a big IF Taylor beats him at ALL this year - does that automatically defeat his top 3 status?
  2. That's exactly what I am saying. Great but boring! I'm not taking anything away from how good he is.
  3. It happens. JB and Caldwell met quite a few times. Wrestlers learn each other. The fact is - almost ALL JB's other matches were exciting and fun. Yes, close matches do happen when great wrestlers wrestle. It's all the other matches in between.
  4. Lol over your arguments? Come on now.
  5. BS! I'm not the one calling others 'whiners' because they stated their opinion. I have always given credit where credit is due and said Dake is currently the king of his weight. Period! It doesn't make him remotely close to exciting to watch. Leave it at that.
  6. Nonsensical response? Yeah, because I think Dake is boring. Sorry there are much more entertaining wrestlers to me and you can not accept that. I'm sure you'd rather watch Dake than Taylor, right?
  7. you're the first pu$$y to act offended and indignant. Flexing those keyboard muscles sure help ya!
  8. By the way, I love how anytime you say something that someone disagrees with, it becomes personal and offensive. I thought the forums were to voice your opinion and correspond with other users, not necessarily to attack others integrity because they don't share the same thoughts about a certain subject?
  9. What is boring or not boring to you may differ from someone else. I'd just much rather watch and offensive juggernaut versus a defensive juggernaut on a consistent basis. Can that not be accepted? [highlight=#e1ebf2]Well, you're entitled to your opinion, but "boring" doesn't seem to be a suitable adjective to describe Dake. Maybe you should have just said that you find some other wrestlers' styles more exciting. Boring means "uninteresting and tiresome; dull." I don't think Dake meets that definition at all. In fact, he can be pretty exciting in his own way. For one, he has an uncanny ability to fight off shots that would score on just about anybody else. He did that to Montell Marion for his first title and also to Taylor in their All-Star match.[/highlight] [highlight=#e1ebf2]At any rate, anyone who wins a national championship as a true freshman, while only losing twice on the season; repeats that feat as a sophomore; then goes undefeated while winning a 3rd title (and finishing 3rd in the Hodge voting) isn't boring in my book.[/highlight] Point in case... Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm personally a fan of high scoring offense.
  10. What is boring or not boring to you may differ from someone else. I'd just much rather watch and offensive juggernaut versus a defensive juggernaut on a consistent basis. Can that not be accepted?
  11. Apparently a few of you get offended when we voice our opinions. Sorry, but I am not going to lie. I said Dake is obviously very good, but usually very boring.
  12. I'm not calling any wrestler better although we all have our opinions. But on subject, I would much rather watch DT, J. Oliver, H. Steiber, E. Ruth, etc. The full match is usually enjoyable. Again, just one mans opinion vs another. Even as a PSU fan, I admit it's not all that fun watching Dylan Alton.
  13. Agreed. Kylie is very good and very hard to beat, but VERY boring. What fun is there watching him?
  14. Ruth - I don't see another loss in his collegiate career and I think his hardest match is in the past (Hamlin). Steiber - With J.O gone, and Ramos being right behind Steiber, I think Logan is a HEAVY favorite. I'd be as shocked as anyone to see him lose here. I still would love to see LS - JO #3. Matt McD - Super stacked weight with a chance of a potential shocker. McD is a stud though and will cap this senior year off with a 3rd crown. Only if Robles.... J. Oliver - I still think he could be argued as the best pound for pound wrestler in college. I am not saying he IS - but could be argued to be. I think this future Olympic champ caps this year off pretty easily. The weight adjustment will not be difficult with his talent. Still one of my favorite wrestlers over the past few years. Kilgore - Wilps could give him fits, but I think Kilgore has a very good chance to prove his #1 ranking and will do so. Perry - I think Perry wins this with Ruth and Nick A gone. Matt Brown could surprise though and I think we have another future NCAA champ in the wings in Logan Storley. Still for now, Perry's weight to lose. St. John - St. John clearly implemented his #1 status with a convincing win over Napoli. I do however see some great matchups here. James Green and Dylan Alton seem to present good matches and D Alton took St John to the wire last year. Nelson - I'm not educated enough in this weight, but for what it's worth, Nelson is the man here. H. Steiber - Most will say Maple. I don't think. I think Stieber wins this year. Dake - Sorry, but this is way to unclear right now. Maybe this changes after the Scuffle, but Caldwell and DT have to much weight on this class right now. Easily the most interesting weight. Still, Dake is on top for now.
  15. Matt McD is a stud and is a HUGE favorite. IMO though, I think L. Stieber is the closest thing to a lock this year. With J.O gone, no one will come close.
  16. I don't worry about DT escaping as much as I do Caldwell really controlling the ties.
  17. I think if Dake beats Caldwell, it goes Dake - 1, DT - 2, and Caldwell - 3. And the results here more than likely dictate NCAA's.
  18. I do think he is in the same class as Dake. I'm with you, I can not wait for the Scuffle. Hopefully I am proven wrong.
  19. I wrote this right after watching the Caldwell/Graham match. Trust me FT, I'm as big a fan as you. And I truly hope DT works him. And obviously I know he has a chance, a very good one at that. I'm just saying that DT's weakness seems to be Caldwell's style.
  20. But based on everything, I think Caldwell beats Taylor right now. Caldwell has a rare blend of strength and technique and has no weaknesses. I think DT struggles with Caldwell right now... I think the ceiling is brighter but DT, but with toughening up and fine tuning... Aghh, I may regret this thread.
  21. It can also play against you. Most upper weights are Juinor/Seniors that have been around a while. Mcintosh was the number 1 recruit in all the land and look how he get handled his first year.
  22. Too much bonus points to deny here. Nico, A. Alton, Ruth and Taylor will likely pick up big bonus in route to the later stages. Maybe not so far for Nico. There is good possibility Q, D. Alton and Matt Brown pick up a fair share of bonus. There is just to much firepower here vs the rest of the field.
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