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  1. thats funny because before the olympic trials anyone not in ithaca red was picking taylor as their representative myself included the same arguement about who put up the most points and guys couldnt hang with and all that blah blah blah I'll take Taylor vs the field all day over Dake vs the field. Dake vs Taylor, the evidence up to now suggests Dake would be the better choice. For what it's worth, I'll go with any undefeated champ over both of these two.
  2. It's because you just simply can't beat it. What else possibly could you do? Tech or pin every single opponent. He did beat most pretty bad. Also, you mention 141-165 is tougher which it may be. It could also be argued that the upper weights are usually always the upper classmen with more experience. There is arguments for both. It's no discredit to Kyle, what he is doing is phenomenal. I just don't see how you could place him above a 159-0 record.
  3. Another one trying to stir the pot and fire all ammo possible. Sorry dude, but hard to top the 0 in the 159-0.
  4. Prematurely predicting an Andrew Alton vs Jordan Oliver score? Anyone? Or result should they meet?
  5. You really feel the need to attack Penn State when it has nothing to do with them? Brilliant
  6. I'd like an invite next year for fantasy wrestling! :)
  7. That's why, my bad... Nico needs to win this, but AZ is definitely a top quality wrestler who will be tough for any top 125 lb wrestler besides M Mcd.
  8. No way in the world Zanetta should not be ranked. Dylan continues to not impress much as he always flirts with danger in the end. Andrew looked like a stud and will be exciting this year.
  9. David Taylor wrestles for Penn State. Mike Evans wrestles for Iowa. Please re-read the title of the thread. Wow... Wrestlingfan45 deserves a huge... Ca'mon Man! Hopefully you feel humiliated with that bogus rant regarding PSU fans and David Taylor running...
  10. Dake, Taylor, Caldwell That's probably why
  11. Just take the high road bro. You're better than that. That's a dirty ****tin shame anyone would talk about anyone dying. Just disconnect yourself with them people.
  12. I agree with all of this except I think Ruth honestly wins every time. As an earlier poster said, this is probably the closest Hamlin will get. He is definitely a gamer and staying that close to Ruth just speaks volume for how good Hamlin really is. He has surely made Vermont proud.
  13. Are you joking me? Your seriously going to call someone out over a 16 second difference? It's a pretty quick KO and without writing the exact 46 sec KO, I could understand someone saying 30 sec. That's why there is so much drama and trouble on these forums. Lostnumber clearly did nothing wrong except pass on info that most of us would like to hear. Then immediately you jump on him and claim stupidity on a 16 second difference. Unreal!
  14. Didn't Napoli take Dake right down to the wire last year? Only lost by 1 or something?
  15. It seams as though Hatchet brought Taylor into the mix about 4 posts is... by HatchetJack » Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:25 pm PSU fans - Which Alton was supposed to be the 4X NCAA Champ? The one who lost? Was it this one of the other one? BTW, what took Taylor so long to Tech Hess? :D
  16. I guess haters will hate. For all the criticism us Penn Staters get, I rarely ever see threads trying to tear into other teams wrestlers. A little boasting or bragging, but come on now.
  17. Any opportunity to jump on DT, you sure don't miss a beat, eh? Heck, I am glad our guy can get critiqued during a tech fall.
  18. Yeah, I bought the webcast because I support the sport. So... Me too!
  19. Jabronis or jabroni? I recall one person saying it could be a fall. Ruuuuuuuuuth!
  20. Dylan had better get his conditioning up. I said this many times last year. Floats with danger to much at crunch time.
  21. As a PSU fan, I do agree with Guillermo a bit here. I would really like to see him wrestle some studs before he walks onto the college scene. It's better to get some bumps mangled out. I remember last year in the state finals match, the kid got under Haines nails and he didn't respond to well. Yes, I think he majored him before it was all said and done, but he was almost crying in frusteration because he couldn't man handle him. A ton of talent and athleticism, but would love to see some better names on the resume soon. On the flip side, he can not make anyone wrestle him; all he can do is wrestle who is in front of him. Great recruit for PSU to say the least.
  22. If one of us PSU fans wrote this, we would be called every name in the book. Gonzo and Scribe would eat this comment alive. I'm glad to hear it from a respected poster such as yourself.
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