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  1. Just let it go bro. People just love to hate. And if they truly do think that validates everything, then it just speaks volume of their knowledge for the sport. As a huge Taylor fan, I have give credit where it is due many times, and said Dake is undoubtly great. However a 2-1 win in the 3rd OT period does not cement jack crap! Had it been the other way around, we know what would be said. WE ARE!
  2. Thank you for coming forward with this. As I said Scribe, most of the comments you are referring to are from neutral fans. Blaming this on PSU fans is falsly accusing. No pun intended here, just stating... Oh, anonymous poster with 4 posts claims to be unbiased and then sides with you. Obviously this is the font of truth we have all been waiting for. Sides with me how? He clearly made cases for both and stated that he was a fan of both. You questioning his integrity is on you. I have no reason to believe the dude is lying about not being a PSU fan.
  3. Thank you for coming forward with this. As I said Scribe, most of the comments you are referring to are from neutral fans. Blaming this on PSU fans is falsly accusing. No pun intended here, just stating...
  4. That would not change a bit. Honestly. Taylor was MUCH better against the field than Dake was. This is an entire different topic.
  5. Right there? He's the Hodge winner and returning champion at that weight class. Very true. If he is top 5 or even 2 all time as we have been hearing, not bad for DT.
  6. Your entitled to your opinion like the rest. Since the match, I have seen nothing but class from true PSU fans. Most of the feedback has come from neutral fans. The points that you all copied aren't necessarily false either. -Dake stalled his ass off. He didn't stall his ass off and maybe 1 poster said this that stated they were NOT a PSU fan. Most of what I have seen said that he provided very little to no offense. That is not false. It works - ok, we get it. -Close matches don't prove anything. Dake is a master of close matches. Close matches almost ALWAYS favor him. It always will leave a door open though and someone with a master offense will always have a good chance. Last night was not an example. -This match didn't decide anything. It did. It proved Kyle Dake is the best this weight class has to offer until proven otherwise. It also proved the gap between one and 2 is minimal at best. -Taylor LOOKED like the better wrestler and was in better condition [highlight=#ffffff]This is not true to me. I didn't see much wrestling, most of what I seen was hand fighting and positioning.[/highlight] -Next time Taylor opens it up and wins comfortably. Hope the refs bang Dake for stalling. Not true either. Not just in this match, but many matches I would like to see more and earlier stalling.
  7. I actually thought you had a little bit of credibility, I guess I was wrong. You look to be starting trouble and making up excuses. You can go ahead and check my track record, look at all my recent post and it'll speak for itself. It's quite funny that most of the feedback you are talking about is from neutral fans.
  8. FT and PA-F are 20 year olds? You know what I am talking about Scribe, your at it again. Keep knocking 20 year old kids (Taylor) and his supporters!
  9. WE ARE: THE BEST WRESTLING TEAM IN THE NATION! Back to Back and READY to 3 peat! Keep knocking Taylor! Hopefully picking on 20 year old kids and fans that support him make you feel better!!!! Penn State pride!
  10. I agree. What these guys did is tremendous, and they are evenly matched. People get excited and want to say this or that, but remember, these are just college kids, not professional athletes. I'm on board with these comments. No reason to discredit either of these 2. Both are as even as it comes, and I am sure these 2 would agree as well.
  11. Because taking a 3x NCAA champ who has given up a handful of career takedowns down every 33 seconds for six straight minutes is beyond beastly. Not taking anything away from Burroughs, who is easily the best active American wrestler since Cael, that is frickin' impressive. Fact! If this is true, it's truly deserving of 'WOW'. To toy with a 3x NCAA champion, when they aren't even that far apart in age as is, just ridiculous.
  12. I agree with this although I am sure someone will be quick to ridicule it. Dake wins, wins and wins more, but by no means is pretty to watch. Obviously getting your hand raised at the end is what matters most, but in dominating fashion first is the way I prefer.
  13. It's also kinda funny though that it's OK to criticize a true freshmen last year in Nico Megaludis for so called 'stalling' and figuring out a way to win against the studs of 125, but when it's Dake doing it, no mention of anything close to that... Just sayin
  14. I'm on the same page with you. I'm actually OK with tonight's result. Had it been a one and done, maybe not so much. But I see more in the future here and I think DT will pick up the pace a bit. Kinda like I would love to see Jordan Oliver get another crack at Stieber. If and when they wrestle again, Dake obviously deserves to be the favorite and rightfully so.
  15. While we're off-topic a bit, how can you be the first to criticize Megaludis about his style of wrestling last year, but when it's Dake, we don't dare hear that from you. That's why I say taking digs at PSU, and you want to turn it into 'PSU Fans'. As two-six said, it's a good night for DT haters...
  16. Actually Gonzo, topic isn't DT lost. Get it right. Your obviously taking any digs you can at PSU right now. Not a good time for ya?
  17. Pretty sure I could dig back a little ways to where Gonzo was ALL OVER Megaludis for not shooting. I wouldn't dare see him say anything negative about Dake regarding this.
  18. If you are going to say 'your', please show me where. There are some bonehead fans out there at EVERY school, so if your referring to them few, then please. I've NEVER taken anything away from Dake. What I saw tonight was 2 even excellent wrestlers doing what they do best!
  19. If you really think Dake is THAT much of a superior wrestler due to the result of that down to the wire match, you obviously aren't looking at it from a neutral stand still. Yes, obviously I wanted Taylor, and still think he will pull it out this season, but it doesn't stop me from giving credit where credit is due. Dake is hard as nails to score against. But come on, a 1-1 match into the final 30 seconds of the final rideout. There is a lot to be seen yet...
  20. Your brilliant - how about some ref tryouts?
  21. Your funny. I guess wrestling Herbert and Burroughs for much of the summer was around his 157 weight. Dake may get better throughout the year, but I expect the same from every wrestler. Q is Q regardless where he is at.
  22. His walking weight is 172-175. He looked pretty big IMO.
  23. In an interview he said his walking weight is 172-175.
  24. Not right now. I think both have potential to however and will raise to it.
  25. Anyone that bashes either of the 2 wrestlers is plain hating or uneducated. It was as close as a match could ever be and should build plenty of fire for the next few years in store... Kudos to both of these wrestlers for making it happen.
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