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  1. I agree man. Not worth my $20. Both were extremely cautious.
  2. Dake won in rideouts. IMO didn't clearly show he is that much better like many proclaim. Same can be said likewise. Dake is currently a rideout better than DT, looks to be a great year! Congrats to Kyle.
  3. I'm not convinced on Flo. What a shame it's the only access to this match! They don't even have any contact info...
  4. A kid is still maturing at age 18,19 and 20. Mayweather was in his upper 20's early 30's when he got into his money bouts with Chico, Gatti, De La Hoya, etc.
  5. I see what you're saying, but I still think the official 0 in the L column is hard to top.
  6. In a sense... These are still kids fresh out of high school that are 'really' growing. Pacman, Mayweather, etc are already grown men that have peaked and aren't naturally growing.
  7. Doesn't matter. Never being beat speaks for it self. Dake could have been better by not losing 4 times. Simple as that. That 0 in that column speaks for itself. What if Taylor beats Dake and only has 1 loss ever. I'm sure you that favor Dake in the greatest ever wouldn't say the same about DT if it were to flip here. Just sayin!
  8. It looks definitely still on.. Chatter between the two a few hours ago: ‏ Dake: oh hey I call the red singlet for the allstar match...red makes my butt look good Taylor: good thing I call dibs on the blue one nighthawk Dake: I figured that you would want that one anyway Taylor: hopefully NWCA thinks the same thing
  9. There's multiple posts in different threads that seem conflicting. Is there or is there NOT video coverage online? If there is, do we or can we pay for it?
  10. Prematurely thinking, but is it likely JO would handle Dylan moving up a couple weight classes?
  11. Wonder why Oliver skipped right over 141? Just to be as comfortable as possible this year? To be in the same class as a Ness? LOL
  12. I know it's preseason rankings but: Andrew Alton at #10? No way. He finished 9 his true freshman year with a WAY more stacked class than that. Oliver at #4? No way, no need to elaborate any further on this.
  13. Before we start discrediting Taylor here, is the source even credible that is saying he is hurt? Or someone just stirring the pot? I don't know, I am just asking.
  14. I'm from PA and obviously a fan of Kenny, but right now and anytime soon, he would get worked by Ruth. Fact.
  15. Both Altons realistically have a pretty good chance. Obviously if Dake is at 157, Dylan's decrease significantly. I do believe Andrew has a very good chance though. With the 2 styles, Andrew and Ness should be a great match! I'm not sure if Ness will be at 149 or 157.
  16. Very fair statement MSU. I have a hard time disagreeing with any of your replies though. They always seem to be spot on. I really, really, really hope we all get to see it as well!
  17. Scribe, what does age have anything to do with this? It's entirely irrelevant! I'm old enough to hold my own on a discussion when it comes to wrestling. Fair enough?
  18. TAYLOR WILL GO TO 157 TO WRESTLE DAKE! BOW WOW POW! Please tell me how DT sitting behind Cyler Sanderson and Bubba Jenkins straight out of high school has ANYTHING to do with that! Fact is - DT said he will do what he has to, to wrestle Dake! Hopefully Dake is willing so you can see for yourself! On a OFF topic, I can think of wrestlers ALL over, not just PSU, but everywhere that are fun to watch. Dake is not one of them! PEACE!
  19. Yeah dude, so why do you keep writing in it? Let it go. The only anti DT people are PSU haters or people that don't like seeing his success! I never once heard Dake come out and say he'll come to where DT is to wrestle. That's the original topic of this thread. Hopefully it happens and we can revisit this!!
  20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I think you're right, headshuck. Here's an article about Penn State's freshmen adjusting to NCAA wrestling from back in the fall of 2009. At that time, Jenkins was toying with Taylor. And Taylor admitted that he was having trouble with the strength of Jenkins, Sanderson, and Molinaro.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I think Cael definitely made the right decision by red-shirting him during his freshman year. He's a great wrestler, but I think he can improve further, especially in the strength department. I also think some of his "fans" are doing him a disservice by deifying him so early in his career, as was done with Metcalf. Taylor may have his own Caldwell waiting in the wings somewhere. Personally, I hope he continues to improve and doesn't buy into all the hype surrounding him. Trust me, know need to worry about DT wanting to stop improving because people already thinks he is 'that good'. He strives to be the best and will accept nothing less! Every interview backs that up.
  21. Exactly. By the same idiotic logic that these gurus profess, Exactly who has Taylor beaten enroute to his title?? You talk about Dake having only a few close matches in the tourney. DT only has a few close matches in his career! And don't kid yourself, Dakes tourney runs have had luck run his way! I'm not saying DT had a super tough weight this year either, but PIN, PIN, PIN, TF is as good as it gets! If he ends with 1 career loss, I have a hard time arguing against that! I'm sure guys in the room everyday with Dake can beat him every once in a while as well. It's easy to forget that Taylor and Bubba were one time partners, the only one credited for beating DT. Hopefully we see soon so we can make this thread 16 pages longer!
  22. NCAA titles are won on the mat so I would go with the guy who has the most titles not a award that is voted on by a committee. Of course you would! There is no discussion as far as your concerned. Sorry, but if a guy has 2 or 3 hodges and 3 titles with only 1-2 career losses, he is that DUDE! Dake wins, Taylor DOMINATES!
  23. And what in the world would ever lead you to believe Dake would win head to head? Because he has 3 titles? Is that it? Seriously, I am wondering..
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