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  1. Dake is from New York and you would have said the 10/10 prediction about Taylor-Jenkins before the 2011 NCAA finals. I'm not going to touch the other issues with your post, and there are MANY (your words). I'm saying this as someone who thinks Taylor would beat Dake. Big difference. Bubba knew Taylor way more than anyone else. And as good as Taylor was his RS Fresh year, he's way better now. And I don't recall anyone ever talking about Bubba/DT. It was all DT/Fittery and we all seen what happened twice. The same Fittery that decked DSJ the same night. Sorry about the NJ comment, I meant NY. I can't stress enough that people need to start supporting DT now, because in a few years he'll be repping the Red,White and Blue!
  2. Absolutely. Is he good? Yes. But I think there are MANY that are way better that are only 2 or 3 timers. I also believe Dake has had the easiest route possible, not to discredit him at all. The chips just happened to fall his way. I'm not a betting man but I would put big bucks on DT beating Dake 10 out of 10 times. He's THAT much better! Call me crazy, but it's entirely possible with enough time in the room this offseason, next season with Andrew, Cael, Ruth and Sanderson that Dylan closes the gap! Wait and see. Only PSU haters or NJ lovers fail to think outside the box when it comes to Dake.
  3. Yeah, meanwhile Dake wouldn't have fared any better against the guys at 149 that you just mentioned. And DT's development between then and now is nothing short of spectacular. If pinning your way to the finals and capping it off with a TF isn't enough to convince someone, so be it. Comparing someone that has 3 seasons under them compared to 2 isn't legit. On top of that, DT is wrestling in by far, bar none, the toughest conference in all of wrestling, and dominating while doing so. They haven't met yet, so the only way to really compare is look at common opponents. Taylor has laid a whoopin on the majority. As somone who watches all levels of wrestling, including international (although I am not nearly as up to par as you dsnc), I would much rather bank on DT excelling further. He has 1 loss in his career! 1, that's it. 95% of his wins are absolutely dominating.
  4. I don't see why everyone doesn't just accept Taylor is the best NCAA has to offer right now. Why not just swallow your pride because we should ALL be rooting for him soon. He has a ton of potential to make the USA proud in the upcoming years, and I would much rather bank on him doing so than I would Dake. No pun intended to Dake, but I don't think it's anywhere close to an even toss up!
  5. Graff is very good. Will he come back at 133 or 141? I'm not sure he beats Oliver or Steiber. He has lost to J.O. every time they have wrestled in the past. It should just add to the fire though.
  6. Who would be favored if Ruth and Caldwell met at 174?
  7. From what it seems like, Dake may not have a choice. It's not a matter of Dake going to Taylor, Taylor himself said he will go where Dake is. No one knows if this is what Dake wants.
  8. I love the idea, but what about the 2 Altons. I don't think there is any way Andrew makes 141.
  9. Agreed - Mcintosh looked terrible. This year can't end soon enough for him. Tomorrow, it sure gets tougher. Nico will more than likely get sent into the consis after his first bout with Sanders... Dylan will have another go with DSJ. I'd love to see him pull that out. Hopefully Q pulls out his next match also.
  10. No one said he's definitely going to crack the starting lineup. He may be content as a backup. Not to mention he will get undoubtly better practicing with the guys you mentioned. Not everyone coming out is a Ruth, Taylor, Gulibon, etc.
  11. Look - I clearly said he looked great at the beginning. He looked good most of the match. I just said had that gone a bit longer - who knows. Going for the major or not, regardless, he was getting outwrestled at the end and it's nothing I would expect from a 149 lb pound national champion.
  12. My 2 cents: 125- Nico will end up in the same boat as Andrew Alton last year, may possibly slip to low AA status. He didn't look horrible against Sanders but also gave nothing to cheer for. 133- It's amazing what that one missing piece will do. It's unfortunate what happened in the offseason, to top it off no time to recruit there. It will be a long year here. 141- He straight gassed and got beat. Not super excited about this weight either. 149- Frank started off great but looked very gassed at the end. Had that gone a bit longer - who knows what happened. That match was left on a bad note from Frank. 157- Dylan will be ok but needs some major conditioning. I'm not sure he AA's this year. Atleast he had that RS year though that Andrew didn't. 165- DT made this #8 ranked kid look like he doesn't belong on the same mat. It's scary what DT does this year. 174- Good showing by RUTH - but I would bet PSU gets 4 points at most if Storley is in the lineup. 189- If that Q stays around - he may be wrestling for 5th / 6th. I don't buy into the hype of starting slow / finishing strong. But hopefully. 197- MM looks like he will be very very good - but needs to develop into a man at this weight. Almost snuck away but a true vet in Yohn showed it's not over till it's over. 285- I'm ready to start looking to the future. Overall - not impressed with today but so ready for the future. A Super young lineup with studs continuing to pile in. Hopefully we get a Chance Marstellar committement before too long!
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