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  1. Brothers beating up each other versus someone that only met that year is completely different, expecially an older brother beating on a younger brother. Entirely. And yes, Dake's final opponent may have been better, but I am not convinced the entire road was that much easier. Ed Ruth just makes it look like that. Beating Hamlin and Bosak back to back definitely isn't easy.
  2. Ruth gave up a few more takedowns because he chooses to be up and wrestling MUCH more. He could easily, very easily, take an opponent down and ride him all match. That's not his style though. THANKFULLY! Ruth used to work Taylor in the room when Taylor was 65 and Ruth was 74. Pretty darn good considering they know each other well. The fact that Dake had to go through Taylor means nothing. JUST because you beat Taylor does not mean you are the best. That's a terrible conclusion.
  3. I fully expect him to hit the ground running.
  4. So you eliminate Ruth because he can't be duplicated? Makes no sense. Just remember that Michael Jordan didnt have the best shot, the best 3pt percentage, best ft percentage, etc. You get the drift. His athleticism couldn't be matched. Ruth could wrestle identical to Dake if he wanted. Take you down and hold you down. If he wants to take you down, he will and that's all there is to it. If he wants to ride you, count on not getting out.
  5. All I know is that I got my name on the subject line. Now that's clutch. That's better than being a 1x NCAA champ. LOL! Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the day...
  6. When talking pound for pound, the only real way I see this is your opinion. Who do you think is the best at any weight. Not championships, or tech falls, etc. Basically, would J.O's skillset beat Ed Ruths skillset if they were both at the same weight. Would Delgads skillset beat Tony Nelson's. Lol, now that sounds crazy.
  7. If we are talking freestyle, then no collegiate athlete is in this discussion. JB hands down. We're in the college section of the forum though, so I assumed we were talking folkstyle.
  8. You think I expected everyone to agree? Absolutely not. Again, everyone will hold onto the only thing they can right now.
  9. Btw, where is the wagon currently? Iowa?
  10. Every sport has a bandwagon, no prob bud.
  11. It seems like everyone ditched their own respective teams to become a Dake fan and point out that he is better than Taylor. Is that the only argument you guys can win? Honestly. I'm not talking about some credible posters, but some of the garbage that people post is ridiculous. Dake is good, OK. Guess what, Penn State as a whole is better. So what if we think Ed Ruth is better. He is. Who cares if we still think David Taylor has a shot to beat him. He does. Go scream Dake some more cause that's your only line of defense. I'm sorry, I don't care if you wrestle 1 time, 4 times, or 24 times, 1 point win ALWAYS has the ability to be flipped.
  12. Get your slurping goggles off and realize there are other wrestlers wrestling. Ruth wins this hands down. I agree, then Steiber.
  13. Normally agree with us dsnc, but Taylor is all out aggressive in all his matches so this shouldn't be any different. I feel as though he could take Dake down a few times if he wrestled better under pressure and just wrestled all match. Of course you can't take anyone down while being ridden all match.
  14. Ruth, hands down. Anyone that argues this is wrong. He is the best at all 3 phases of wrestling.
  15. Cool bro! Not hating you for thinking that. I didn't say he wasn't. What I did say was: I still enjoy watching Taylor way more (I love offense) I still think Taylor has a very good chance going forward as freestyle is more of a neutral game. I would still rather have David Taylor in a tournament to rack up points. Don't care for my opinions? No problem. It's not meant to be personal to you.
  16. If calling my name out publicly like that, please quote me. I can find atleast 20 posts saying nothing but positive things about Dake and even giving him the nod. Come on now. Do I still like Taylor's chance going forward? Your darn right. Do I still enjoy watching him wrestle more than Dake? You better believe it. Would I rather have him in a tournament to score points? Absolutely.
  17. I think all of our weights are looking pretty good.
  18. They all should be. And Ruuuuuth (although up a weight)!
  19. In 3 matches, he equaled Taylor on his feet. I find it very difficult to think that this could happen with arguably the best takedown artist in the world.
  20. I feel like he under performed as well. With the way he executed that takedown within 17 seconds, I just can't help but to think that. His time will come, I really believe so.
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