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  1. Wouldn't that give Ruth an argument for being the MVP? No. Ruth is great and can't really be touched by anyone on the mat. But Taylor's voice is heard more throughout the team. The bonus was also ridiculous.
  2. I disagree here. I think someone has a better chance of cracking Dake neutral than I do riding or trying to get out with Dake.
  3. Fact is, Taylors pins and bonus points still allowed him to score the 3rd most overall in the tourney only behind Ruth and Logan. His leadership, hype, and dominance all make him the Team MVP.
  4. Quote me, put it in your sig, do whatever... But Taylor will beat Dake. Not sure when, or where, but it'll happen within the next year or two. Taylor needs to wrestle better under pressure and he'll be fine. He's shown he can take him down which is what it'll take at the next level.
  5. There is no defense for JB's double. JB every time. Probably easy.
  6. Because it happens often. Nico beat Delgado a few times before turning it around. McD beat Delgado a few times before turning it around. Metcalf beat Caldwell a few times before turning it around. Sanders beat Nico a couple times before turning it around. It happens. Often. No one is saying it would definitely happen with Dake/Taylor (although I feel DT could definitely beat him if he wrestled better under pressure), just saying that type of result is more likely than a pin.
  7. Obviously it's not what the wrestling world thought; hence the reasoning for EVERYONE, including yourself for tuning in. I will say it again. If we knew who the winner would be, it wouldn't have made it that highly anticipated. F-A-C-T!
  8. Means nothing! There were 3 recent matches by these 2 that points to a Taylor win more so than Dake pinning. As I mentioned, there is a reason why this match was so hyped and probably the most viewed ever. If it's as decisive as you make it sound, what the heck was all the hype for? Taylor pinning 3 people in the tourney makes it more likely that he pins Dake then Dake pins Taylor. See how ridiculous that sounds.
  9. It definitely does, but on more than 1 occasion people take time out of their day to sit here and make a post about it?. It's only happening to the current national champions. I wasn't active on these forums when it was Iowas turn, so maybe it was going on then too.
  10. I have no idea how old you are, nor is it any of my business, but can you honestly say you are aware of Cael's competition back then as you are Kyle Dakes now? Basically what you are saying is, beating David Taylor is a decisive factor of pushing Kid Dynamite over the likes of Cael?
  11. Looks like he has a fetish for calling out PSU fans.
  12. The first match was a Double OT rideout that decided victory. The second was a very late CLOSE reversal that decided the victory by 1 point. The third, as decisive as it looked, was still a 1 point victory. The 2 of these kids are SO even when they wrestle. It's WHY the world stops to watch. If people knew the results before they wrestled, WHY TUNE IN? I guarantee freestyle matchups will generate just as much buzz. It takes someone truly 1 sided to sit there and say a pin would come before a David Taylor victory. Call me insane, call me crazy, but I still love David Taylors chances going forward.
  13. 1) Your point? 2) People here really wanna hear your rant about a different forum? 3) Why are you even on a PSU forum? Trolling? 4) Is stirring the pot really what your out to do?
  14. Yes, they can. First, they can win more matches than Cael did. Second, they can do it in four straight years without a redshirt. Third, they can do it against an absolutely amazing opponent. Fourth, they can go undefeated at four different weights. Bro, before you are going to sit there saying Montel Marion, Derek St John and Frank Molinaro are world class, check out Caels hit list. WORLD CLASS! Brandon Eggum (multiple times) - World silver medalist Brad Vering (multiple times) - national champ, World silver medalist, 2x Olympian Andy Hrovat (multiple times) - Olympian Daniel Cormier (multiple times) - Olympian, World bronze medalist Justin Ruiz - World bronze medalist, 6x World team member Mark Munoz (multiple times) - national champ Damian Hahn - 2x national champ Rob Rohn - national champ
  15. When Dake had Taylor's leg in the air, and control of the head, I thought that a pin or back points was definitely coming. I think Dake very well could have had a shot at locking up a cradle had that sequence taken place in the middle of the mat. After watching these two guys compete 3 or 4 times now, I believe that Dake pinning Taylor is a more likely scenario than Taylor taking a win off Dake. Of course you do. Any one sided fan will see this as the more likely scenario. 3 - 1 point matches but yet a pin is more likely than a Taylor win. Speaks to your credibility.
  16. It points out that Cael was the most dominant EACH and EVERY year. You can't wrestle yourself. No one was even close to him, not sure how that is a knock. Makes absolutely no sense at all.
  17. Dake struggles taking down some good competition in College. What in the world makes you think that Jordan Burroughs who is the best in the world (was out of HS as well), would not blast Dake with that double? Honestly?
  18. Start a thread with this. I'd be curious to see what most think. I'm going with JB for the simple fact that it happened just a short time after JB graduated. Dake was still the animal he is now. NOBODY in the world, the WORLD, can stop JB's double.
  19. Perhaps you missed it a few times, but just a couple months, maybe not even a couple, after JB graduated college, he and Dake wrestled. He took Dake down at will, multiple times. This is basically the same Senior Jordan Burroughs that we all know. A takedown is a takedown.
  20. You can name 2 things Dake did that Cael didn't. You could name about 5 things Cael did that Dake didn't. 2 things that immediately come to mind are his pure domination and never been beaten. Look through all the years of wrestling and the W/L records, and RS has never been counted. Cael is the only one this counts for all the sudden. Outside of arguing Dake/Sanderson, you'll be hard pressed to ever see that mentioned. Only by those who wish to argue Dakes feat is greater.
  21. Ruth is incredibly fast at getting to the legs and can switch in mid-motion. It's borderline not fair.
  22. I didn't realize Maple was only a junior. If Logan moves up, I think he'll work Maple. JMO, but could be entirely wrong. Maple still seems to be on planet Earth. Logan seems somewhere else (maybe Ramos brought him back?) I was rooting for Ramos.
  23. I'm not sure anything can come close to the possible 'Dake/Taylor' clash. It happened and we're all thrilled for it happening. We witnessed excellent wrestlers competing at a very high level. What about next year? What are some headlines that we could look forward to? PSU 4 in a row? Ruth 3 straight? Logan/Ramos? I'm sure gonna miss some of the household names (Oliver, Q, that phenom from Cornell, etc). Man, this season flew by and I am not ready for it to be all over.
  24. Do you realize that most of the decision making is not the student athletes? There are coaches for good reason. They are the shot callers. I'm sure Cael would have loved to compete without a RS if he had the choice. That was a sincere question. I didn't feel like trying to look it up but I honestly was wondering if maybe ISU had a potential AA or National Champ that year. I do know a lot of programs have a policy where they redshirt. My bad if I came off sorta dickish, definitely not my intentions. But anyhow, it really wasn't his decision.
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