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  1. Do you realize that most of the decision making is not the student athletes? There are coaches for good reason. They are the shot callers. I'm sure Cael would have loved to compete without a RS if he had the choice.
  2. No doubt. No way Taylor would have ever gone up because of Dake. I agree with others though; clear cut favorite as 174! Likely a major over any of them.
  3. Never in the history have I seen RS wins/losses count as much as I have yesterday/today. All the sudden, they might as well get thrown into the real season record column. Heck, throw in the freestyle W/L as well!
  4. That's crazy. Odds are completely stacked against you. 179-0 But yet you don't think so?
  5. We're not talking about exhibition, but I'm sure Taylor's exhibition loss counts, right?
  6. That's silly. Alton was still 26-6 on the year. He disappointed at the end of the year but he's a much better choice than Frey. What was frey's record this year? Alton may be better, but I don't care. I want someone who WANTS to be out there and give it there all. Alton is way more talented than Matt Brown, and we seen what determination, will, and striving to get better did. I would LOVE to have Andrew and Dylan back competing like we know they can, but this year was disastrious. Don't let the 26-6 record fool ya. The 6 losses were UGLY.
  7. Funny, you don't sound like the biggest Dake fan. You sound like a PSU homer. Dake: - 4 different weights. - No Dake redshirt either. Just say'in... He is the FURTHEST from a PSU homer! This just speaks for yourself.
  8. It still boils down to Cael dominating like Taylor with the credentials of Dake. 90% + bonus while winning 4 NC. Not losing along the way just tops it. Cael also did something that EVERY wrestler in the WORLD tries to do. Not get beat. Only 1 has accomplished it. 1 in 1000 even attempt the feat that Dake did.
  9. That above in bold looks REALLY nice.
  10. Now THAT is something I disagree on. I don't wish anything bad upon anybody, I just wish they would appreciate a great accomplishment like Dake's. There is no doubt in my mind, NONE, that if a few PSU fans thought negative, there were others that thought so as well.
  11. Doesn't matter how old you are. Most of us are old enough to compare the 2 careers just fine. We're not comparing Babe Ruth to Ken Griffey!
  12. I believe you nailed it right here.
  13. I believe we have as good a chance as any, if not more, of reeling in Chance. I'm just not sure if college is truly in his plans.
  14. I don't believe so either. No doubt they know each other well, and have spent time together years ago, but it seems distant. They have the same goals, and over the past couple years probably haven't talked much at all. That may change after Taylor graduates and they are practicing together. Just my thoughts.
  15. I'd like to hear your reasoning at putting 174 last. If it's personal, then I have no issue with that because if you don't like either guy then it would be boring. There were a couple scrambles, Brown had perry on his back as time ran out. I'm not by any means saying that it was a great exciting match, but 141 was the snoozer of the night, by far. No, it's not personal. From what I know, I like all the Top 8-10 guys in the 174 class as people. I just do not like the style of wrestling that everyone in that weight class seems to deploy. For example, I prefer Pac 12 football over SEC. I might be in the minority, but I prefer a 50-49 football game over a 10-7 game with 15 punts and great defense. Also, 141 was pretty bad as well. I agree with this. 141 and 174 were both kinda boring. One has to be last. How about a 9A and 9B, lol.
  16. Where are we in regards to everything? Obviously with Frank graduating last year, Q gone this year, and the departure of Ruth and DT next year, things are looking a bit not so great. Sure we'll have Nico back, as well as Matt Brown for another year, but... Recruiting last year wasn't great outside of Gulibon. This year our only real addition is Zain Retherford who isn't a point scoring machine by any means. FT? OldMarine? Hurrican? What are your thoughts? Obviously if we can somehow reel in Chance, that change the entire picture. But as of right now, that's a distinct possibility. He's flirting with MMA if wrestling doesn't come back for 2020. I know it's far out, after next year it's looking like: 125 Nico 133 Jimmy Guil 141 Conaway? 149 Zain 157 Andrew A 165 Dylan A 174 Brown 184 McCutecheon 197 Mcintosh Hwy Haines (not convinced with him at all) That team is a far cry from our projected team this year that won by a slim margin of 4 points
  17. So what do you say to group that you associate yourself with when they chanted something like this? I agree with SHP, it was highly inappropriate and totally uncalled for. I call it bogus. EVERY fan base has the classic tards! Who's your fan base? No need to single out PSU, it's everywhere bro. And seriously, addressing them here is the appropriate thing? Come on. Scavenge up and down these threads and you'll see nothing but praise for what was done.
  18. The guy from the school in South Orange just spent three entire days running a live blog for all of us (FAR more than most internet fns have done for the sport!) - I say he should stay! Stay on this forum Red Blades, you'll see everything you need. Take the good with the bad.
  19. Kind of hard for Cael to beat the defending Hodge winner when he himself kept winning the Hodge. LMAO! ^^^
  20. He basically dominated people like Taylor with the credentials of Dake. He's the 2 of them in 1.
  21. They were still on cloud 9 from DSJ. And everyone should have been clapping for Dake.
  22. EXACTLY what I text my brother and told him. It's over!
  23. Glad to see one of Dake's biggest fans speak out on this. As a PSU fan, I have become a HUGE Kyle Dake fan. It still doesn't allow me to get caught in the moment saying he is the best ever or had a better career than a guy that smoked competition and going undefeated while doing so. Props to both!
  24. Get real. There's WAY more positive than there is negative. Read around!
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