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  1. Dylan took a step back in multiple ways. He was pinned and majored this year. He didn't AA. When you say he's explosive in the first period, I am not sure what you mean. The Dylan I watched was not explosive in the first period. He seemed to be able to space his gas tank out better than Andrew, while not being as explosive. They have all the talent in the world; lets just hope they can utilize it next year.
  2. Really hoping we balance out while adding blue chippers like Marsetellar. Our weak weights should still be able to score points from the bottom on up.
  3. I'd say that's more of a credit to Dake than a knock on Howe. Same thing as JO giving Metcalf all he wanted and then some from 133 to 145.5 last summer. I'm liking the chances of J.O. possibly being our next 145.5. Likewise with Steiber at his weight.
  4. I've said it quite a few times on here that I don't argue with JB beating DT. Obviously JB is who he is for good reason. However JB definitely proved to be human in college. As Marine said, Folkstyle actually tailors a bit more to JB's game than Folk.
  5. Your a joke. Thankfully we all support JB and don't leave it to you. Let's start name calling because someone doesn't side with you. BINGO! No, DT hasn't beaten anyone of JB's caliber, but JB also never wrestled someone with DT's offense in college either. And one sided? Because of a rideout, a controversial reversal late? Take it for what it's worth. If that's one sided to you, so be it.
  6. Let's talk champ caliber wrestlers. If your talking actual champions, there is very little to go on except Dake and Bubba. If we talk top 4 in the weight, then here we go: Pinned 4th place Peter Yates 2 times Majored 3rd place Steve Fittery 2 times Tech falled 2nd place finisher Brandon Hatchett Majored 4th place finisher Mike Evans Majored 3rd place finisher Robert Kokesh Pinned and Majored 4th place finisher Conrad Polz Majored 2x finalists Derek St John Majored 2nd place and 3rd place finisher Tyler Caldwell This isn't impressive? All being a match away or IN the finals isn't top notch competition? Or are they just labeled not top notch because he makes it look that way?
  7. Contrary to what many believe, freestlye is a completely different feel. The best baseball players wouldn't be the best softball players although the game is similar. Look at the drastic different between the Dake/Taylor freestyle results versus the Dake/Taylor folkstyle. No comparison. I fully expect Taylor to eventually evolve as a folktyle wrestler once he devotes his undivided attention to it.
  8. I agree. And I don't buy into the 'Caldwell degressed' argument. And not saying DT would turn JB or anything, but he could definitely slice quite a bit of time on the clock if he can put a good ride together as he did with Dake.
  9. One person (The Missouri guy) saud he would beat JB. I, along with some others said we honestly don't know.
  10. Bro, he crushes everyone besides the guy that is considered by some to have the greatest career ever. What do you mean lesser opponents. Everyone...
  11. In the history of this sport, has there ever been more of an offensive juggernaut than DT? I'm not saying he is the best offensive ever, I am simply asking as I can't date back as far as some of the old timers.
  12. You're question my participation or understanding of the sport because I don't agree Taylor would get dominated. Let me say this again... I have NO complaints about someone saying JB would win. Rightfully so - he was dominant his senior year. However, DT in college has been equally as dominant thus far. I honestly don't believe Taylor would come even close to being dominated. Just my opinion.
  13. David Taylor would beat Burroughs by a major or pin? I like Taylor, I really do, but come on guys. How in the world is Taylor in the discussion for "best ever" if he beats Dake tonight? Don't say guys, more like guy. I am withholding judgement as to who would win as I think it would be classic. Two all time great offensive wrestlers. No, I don't think Taylor would pin or major him.
  14. There wasn't any pun intended in my reply. I was just simply stating/asking... How much more dominant can Taylor be? That's all. For anyone that thinks Burroughs would beat DT, that's perfectly legit. My beef is just those that think either would dominate the other.
  15. FT- I've always been a "Expect less, anything more is a bonus" type of person. I'm counting on Ruth, and anything else will put me on cloud 9. Sorry to be such a downer, lol. If we win, well....
  16. Didn't David Taylor have 2 matches this year not bonus? Dake and Polz... Maybe next year he can make it bonus for every match he wrestles.
  17. Why have I gotten negative? Delgado honestly just looks unbeatable right now. I have Faith in Taylor, but we all know it's no gimme. Ruth will be Ruth, but J.O will be J.O. Matt Brown has made me proud no matter what he does, win or lose. I just see Perry capitalizing on a mistake. My thoughts for Dylan and Andrew remain. They are good people, but their credibility on the mat has HUGELY dimished. Lawson should come back strong. I'm super excited for JG and Zain. Hopefully before TOO long, we hear the 2 words we all want to hear. Chance Marstellar!
  18. Lol, you should probably run because people are going to be all over your 1 post.
  19. I could not agree more! Every other wrestler did what was expected. Low AA for either Alton was the worst case scenario pre-season.
  20. I don't hate anyone in wrestling. But you, sir, need to stop swinging from DT's jock. Senior year, Burroughs v. Senior year Talyor, and it's a MD for Burroughs, if not worse. That's not being a Burroughs fan or a Talyor hater, it's being a person who actually watches wrestling and knows a thing or two about it. If you moved DT's sack from in front of your eyes, you most likely would agree. Your a fool. Your the one who make this look stupid. He majors a kid that has 2 career official losses and is so far on his way to a 2-1-1/2 career through 3 years. Yes, you look down on DT or are using his post college success as a crutch.
  21. Let me first make it clear that I never said Taylor WOULD beat JB. I simply feel that giving Burroughs the automatic pass is ludicrous. When someone says he would dominate Taylor, using ONLY his college credentials, I feel this is only coming from people that root against DT or are using his post college success as a crutch.
  22. I'm thinking the best chance outside of Ruth is Taylor. I see Perry jumping on 1 Matt Brown mistake and capitalizing.
  23. And Burroughs would never come close to losing to Talyor, and would absolutely dominate him. If you believe otherwise, you need to stop hitting the pipe. Nope, your just either on that David Taylor HATE train or using the after college Burrough.
  24. Your saying PSU needs Ruth + 2 more if Perry and Oliver win?
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