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  1. Me too. I think it's clear - PSU needs 2 wins tonight. Brown over Perry would clinch it OR any other win besides Ruth.
  2. Don't kid yourself. If you can compete, get out there and don't make excuses. If it's that bad, don't wrestle. Howe still wrestled an hour later and won. Then again after that.
  3. He was injured when he lost to Caldwell. Most wrestler are banged up bad while wrestling late in NCAA's. He still came back and won his next 2 matches.
  4. I understand how good Howe was but he still lost to Caldwell. Taylor would never come close to losing to Caldwell. He absolutely dominated him.
  5. J.O. bonus or pin isn't out of question either.
  6. Valid point. But you can also flip that around and say that Burroughs never wrestled a point scoring machine like Taylor in COLLEGE either.
  7. Ok, so remove the 6 months later stuff about him winning worlds, and tell me what he did in college to say he dominates Taylor. Just because? Caldwell really degressed that much?
  8. Taylor has never wrestled anyone on the level of Burroughs? Then put the stuff to rest that Dake is possibly the greatest ever!
  9. During the off season, while Burroughs was training at OTC, he did have a training session with Dake, and got 6 takedowns to zero by Dake, in about 5 minutes. Could Taylor do that? Dude, JB wasn't already a world champion. Like my original post that; you haters will use the 'NOW' Burroughs instead of the college Burroughs like the OP said.
  10. No, not at all. I'm saying... that's all we really have to go on. Not sure if this message was to me or not.
  11. Dake has 18 pins. I wouldn't say he hasn't dominated like Taylor. Domination is subjective. He has outscored his opponents like a million to 8 or whatever this season, with the only offensive points scored against him being Taylor's single reversal. I'd say that's insane domination. Definitely. 2 completely different dominations. Taylor racks the points, while Dake straight doesn't let you score a point.
  12. Pure speculation. Most people are caught up in rooting for Taylor to not have success at the moment. All we have to go on is common opponents and Taylor dominated Caldwell 10-0, 2 years after Burroughs was peaked in college and only beat Caldwell by scores lower than that (maybe close to the same). Taylor has pinned his way through this tournament as a junior, and as a sophomore, teched/pinned his way through. As a PSU fan, and even more a fan of wrestling in general, it's not a give me that Burroughs beats Dake or Taylor during there college careers.
  13. I wouldn't argue this, but many people will compare the Burroughs now vs Taylor now. I'm proud that they BOTH rep and will possibly rep the Red, White and Blue!
  14. 5 point lead and Ok St still has 3 favorites to wrestle in the consis. 2 favorites in finals. 1 PSU fav left.
  15. You're getting your hope. As we speak...
  16. Lol at least I respect the fact that you hold no secret what your rooting for. I'm sure many out there are hoping for nothing more than the ball keeps rolling against PSU and will all pop up after the tourney if it happens. Props Scribe!
  17. Exactly... Oliver cancels out Ruth. Perry is favored over Brown. Kilgore a heavy fav over Q Delgado wrestling like he has been HAS to be a fav Dake - Taylor... well, no need to say anything
  18. Dude, we could very well go 1 for 5 tonight and only have 1 winning match left. Ok St is on a roll.
  19. Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems as if OK St will be in the drivers seat and PSU will need to steal it. With PSU only being a favorite in 1 of their 5 remaining matches, it's not looking well. OK St has faired well during the wrestle backs.
  20. Gullibon is better than Conaway and would probably beat him 10/10. I also don't think JC would have faired any better at the NCO. Gullibon is our future at 133.
  21. Dont forget, Dylan only came into this tourney as an 8 seed. His losses were to returning AA's green and Welch. It's the way they have been getting beat. I'm not sure Dylan has ever been on his back and it happened this year multiple times. Same with Andrew. These kids had as much as a ceiling as Ruth and Taylor, and future AA status seems to be the goal now.
  22. Well what do you mean fall flat? 1 for 5 is a real possibility. (Only Ruth)
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