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  1. Did you not witness waters trying to hurt TG? Ill bet you weren't there. Heated match.
  2. I noticed no wrestle offs for 157 and we are all aware of Dylans talents, is he wrestling this year? Tuff kid
  3. These pre-season tourneys are the best thing for wrestling right now. all these tough kids pour it out all year. much respect. The list is of Iowa high school participants. DR is wrestling 152 @ jj Classic. Washburn wrestled 138 for PSN and placed 7th. 106 Justin Portillo 112 Joshua Portill0 113 Drew West 120 Bryce West 132 Hunter Washburn 138 Josh Wenger 145 Max Thomsen 152 Tristan Johnson 160 Dayton Racer 182 Evan Hansen 195 Gabriel Rangel 220 Ethan Anderson Awesome list of participants cant wait too see it. go go wrestle
  4. To be at that level of 4th title is hard too bet against, Streibler maybe cutting alot but that fire that got him here isnt going out. Go Hawkeyes
  5. Only 20 days left we have 217 registered in this tourney time. In our 2nd year at Carver Hawkeye arena and War of the Roses. 3rd-5th 50 lbrs, 57, 64, 71, 78, 85, 92, 100. 6th-8th 70 lbrs, 77, 84, 91, 98, 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 145, 160, 190 high school weight normal. Please visit the site. thank you Information www.conflictatcarver.com http://www.iowawrestling.org/page/show/854912-conflict-at-carver Flyer http://www.trackwrestling3.com/tw/uploads/O-1242071-Conflict_Flyer.pdf hope to see you there. Come wrestle with us Hawkeye fan
  6. to: HurricaneWrestlingi was around that time and the brands were getting a lot of attention everywhere they wrestled it would be sellout plus. HurricaneWrestlingi knew the girl did you? much love go Lakes conference we produced some studs
  7. what happened that made you so angry GB? fak picking on kids...or programs good stuff ya got going there. dayton is living with his aunt, no host family, no competing in the house bull****. gnight go hawks
  8. This is the most informed but bull**** website we got. Team usa or?? go usa knockingo ur wrestlers is one thing but being proud of it is another
  9. Zeke has definitely brought a lot of studs to the barn, is there another class that can compare to this? i dont think so not even close. This is pretty much a line up worth of gonna be hard to beat. I guess it helps when you transition as the USA freestyle coach. Fak recruiting this is beyond it. love Zeke nothing against him but dam the guys coming in......Jealous Go Hawks IMO nice to see a possible powerhouse on the west coast, PSU established it on the east coast, grow the sport..... and iowa gets weaker but its okay grow the sport its more important than my program winning.
  10. 133 meant heil my bad, Dean has wrestled141, typical to bump for comp so not sure where he will be. either way they are a good team as usual. Hope or would like to see them at nat duals.
  11. Freddy performed well at Fargo it wasnt what he wanted but than again he didnt cut weight like the people that finished ahead of him. I am always gonna come out when peeps be aholes towards our young studs. They are kids learning, fak this is waste of time and you wasted many peoples time. Go to hell Freddy is good and i mean really good Love me some FSJr
  12. Just my opinion 125 Klimara top 5 133 Morrison top 8 141 Collica r12(might see time 149) 149 Kindig top 8 157 no idea 165 Dier top 3 174 Rodgers top 8 184 Crutchmer R12 197 Schafer NQ HWT Marsden top 8 just my opinion go wrestle
  13. I didn't see any of them as "rising" Everyone you mentioned is really good. Dam better title needed imo.
  14. I agree on the Prep title wtf is this but these kids shouldnt be picked on by adults. i went to military school in Missouri do you think they said i was from iowa. its a next level thing basically for rich families or top enders. I love jeff buxton have talked with him personally a few times and Blair Academy is a fortunate school. If your kids can go go. otherwise this is the dumbest thread ive responded too. On response to the OP Illinios has an excellent youth program and great sponsers unlike most states.
  15. man we got the best looking freestyle team in a long fricking time. stupid topic no offense
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