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  1. Ohio State with 5 all champ side Missouri & iowa both 3 champ side & 4 consis I know fans from all 3 teams are bragging it up & rubbing their rabbits foot hoping if they post on here what they have going, it will somehow bring the team some juju.
  2. Listening to a bunch of grown men insult one another & young men that have worked & deserve respect from everyone on here is amazing. No matter whom you are rooting for, to call out these young or cheer on here when they lose shows serious character flaws from all involved. Cheer for you team from your armchair & give all the wrestlers this weekend the props they deserve!
  3. You guys are very very funny. Seriously though, Brascetta makes great shotguns & handguns!
  4. Whether they wrestle in the semis or finals, Taylor still must get through the unicorn slayer in the challenge tournament o meet JB in the final.
  5. +2 :lol: I guess smart phones & other devices are only as "smart" as the user.
  6. Yes & it won't be Taylor, therefore he will have to wrestle Dake once again to get a shot at JB.
  7. You are obviously able to post as you are watching. Why not use your SMART phone for something productive. I am watching for the next 3 matches up on each mat as we speak using trackwrestling. Try it out it's pretty amazing. You can even watch live scoring if the score clocks are to far away to read.
  8. It won't matter for the trials as Dake will be wrestling in the final against Burroughs instead of David.
  9. With the advent of the computer, it hard to imagine that some fans fail to realize that they may access up to the second bracket updates for free through trackwrestling..
  10. Yep the team trophy is headed to Penn St once again. :lol: A couple of very astute posters warned that upsets can & do happen for every team. Gonna be a great weekend. The team title is definitely still up for grabs.
  11. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Just some washed up old wrestler trying to teach kids how to wrestle. Cornholed4evr - I actually like Cornell, Iowa, Oklahoma State, etc but you give Cornell a bad name (Bon Jovi reference for you as a New Jersey fan!)
  12. I will trade lemon pie's & your posting privileges for DF's any day!
  13. Again no upset. Retheford was seeded Ugi was not. Nice win though. Dardanes escaped the upset.
  14. 1st upset - Moreno (Iowa State) with a losing record over Lester (Oklahoma)
  15. That would have been great for a fan to jump the railing. He would have enjoyed some "rainblows" the face.
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