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  1. Keith Richards, won a state title in Oklahoma 1991 and won a state title in California 1992.
  2. California's state high school tournament started in 1973. Prior to Bakersfield High's 4 individual state titles in 2002, the record of 3 was held by the teams below (at least from what I found on archived websites). Unless noted, team also won the team state title. Clovis High - 1974. Merced High - 1977, finished 2nd to Clayton Valley High School. Merced had 3 state placers, all champs. Clayton Valley had 2 champs, 1 runner up (lost to Merced's Dan Cuestas) and one 4th placer. Calvary Chapel - 1994 and 2001.
  3. California: 4 done three times. Bakersfield High has done it twice, won the state title both years. First in 2002 (Had 3 runner ups for a record 7 finalists and set a record with 9 state placers. Also, same year Darrell Vasquez won his 4th state title) and 2004 (team had Jake Varner & Nathan Morgan, both won titles). Clovis High had 4 state titlists last year, 2016. Team finish was 2nd to Buchanan High, who had 3 state titlists and 3 runner ups and won the only head to head finals match between the two schools.
  4. "The two men now set their sights on becoming the fourth and fifth college wrestlers to win a NCAA title the year after winning an Olympic medal." Snyder & Cox could be the 4th & 5th, there have only been 3 so far: Dan Hodge - Silver at 1956 Olympics and 1957 NCAA champion. Barry Davis - Silver at 1984 Olympics and 1985 NCAA champion. Chris Taylor - Bronze at 1972 Olympics and 1973 NCAA champion.
  5. If this is for the Olympics, why does the table include bodybuilding and power lifting? Neither of those are in the Olympics. No surprise that the top dirty Olympic sports are weightlifting, track & field and cycling.
  6. - Construction plans that drastically reduce facilities for several sports - swim/dive, tennis, fencing - The college doesn't offer athletic scholarships for a few of them -Denied media access to coaches - Reprimanded Tom Groden, who has been their only swim/dive head coach & the winningest swim/dive coach in NCAA history, for voicing his concerns about the construction plans Those sports are dead, they just don't realize it yet.
  7. It is incredible how some act as if freestyle wrestling is some super secret mystical competition.
  8. This switch would probably kill off US greco. If schools implement freestyle there will be even less incentive to go outside the schools for greco. I don't think both could be implemented, at least at the college level because of title IX, two styles is going to end up with more than 10 combined weight divisions so more athletes will be needed to field teams, more scholarships needed unless the same 9.9 is going to be used to field two teams (that is if even schools will offer more than they do now). I don't get why high amplitude throws at the high school level would be so dangerous, the athletes can already be exposed to them in weekend freestyle & greco tournaments and there aren't piles of bodies at the end of tournaments. People are acting like its going to be Zangief out there suplexing.
  9. Why do the SF & Oakland sections even exist? SF only has 17 schools and Oakland only has 20, so even in sports in which they field more teams it doesn't make sense for them to be independent sections. I understand LA being a section own, they have about 140 schools. In regards to the LA Section being absorbed by the Southern section, how much of the resistance is because of the resulting section will be so enormous? Is this proposal just for wrestling or are other sports included? The division of the CA sections has always seemed odd to me, the way the sections are divided around the bay area: Vallejo is in the Sac Joaquin section yet schools south of them in Concord and down in Livermore are in the North Coast section. Why are Crescent City and Livermore in the same section? I remember seeing an old football conference championship trophy - El Dorado High (the one in the Sierra Nevada foothills) and Armijo High School (Fairfield) were in the same conference!??! They're 85 miles apart. Shoud float a proposal that has the city sections absorbed by other sections, peel some counties off of the Southern Section then divide it in two and dissolve the north coast section - merge the northern part with the North Section and eastern bay area goes with central coast or sac joaquin. Then duck for cover as heads explode.
  10. Boxing's weight classes compete over multiple days, the competition for all other weight class sports is conducted as wrestling is.
  11. OBJoeB


    That doesn't change the fact that many schools have teams in multiple conferences. And it isn't like schools are dropping, say men's soccer because their conference doesn't sponsor it and adding baseball because it is a sponsored sport. And if fielding teams in conference sports had such a strong influence beyond football & basketball, well then wouldn't those Pac12 schools mentioned below be dropping those non-Pac12 men's teams and adding Pac12 sponsored teams like soccer, wrestling, swimming and cross country. Since this is thread is about the SEC - Kentucky & South Carolina have men's soccer teams in Conference USA. Missouri wrestling is now in the MAC. Kentucky also has a rifle team, not in the SEC. SEC schools have multiple women's teams in other conferences. Pac12: men's indoor track & field, volleyball, water polo & gymnastic teams in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF). Colorado & Utah have skiing. San Diego St, Sacramento St & UC Davis all have teams in 5 different conferences. San Jose St, New Mexico & Wyoming - 3.
  12. OBJoeB


    Kennesaw St - it is only 8,500 fans. Those suites only total about $500k. They were estimating $6-7 million/year for expenses, so I'll wait to see some final figures before deeming it a financial success. It looks promising, for their sake I hope it does work but after a couple of years they could easily end up like GA State's program - little interest or money. I'm well aware of other sports programs being dropped; in threads like this I've posted about how schools like San Diego St have massacred their men's athletic teams. UND is also dropping golf - not surprised either sport is being dropped given the structure of those seasons, both are on the road for the majority of the season which greatly increases costs and baseball frequently drew less than 150 fans. Five or six years ago Northern Iowa dropped baseball for similar reasons. Yes, I'm aware of St. Cloud's recent cuts, commented in your thread about it. I remember this comment: Nordic ski coach Jeremy Frost said he and other head coaches “were told several times” that Title IX requirements would keep the women’s teams immune from elimination or roster reductions, “so we were shocked to hear of cuts to women’s sports.” They were all ready to assist & rejoice in kicking some men's teams to the curb. When the bleeding started, conference affiliation wasn't a major part. Now it is an excuse even though it is rather common for universities to have teams in multiple conferences; school uses that excuse to cut team X meanwhile team Y is also in the same situation.
  13. OBJoeB


    $75 million is insane, whether it is a wrestling, soccer or swim team. If the bottom line is cost, then why add any men's sports besides maybe basketball? Why even field more teams than the NCAA minimum requirement? Why do so many schools keep football teams that lose millions of dollars every year or any other sport that loses money year after year (which is the vast majority of sports teams). UAB bringing back football & two women's sports isn't even close to Oregon's figure to fund wrestling; note, that $75 million calculation is going to be there for another sport. well, supposedly, maybe the next AD will be a soccer fanatic. Kennesaw St just started a football team, according to Oregon's figures the upfront funds would be $150-175 million for that; Kennesaw St estimated football & new women's sports to cost $6-7 million annually and that doesn't include the cost of new facilities. And Kennesaw is losing millions a year - stadium only holds 9,000 and no FBS opponent paydays. Upfront money amount aside, Kennesaw St is fully funding a FCS team and corresponding women's teams for twice the annual cost of Oregon's claim for a wrestling team & the corresponding women's team(s). That doesn't add up - football alone is 13 coaches (not including the grad assistants) and 63 scholarships. Fresno St's figures don't come close to Oregon's estimates. Cal's Baseball Foundation isn't even facing numbers like that. Although, they might be soon considering Cal is in the red again for about $10 million because of their ill conceived athletic facility expansion. As for the end of your other post "What is crazy is that wrestling does not work on policy that will reign in costs and help to prevent programs from being on the chopping block. But everyone wants to leverage their competitive advantage." Well, if $75 million is what it takes for DI team to even consider adding wrestling then there isn't much that can be done to save teams. Using USA Today's ncaa finance chart from 2013-14. http://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances The fund raising being asked of them is more than their entire universities are able to achieve. Cal St Bakersfield is a team that is always in danger - the university's athletic department as a whole barely receives over $1 million a year in contributions. Bakersfield university's endowment is only $23.4 million. On average, Kent St receives less than Bakersfield in annual contributions. SIUE, from 2010-14, didn't receive more than $350k/year. How are they going to raise that money if they get put on the chopping block? Go down the list and school after school is like that, their athletics get little contributions. Pretty much any sport at those schools is going to fold if put on the chopping block. Some of the smaller programs only have 2-3 paid coaches, don't have the max scholarship number, limit travel. They're bare bones programs. Alabama's entire athletic department raised $29.3 million last year, so the chance of raising $75 million for a wrestling is minuscule. Might as well attempt to fund the team by buying lottery tickets.
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