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  1. Thank you for supporting instead of trolling me! By any position, I mean can he make it to the NFL period. I was thinking about Ray Rice when I made the original thread.
  2. Physically he looks like he is still growing. Come 2016, he may have a chance to beat for the spot as he matures.
  3. Do you think Jordan has the capabilities to play in the NFL at any position. If trained right, I think he could easily be a running back. He is honestly one of the best athletes I have ever witnessed in my life.
  4. Caldwell can lose to anyone when he is seriously injured. We all know his potential. As for Pico, I don't have the, "WOW, OMG" feel in him. I would get this feeling when I saw Burroughs hit a double leg takedown from junior year on. Pico is being hyped to the max, so it is quite possible that he is being overhyped.
  5. How did Cael avoid going on a Mormon Mission?
  6. Cael might not have been a 4 timer if he didn't redshirt his first year. Pst Smith Redshirted after his freshman year.
  7. Well Dake lost twice one year earlier to a kid from Binghamton and Bucknell. They were both overtime losses, but these two school are by no means tier 1 schools. Dake also lucked out his sophomore year with Caldwell getting injured. Pretty much no one thought Dake was going to win his sophomore year.
  8. Keep in mind it was an overtime loss. He was by no means dominated. And if I remember correctly, the win against Stieber was a bit flukey and easily avenged twice.
  9. Arguments for Dake: 1. No Redshirt 2. Was Younger 3. Bumped up and Beat the Hodge Winner Senior Year. When I heard he made that decision, I was like wow, this kid is amazing and has some guts. Arguments for Stieber 1. Tougher Schedule 2. Greater margin of victory 3. One less loss Man, I wouldn't even mind calling it a tie.
  10. I find it to be a very difficult question. I would probably go with Stieber, but I can easily see someone make an argument for Dake.
  11. The rule has to change, I remember in the Dake Taylor beginning all star match that the refs were going to be very hesitant to call locked hands on such a big time match. If the top wrestler is given one second to release the locked hands, there should be no penalty. Not to mention the fake stand ups, they should be unsportsmanlike instead of a locked hands point.
  12. What do you mean? Was Cael moral, or immoral?
  13. Winning at the expense of having morals...
  14. Regardless, it was a dick move on Cael's part. The rule should be changed so that the wrestler has one second to release the lock. This would avoid all dumb conflicts.
  15. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/240127-World-Team-Camp-2011/video/504570-Obe-Blanc-vs-Jordan-Burroughs-in-a-rope-climb Watch this, it kind of looks surreal. I think Burroughs is the better athlete. His sport to freestyle, and he does double leg takedowns. The rules shouldn't disqualify him as being less athletic.
  16. Super 32 Is was at Super 32. It is generally accepted that off season tournaments don't count. The Dapper Dan is a more like a season ending high school match.
  17. I think Tsirtsis is fun to watch despite having low scoring matches.
  18. That is what makes video review bad. Refs really don't like to call locked hands when there is locked hands for just an instant. But there was indisputable evidence that he locked his hands. It was a pretty dick move of Cael's part to ask for video review on that.
  19. Whether you realize it or not, wrestlers avoid points being scored on them by going out of bounds. Vallimont King in the 2010 NCAA semi finals is a prime example. Vallimont is continuously making honest attempts to score, while King looks more like a yoga practitioner than a wrestler. If we don't implement the push out rule, here is another idea: Start the wrestlers in the same position they were in in the center of the mat when they went out of bounds. They do this in BJJ and MMA, and I think it would avoid cheap points.
  20. I thinnk making it a stall call is a great idea. I think the push out rule is good for wrestling but it isn't perfect. Sometimes you see guys with a decent shot, and the other wrestler with good scrambling ability hopping on one leg until he goes out of bounds. The previous freestyle rules benefited Burroughs tremendoiusly. He had so many peoiple hopping out of bounds. In the finals he was being conservative and was defensive until the last 10 second when he knew he could score.. Burroughs was undefeated with the previous freestyle rules.
  21. Nick lost in High School Nationals to Joe Dubuque. I don't know about Andy
  22. I hate that too. With the video review rule, refs should count using their intuition, then if they are wrong, the coach has the right to challenge. Or I guess the coach can just challenge if there were back points, honestly, I don't know all the rules. I think I have a good proposition, once someone is on their back passed 45 degrees, they need to get back up to 90 degrees for the count to stop.
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