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  1. Joe Williams has to be in the discussion.
  2. Has Ruth ever even shown interest in moving to MMA? If so I have never heard it. Just curious because of the members who want to see him in MMA.
  3. You can see him still supported by his elbow at 19-20 seconds when he is past 90 degrees. He moves up to his hand in the middle of the turn though, when he is way past 90 degrees.
  4. What's up with the sketch of an alien? I'm confused.
  5. If I am being unbiased...I'm sorry but that is clearly two. Angles elbow touched during the turn. Obviously Angle would have wrestled differently at the end of the match had he known he had been down, but as is, Jads should have won. If I'm being biased....Go USA. His elbow touched to keep away from being turned, and it was hand to hand during the turn.
  6. 1. Yes the night before weigh ins are best especially if you are cutting any kind of weight. No, you won't have to weigh in again that morning if you do the early weigh in. 2. As far as match strategy goes I would look for snap downs, shucks, throw bye's, etc for scoring. Work good hard hand fighting. Look for under hooks, Russians, etc. to set up shots. As far as shots go look for a shot that isn't low level. Look for snatch singles and ankle and knee picks. This is what I would do personally, knowing the rules of beach wrestling, but never having entered a tournament.
  7. I'll go with all # 1's as well, not because of odds but because of they are the best at the weight IMO, except for 86kg. At 86kg I think the winner of Foster/Ruth will beat out Gavin. If I had to choose one I guess I would go with Foster, but him and Ruth are just so close. Perhaps this prediction is a little bit wishful thinking, because I know Foster (and probably Ruth for that matter, although he is unproven internationally) would do better at Worlds against international competition, than Gavin.
  8. They should have a beer wrestling World Championships, full with National championships to qualify. Now that would be entertaining.
  9. Pinnum, I said once they get that "Dr" behind their name, AND gain some notoriety....as in start writing books. I was not talking about your run of the mill educated person. I'm talking about the people who are the leading scientists in their field.
  10. Geez...it just keeps getting worse, and I'm a rap/hip hop fan. They played a piece of one of their songs as an intro or outro during the NCAA's broadcast this year. I forget which session, but the song was like "how could you kill the sport that made me, baby, how could you kill the sport that made me"...and they just kept repeating that same phrase over and over and over. I honestly think that's all the song was. My dad said, "I could have came up with that song. How do these guys make money?" Honestly, how do they make money? Do kids actually download their albums? I just can't see any high school or college kid today, with their beats or flips actually warming up to this crap just because it's all about wrestling. I hate to write such a negative post, but these guys are terrible. It's like teeny-bop meets rap meets JV wrestling.
  11. I have not updated any of the tapatalk patches for about a year and a half, which was when we were having tapatalk issues. Tapatalk is all I use to post on here due to its convenience, and I don't seem to be having quite as many issues as you guys are. It doesn't show my post right away, and I have to back out and refresh the thread page to make sure my post went through, and it crashes every once in a while...but that sounds kind of minor compared to what you guys are dealing with. Are you guys that are posting on mobile using tapatalk? If not, you may try that. Its quite convenient. If so, you might try reverting to an earlier version. The webmaster may not be up to date with the most recent version of tapatalk.
  12. The thing I love about Neil is that despite being a super-genius, with numerous doctorates and accolades, he is still a very humble person. That is such a rare combination today. It seems like as soon as somebody gets that "Dr." behind their name, and gain some notoriety, they are just too good to mix and mingle with the regular populace, without trying to make people feel dumb. Neil is not too good to come out to a wrestling event, and mention that he wasn't very good, even though he wrestled for a college D1 team, which is farther than a lot of us have made it. That is humility. That is why he is so popular.
  13. My wrestling partner got robbed of a place in the state finals (and likely a state title) in the state semifinals due to this crap. He was on top, going for a 2 on 1 tilt, and the ref was not even looking at his opponent (the guy being put to his back....duh ref!) to see if he broke the plane to get near fall. He was on the other side looking at top mans back. This would not even be called by a regular ref as a touch fall in freestyle...it was literally called that quick. This ref was looking to make his mark in a big match, and was on a total power trip. He was not seen at states the next year. It kind of reminds me of those fat policemen (not all policemen) who are on a power trip, and think that badge gives them the right to write you a ticket, treat you like crap, etc... just because they can. Some people will just abuse any power that is given to them.
  14. When I was growing up, (graduated HS in 2004) and women's wrestling was just getting started internationally, I always thought that Sara McMann was absolutely beautiful. Not only on the outside, but the inside as well. She's the kind of girl you want to take home to the family. Definitely a "Hnnnng" in my book. And as you can see, she has still got it well into her 30's and after a child: Former wrestler turned MMA star, Miesha Tate, is pretty cute. She has a knockout body, but I wouldn't consider her a "Hnnnnng" due to her nose and snobby attitude. She's definitely borderline "Hnnnng" material, as you can see:
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