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  1. That was an awesome post/story to read. Thank you Mr. Milkovich!
  2. 1. Make prices more realistic. Heck, I get Netflix for $7.99 a month, and as much as I would like to have all content I can't pay $20 per month, and I certainly can't pay $150 at one time for a year, even if it is a better deal per month. 2. Better customer service. This speaks for itself and I have heard from many people having problems and not even getting replies from their complaints, much less solutions to their problem. If I were forking out so much money for a premium service, I would be especially disappointed about this problem. 3. Better support for your mobile app/mobile homepage. I can't find anything I'm looking for on this, searches take forever, it appears not all content is available via mobile app, etc.. It seems like the company was excited and promoting this when it first came out, and then they just abandoned it. Some people, like myself, use their iPhone's or iPad's more than their computer. If you are going to have a mobile app, give a crap about it and update it.
  3. That kid not being able to wrestle for 3rd is really messed up.
  4. Always a good sign. I really think we may win this one and get Fresno state wrestling back!
  5. I wonder what the toughest Midlands bracket is. Back when more post grads wrestled in it I bet there were some meat grinders in there. Maybe some of the older members could remember some.
  6. 2012 96kg Russian nationals- at the time they had 6-7 wrestlers in the top ten in the world at this weight, along with a few more in the top 20, and then just a bunch of studs right outside of that.
  7. The Russian who Pico teched last month, Emeev, just placed 2nd at the Yarygin. That is impressive. I know Emeev had some other losses in the U.S., but that is still extremely impressive on Pico's part. Emeev is a world class wrestler and Pico just beat the crap out of him.
  8. 174...hard to place, hard to win...easily the toughest weight. I think 133 is right up there minus a few NC's, but I do think 133 will be the most exciting to watch. 174 has too many guys at the top who play it too safe. 133 is going to be balls to the walls action.
  9. I'm no PSU fan, but I'd say they still get a NC at this weight in Matt Brown (but then they would lose all of Browns points at 174). I think he could make 167 if he knew going into the season he had to.
  10. I think Brown should be in there at 174#. I think he can beat Perry...not sure about Howe, but hey they haven't wrestled since the All Star Classic and we all know a lot has changed since then.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing a good cinderella story this year. It will be difficult though, with the added seeds this year, for a non seeded person to go deep in the championship bracket.
  12. I think they should give the backups a wrestle off a week or two before Big 10's. PSU fans agree? Disagree?
  13. Sounds like anger management is needed. Once...eh $*** happens. Twice....gotta get some help. Hope he's not off of the team permanently
  14. That's crazy. How does somebody give up a pin in under 10 seconds! And he was wrestling up a weight class for 4 out of 5 of those matches.
  15. It doesn't have to be a big event. They could do something similar to the Olympic wrestle off for the spot at 60kg in 2012 between Scott, Bunch, and Humphrey. Didn't they just add that to the already scheduled events for BTS? We could just add each weight class as the "main event" to an already scheduled event. In any case, I too, like the kind of thinking that AngryFish puts forth in his post. Let's put our best guys on the mat, and bring our team back to being a contender on the world stage. Edit: typo
  16. I think Dylan COULD place as high as second, but more likely 4-6. Andrew...well he COULD place, but more likely will win 2 matches. Btw, does anyone have video of a ref calling a pin with the "stomp". Lol I've got to see this! Have looked but can't find any.
  17. If I had to choose now.... 125: Gilman 133: Ramos 141: Stieber 149: Maple 157: St. John 165: Taylor 174: Brown 184: Dean 197: Schiller Hwt: Coon
  18. Pico is able to train for, and compete at a very high level in freestyle, folk, and GR wrestling, Pancrase, and boxing right now. I don't think it's a pipe dream for him to do Freestyle and MMA. And if you think it's a pipe dream, guess what? It's his pipe dream and his life.
  19. I think we may have jumped ahead of Minnesota for the best chance at beating PSU at NCAAs. It's going to come down to everyone at Iowa being healthy and wrestling to their seeds. If we do that, and PSU slips up somewhere, we can win it.
  20. Let him follow his dreams and do what he wants. Who are we to crap on his goals and tell him he's being stupid. If it is his passion, let him go for it and encourage him!
  21. How did he "scam his way onto his high school team"? How does one go about doing that?
  22. I immediately thought of Jaggers first title when I saw this thread. The crying ones always get to me. Since Jagger's is already taken I will go with Teague Moore winning his NCAA title. That celebration is years and years of hard work finally paying off and too much to contain after getting a pin in the finals. Epic!
  23. NC State- my location(south) kind of limited me.
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