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  1. So now the interesting part. What are the sigs going to be?
  2. Great post! Very insightful. I agree that the teams most likely to knock off PSU are Minnesota and Iowa, in that order.
  3. That video is crazy! That's kind of a once in a lifetime (for only 4 people) type of thing. Maybe you could get someone to taser a captive lion and have it attack you. You should go grizzly hunting. It's as close as you will get to that, being if you don't do it correctly you could be in trouble.
  4. Wow king of Pancrase, junior golden gloves champ, plus his wrestling accomplishments (of which there are too many to mention)? That is crazy! It really is almost tragic that we will never get to see him on the college stage, but kudos to him for following his freestyle dreams. Imagine how good he will be by 21 if he keeps training hard. I think more kids should follow their heart of they love freestyle. It would be our loss at the NCAA level, but our gain at the senior level a few years later.
  5. Man this is crazy. I thought it was crazy when Ramos got beat by Colon, but Ruth losing didn't even enter my realm of possibility!
  6. I'll eat some crow. I didn't believe ban either. Good call though.
  7. Why are there so many wrestlers med forfeiting out without being hurt after losing their first match.
  8. Awesome thanks a million Husker_Du!!!
  9. Would someone mind posting semifinal results as they come in here? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out.
  10. Rossel I hope you know when I said DC's opponent was better than Metcalf I was joking in an attempt to point out the absurdity going on in that thread.
  11. Superold I think we are at a philosophical stalemate as to when cross training actually begins in a martial art/sport. All I know is that after four surgeries, one a full ProctoColectomy, and being stuck with a colostomy bag for the rest of my life, I still can't find a way to go 100% in wrestling without being hurt, and believe me I have tried a lot of different stuff. I can do BJJ, including the standing part. It's a poor substitute when your first love was wrestling, but it keeps me from going insane every time I smell a wrestling mat.
  12. Superold i think i understand. It wouldn't be BJJ anymore. When BJJ guys start learning takedowns and how to stay off their back they are cross training. A metaphor: tae-kwon-do kicks are done with the foot and the heel and are aimed at the head and midsection. Now let's say Muay Thai fighter enters a tae-kwon-do tournament and starts kicking people in the leg with his shin. Do the rules allow it? Yes. Is it still tae-kwon-do? No. The same is true with BJJ. Many of them have picked up things from wrestling. However, a blast double is a wrestling move in any forum, and somewhere along the line that person, or his teacher cross trained and learned some wrestling.
  13. Husky takes the boxers out and I take the BJJ guys. Seriously though, good points and good discussion by all involved.
  14. I disagree. With a Gi on, which is how most Bjj schools require you to start out with until you reach a certain level, there is no way you are going to see much hand fighting, head snaps, etc. You are going to see grabbing the gi and trying to clear arms so that they can advance thier position. So for the first six months to a year that is what they are learning. Then, when their instructor thinks they are ready, if they choose, they can try no gi. Since in BJJ being on bottom can be just as beneficial as top, even in no-Gi, they usually do not waste time standing, and if they do you don't see much hand fighting because for the first six months to a year they were grabbing Gi and trying to clear hands. Even most of the good MMA fighters with a BJJ base still claim they spend about half their time training with Gi and half no-Gi. I have heard this from the likes of Fabricio Werdum, Roger Gracie, Gabriel Gonzaga, etc.
  15. See the posts much earlier in this (it started around page 3 or 4) thread about how Iowa "will fall apart next year and has no recruiting. Brands burns people out. McDonough was not that hurt and just wrestled bad." None of the above are direct quotes but they were all said or alluded to in this thread. Either some people are plain dumb and do not understand how cycles work and injuries work, or it's Iowa hate. I would much rather think that it's just Iowa hate rather than a such a level of stupidity exists in some people. I'm a glass half full kind of guy.
  16. Hahaha I'm not answering one of your questions Superold. One leads to 20. I'll just say the answer to your question should be obvious.
  17. No that just means that Lubeck is better than Metcalf. Caldwell's shoulder was 100% because he chose not to make a statement on it before he wrestled. We have all heard "embrace the grind", well as an Iowa fan I've just learned to embrace the hate. It's always going to be there, just embrace it and have fun with it.
  18. Man that stinks. Any info from anyone on what the injury is? I hope he didn't re-injure something. I thought he was on his way to making an AA run, but not so sure if he's injured. Maybe he just decided he would take a page from DF and refuse to wrestle in any consolation bracket, and that's why he med. forfeited out at Las Vegas and Midlands. 1st, 2nd, or screw it!
  19. Well so much for Caldwell returning anywhere close to championship form. Kinda sad.
  20. It's the mental toughness that wrestling teaches, plus the "grappling strength" that makes wrestlers so good in MMA. All of those hellacious practices that we all know about, and using good technique when you are dead tired, makes it easy to pick up techniques from various other martial arts and employ them in a competitive situation. Add that fact to years and years of hard grappling, which gives you a type of strength that you can't get by lifting weights, and you have a very good base for MMA. This is why we have the most champs and top 10 contenders with a wrestling base. IMO and most experts it's the best base. You could argue BJJ, but they never go through practices like we do, and when they get to the higher levels the pace slows down so much in sparring and competition due to a high level of technique and most don't build that insane grappling strength I'm talking about. It's just a completely different style and way of grappling when compared to wrestling. There is no hand fighting, banging on the head, and very little explosion all together. Teach a wrestler some BJJ and he becomes awesome in a fight. Teach a BJJ guy some wrestling and he is still just a BJJ guy who knows a few takedowns at a high school wrestling level in a fight. Anyways, this is why wrestlers dominate MMA!
  21. Well like you said ideally this fight would be taking place a year or so from now so that McMann can get her striking basics down. I suspect they will be doing a lot of that from now until the fight. You are right about Rousey though. She has good footwork and throws straight punches and understands the basics. But whenever she got tagged last by Tate, she ran in for the clinch, kind of like a wrestler who isn't a great striker shooting a double when he gets tagged. Rousey just immediately reverted to what she knows best. The difference is that she will be clinching up with a world class wrestler this time who is very comfortable there and will probably win the takedown battle unless they plan on wearing a Gi in the octagon. Lol Hey, even if Rousey wins I think McMann will be her toughest test and get a rematch somewhere down the rode, when McMann is a full fledged fighter.
  22. Agreed, she could use more experience against high level opponents. But what do you do? I think if she can she can sharpen a few tools during training camp she can win. It's not like Rousey has a ton of experience. She is vulnerable on her feet, especially when she's trying to get the clinch. She won't be Judo throwing McMann every time they touch like she did Tate. Tate was just not physically strong enough and it really showed every time they grappled(on the feet and on the ground). McMann will be as strong, if not stronger than Rousey. She is probably one of the only MMA fighters in the world at 135 who can grapple with Rousey, without being overwhelmed by her power. Maybe I am being too optimistic, but God I would love for McMann to hand this goon her first loss.
  23. Such sad news. But in his 27 years he accomplished more than most do in a lifetime. Before the 2012 Olympics, he was considered, unanimously by most, to be the best in the world in any weight class. Many thoughts and prayers to his family and the entire Russian wrestling community. Thanks for the memories Mr. Kudukhov.
  24. I hope Lazor gets his head together. Georgia needs someone on the podium at Midlands. I suspect Ban and the UNI fans wouldn't mind seeing him tear through the consos either.
  25. OMG that was Crazy! Weidman was winning the fight and I think he would have eventually taken him down and submitted him or win a decision. But dang that was one of nastiest things things I've ever seen in any sport. You could hear Anderson's leg snap and then hearing him yell to the top of his lungs made actually seeing it terrible. Silva is still the GOAT and a legend, but I think this is it for him.
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