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  1. McMann needs to give Rousey a slice of humble pie. She's not going to be able to judo toss McMann around like she does every other girl. I think McMann will get on top and keep Ronda on her back, which is something she's never experienced before because her Judo is so good. Top level wrestling will beat top level judo any day in a fight, especially when the wrestler knows some a few submissions. McMann will get on top and either GnP her to a decision or choke her unconscious. Rondas not good off her back, and her armbar she has become so famous for is not done from her guard. McMann is tailor made to beat Rousey.
  2. Or Askren could have shown up to to one of the open tournaments Ruth was at while on suspension if he wanted to prove himself. If Ruth finishes out unbeaten, he will be firmly ahead of Askren, with Ruth at #5-#8 and Askren around #11-#15. Ruth would beat him handily, ala Chris Pendelton if they met. Too strong, too quick, and too crisp for the funkmaster.
  3. Yeah this downfall that everyone is talking about hasn't happened yet. These questions and statements may be a little more warranted if Iowa does terrible a few years in a row at nationals. Slow the brakes everyone. Iowa wrestled bad against an extremely good(possibly the best they have had so far under Cael) PSU team. That's all. We lost a dual. It happens, even to a Gable coached Iowa team. Iowa will be fine this year and in the years to come. Tom and Terry have a good thing going and neither should be fired.
  4. Really wish Iowa had someone who isn't terrible at 149 or he had staid at 157 and got to wrestle St. John. Oh well I know Tsirtsis will give him a great match and maybe some other 149ers along the way. I wouldn't pencil him in as a sure fire finalist. Will be interested to see what level he wrestles at.
  5. Wow, Disabato shows his class and love for wrestling once again. If Jason Bryant does not fall under the category of "wrestling media" then I really don't know who does. The attendance/gate question is perfectly legitimate question and the fact that Askren and Disabato were angered by the question tells me that attendance was so bad that it was embarrassing, and that the entire event was a flop from a money standpoint, which is all Disabato cares about. This guy really does try to act like Dana White, as mentioned by another poster. The difference is Dana actually knows how to run a business, and Dana does not claim to be a wrestling promoter.(oh and some people actually give a $h** as to what Dana has to say) Disabato cares about making money and MMA is where the money currently is. If you are a wrestler and have ties to him and do not perform up to his standards he blasts you.(see Jake Herbert) I am so glad that Jordan Burroughs tossed this guy to the curve before he screwed him over, and I hope others will follow his example. He is scum.
  6. How do you think Millhof and Russell will do at D1. Personally, I have thought for a while that Russell has a little more upside than Millhof and will fair better in college. Millhof will definitely have some extremely good coaches and workout partners at Oklahoma, but Russell won't exactly be surrounded by slouches at Edinboro. I think both will fair well, but my money would be on Russell to have the better college career. He is a gamer, a bit more physical with his tie ups and hand fighting, and he picks his shots a bit better IMO. He will need time to grow into 125 but at the end of the day I think he will be the better of the two. Don't get me wrong though, as I'm a big Millhof fan and OU could turn him into a beast. Thoughts?
  7. Here are my thoughts that I posted in another thread: I don't know what was up with Iowa tonight. We looked like we were afraid to lose or afraid we were going to give up bonus points. I'd rather see 165, 184, and 197 get pinned rather than that crap we saw tonight. Ramos and St. John looked good as usual, but everyone else looked flat. It will help if Clark can get his weight under control, and we can get Burak back. We really needed those two tonight. PSU looked great. Congrats on the win.
  8. I didn't know Clark was struggling with weight either, until I heard what Brands say to Shane Sparks. He basically said that with a one hour weigh-in, Gilman was their only/best choice.
  9. I heard Brands say that as well, superold. He's got to have his weight under control for matches like tonight. We really needed him tonight.
  10. I don't know what was up with Iowa tonight. We looked like we were afraid to lose or afraid we were going to give up bonus points. I'd rather see 165, 184, and 197 get pinned rather than that crap we saw tonight. Ramos and St. John looked good as usual, but everyone else looked flat. It will help if Clark can get his weight under control, and we can get Burak back. We really needed those two tonight. PSU looked great. Congrats on the win. Ps. Why was Burak not on the mat tonight?
  11. It's match day!!! Is anyone else fired up for this one? The two best in the nation! So many great individual matchups. It has been war every time these two have met recently! All of my friends are coming down to the man cave/my basement. If Iowa pulls this one out the neighbors may call the law for disturbing the peace. Go Hawks! Go "good wrestling", as I know we will see some tonight from both teams, and that's what our sport needs! Ps. Wish I could be there. One of you Hawk fans do me a favor and go crazy x2 in my place.
  12. I agree with Pamela. How hard can 141 be for him? If he was 133, then I could definitely see the weight cut as a problem, not 141 though.
  13. I was really looking forward to DSJ vs Caldwell as well. Bums me out that he is going down to 149. Still interested to see how he does and wonder where he should be seeded. Perhaps 3rd?
  14. Schute: "You're a bleeder, and I like to see blood." Louden: "You're f***ing Mr. Tanneran, why don't you f*** me!"
  15. Ok I didn't catch those earlier threads and didn't that it was just said in jest. I don't miss many DF threads. Thanks for the clarification TOSU. DF like it or not, you do have fans(you have an Internet tournament every year, in your name). I'm one of them again. Carry on hating. Apologies...try to see it from my point of view: you just maliciously saying that out of nowhere. Just when you think you have DF figured out he throws me a curveball and gets me.
  16. DF you just lost one of your biggest fans with that post to Lewis. You took it way to far there. Seriously not funny at all.
  17. Yeah something is up with Stieber. I have not seen this match yet, but Stieber doesn't gas and doesn't get ridden two matches in a row. He could be fighting an injury or dealing with illness. Hopefully it is the latter. I don't think it's the weight cut. If he continues like this and gets ridden/gasses late for another match or two, then something is definitely up. I hope we don't see something like McDonough last year. I'm finally able to cheer for Logan because he's out of Ramos' weight class, and that would suck if he got injured.
  18. 165 and 197 are very tough to place and/or win at the Scuffle, as is 133 and HWT at Midlands. Those are going to be some meat grinder brackets. Quick question...how does everyone think Darrion Caldwell will do at Midlands in the 157 lb weight class, if indeed the "Miracle Dr." has his shoulder up to par? We won't know until we see him if indeed reports are true that this Dr. has solved his shoulder problems, so I guess the more important question would be: where should he be seeded?
  19. He speaks the truth. When a DF post starts with "lol" you know there is some real sh** going down.
  20. Lol I thought of that movie when I read this thread. What would happen if you started having a "recall" of wrestling. You would just go crazy and start double legging people in the streets.
  21. I would be very intetested in hearing your thoughts on Sean Russell and Ryan Millhof from Collins Hill, Ga, and how you think they will pan out in college. I will not comment on them, as I am interested to hear an unbiased opinion, other than to say I am very high on these wrestlers along with a few others that will be seniors this year from Georgia. I think this will be the best class of seniors Georgia has ever had by far, and in a couple of years we will be hearing about Georgia at D-1 NCAA's. Thanks in advance Gonzo.
  22. Your stupid of you can't spell Stieber right.
  23. One more thing. They might have things fixed and worked out by 2020 or 2024, but how many of our wrestlers will be willing to stay that long. Most of the wrestlers currently on the senior level will be past their prime, or needing to feed a family by then. For a lot of wrestlers 2016 is going to be their best chance at Olympic glory, and for some their only opportunity.
  24. I'm in agreement with 2td2nf. This crap makes me want to puke. This is just like Title 9, but on a global scale. We do away with opportunities for men, who have (as a majority) trained longer and harder than women, but we cater to the women, because it appears to be fair. All around the world there are far fewer women wrestlers, and most of them have not been training wrestling their entire lives. At first glance, having the same number of weight classes like equality, but when anybody with half a brain looks at the situation and at the numbers that matter, they must see that it is ludicrously unfair to men, and as 2td2nf said: borderline criminal. Thanks Fila and IOC.
  25. BTND is great and worth every penny IMO, LordNelson. I would recommend it. You may already have it, depending on your cable provider. Even if you are like me and you don't get it free, i would check it out. The even have an iPhone/iPad app (BTN2go) so you can watch duals while on the treadmill like me.
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