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  1. Taking jabs and putting down a high schooler is just so childish. I don't know which school the TS is a fan of, but the title of this thread is just silly. Even If he's an Iowa fan, which I hope he is not, making fun of kids is not cool. TS, you must be seriously attention starved to put this as a title of your thread to get more views.
  2. Nope. I don't care about the medals, posters, etc, but my memories and the lessons I learned are part of who I am. Take that away and I'm a completely different person.
  3. Just as I predicted and pointed out, here comes the Marstellar hate from PSU fans (not all, just some), and he hasn't even put on an Orange singlet. I hope you realize how bad you are making PSU, and the good and descent fans look. You are dragging them down with you with crap like this.
  4. Just as I predicted and pointed out, here comes the Marstellar hate from PSU fans (not all, just some), and he hasn't even put on an Orange singlet. I hope you realize how bad you are making PSU, and the good and descent fans look. You are dragging them down with you with crap like this.
  5. Man that was some Carver Hawkeye, Dan Gable-esque magic going on. I didn't have a dog in the fight, obviously being an Iowa fan, but that reminded me of so many classic Iowa matches. After the underdog Retherford rode Stieber out I began to feel a very familiar tingle go up my spine. Then when he got in on a single leg in OT I was jumping up and down, and for the first time rooting for one of PSU's wrestlers. I just love to see a huge underdog come in and upset a NC in dramatic fashion.
  6. Don't forget MSU's head coaching position....Great salary, fully funded, job security and you can sit on your ass and not do anything. You don't have to win anything, or show any signs of improvement, but you will still have your job no matter what. Just show up for matches and you are set. Heck, you don't even have to look like your interested, just show up and your set. Seriously, how the heck does Minkel keep getting away with this? I really do feel bad for MSU fans. You have had some assistant coaches who could have helped things, but the head coach is so inadequate that they can't do what they want to do, and ultimately Minkel just drags them down with him and the rest of the program. Equally responsible is the AD, who lets it happen year after year.
  7. First Maple, then Ramos, now Stieber goes down, and it's only mid December! Going into the season I really thought these three would run the table. This is crazy! Who is next? Edit: Retherford looked great, especially on the mat! The guy is a beast.
  8. Well I made it to December at least.
  9. Yeah I knew about the Bellator deal. If he's been training MMA then he definitely has been putting that shoulder in some funky positions. God knows how many times hes had it in some funky positions learning BJJ. So maybe this Doc has worked some magic. In any case, I hope he's in fair shape, health, and form and we get to see him do his thing.
  10. Darrion Caldwell vs DSJ!!! Wow I hope that match goes down!!!
  11. Guys who are really good at the front headlock, in freestyle, seem pretty unstoppable once the get it. If Mavlet Batirov got you in a front headlock, he was going to score on you. The same went for Dave Schultz. As for GR, Karelins reverse lift was unstoppable in his prime. When he got on Top, everyone knew it was coming, and they only had one means of defense: to roll over and get pinned, just so you would not have to undergo the horror of his reverse lift. Damn! That's just awesome if you think about it.
  12. "Veni, Vidi, Vici" -DF Just like Julius Caesar, Del Fino came, he saw, he conquered.
  13. TBar, you can only be accountable for your own actions. I haven't seen any evidence that you are one of those PSU fans that I was talking about. And Amen brother to only hero worshipping that guy who walked the Earth 2013 years ago!
  14. Flying Tiger-I can show some quotes from PSU fans on this board. Just go check out the thread(s) when the news comes out about Marstellar going somewhere else. To every other PSU fan, including TBar- Some PSU fans are just fine and I have no problem with them. Since PSU started winning titles, I have noticed an exponential rise of annoying, obnoxious, and classless PSU fans in the stands, and on the boards. And when Marstellar hits the college mats, those fans will boo him just because he backed out on his pre-verbal to PSU and chose another school. In fact the classlessness can already be seen.(see the threads that I directed Flying Tiger to) *Apologies that I can not "quote" you guys, or direct you directly to the threads I am speaking of because I am using tapatalk on an old iPhone, and these features do not work.
  15. I'm sure Marstellar will be as much of a "douche" as Bubba is in a year or two, when Marstellar is wrecking PSU wrestlers. Some of you have already been taking some pretty strong jabs at him....grown men and woman hating a high schooler for making a decision they didn't agree with. Wow. You stay classy Penn State fans!
  16. I'll catch it on BTN2GO sometime and learn your secret and give Tom Brands a call Ban
  17. Oh yeah I forgot that Ban_basketball is trying to preserve the secret that Colon will be able to ride and turn/tilt Tony Ramos. Thanks WaHawk for the breakdown. I was going to ask about the Lazor match. I'm a big fan of his, being a Georgia wrestler and all.
  18. That expression says " should I slow down now? Will it look real enough to get that check written, from the Bahamas coach?"
  19. Could you imagine if someone from the U.S showed a little "cultural dancing" after a world title. Someone should teach Burroughs some Michael Jackson moves for next year!
  20. Remember that first thanksgiving after you had hung up your shoes? My cousin experienced that today and it was hilarious...and boy did it it take me back! He had two plates the first time he went through the line, seconds, and all 4 deserts. Every bite he took was followed by something like, " oh God this is amazing". Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  21. Yeah 48kg is pretty crazy. That's the same weight (106) as our smallest weight class in high school! I guess some of the Asian countries might have guys that are naturally this weight, with a weight cut. I remember those watching some of those matches and it looked like Skeletor vs Skeletor.
  22. I hope he gets past Shabanov and we get to see how he fares against Tsargush. Will definitely tell us if he can get it done on the international scene, and tell us if we have two possible world champs at one weight in the U.S. I don't think we do, but it would be interesting.
  23. I was less than six feet away from Jadidi at one point at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Does that count? Granted, that was before I started wresting, and way before I started learning of the greatness of Abbas Jadidi through DF. No joke I was 10 years old and my friends dad was working security at the games. We just knew of him as "that hairy dude from Iran who raised his own hand".
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