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  1. Yeah, if I had DF as a ref I would have won. He doesn't call pins if one guy is getting whooped and the inferior wrestler catches him. He also doesn't look for defensive falls. If only DF had been my ref....
  2. DF, what state do you ref in? I'd like to come support you and see you do a tournament if you live somewhere close to me.
  3. So what is your "call" when a guy tilts his opponent? He gets his near fall points and then an immediate stall call or stalemate since he's not going for the pin? Good thing you never reffed an Anthony Robles match. You would have screwed up his undefeated senior year.
  4. One of the problems is Tony Weeks. He use to be a ref for smaller shows but he sucked so bad they made him quit. Now he is a judge. He was one of the judges that gave the fight to GSP. This guy is a moron. He always gets the score wrong and has no business judging a UFC fight, much less a main event. This guy is a known tool in the MMA world.
  5. Hahaha that was hilarious! Was that Lex Luger on the far left?
  6. As much as I would like to see that happen, it won't. Nobody has ever been given a vacant title in the UFC. Hendricks will get first dibs at a rematch or interim title fight, depending on what GSP does, but he will have to fight someone and win officially to get a belt around his waist.
  7. Highway Robbery! Hendricks should get a place in the fight for a vacant title if Dana makes GSP vacate it, which I hope Dana does.
  8. I agree Gonzo. It sucks to have Gilman or Clark sitting the bench and wasting a year of eligibility. When you have two guys that are high AA material at 125, and one has to watch from the stands, it's actually a pretty crappy and annoying problem to have.
  9. Very impressive win by Pico. I love this kids style. He's always looking to score. He finishes as soon as he gets in. He has so much energy he makes me tired just watching. Even when he gets off the mat and does an immediate interview he looks like he's ready to go another full match. He is deceptively strong and he is going to do nothing but get stronger as he matures. The way he gets those snatch singles like they easy shows how strong he is for his age. This kid has it all! If he keeps working hard, which I suspect he will because you can tell in his interviews how much passion he has for wrestling and training, he is going to be tough as nails by the time he reaches college (or senior level if he decides to skip college). Edit:typo
  10. Man this one is pretty epic DF. We are going on a month now for this thread and you still have posters eating out of your hand (the hand which is home to a very expensive, golden, diamond clad wrist watch)!
  11. I was kind of surprised that Grajales was ranked as high as he was. He'll be lucky to AA this year IMO.
  12. I'll never forget coach Deliddo "hulking out" and slapping the mat during big matches at NCAA's. That man loves wrestling, and that is the kind of person we need to bring programs back, and get new programs going. Best of luck to him and the entire Fresno wrestling community in bringing back Bulldog wrestling!
  13. Im not sure. I think he will get a shot at the UFC Husker, but no way does he get a title shot right out of the gate like some people think. If he does get to fight in the UFC it will be a 3 fight contract and he had better impress and finish some people or he will be cut.
  14. Sonnen has submitted Shogun, Brian Stann, Tim McKenzie most recentlyothers early in his career that no one would know. The Shogun one is very impressive because he is darn near impossible to submit and hasnt been submitted since early in his career by Babalu. He has also dominated many great ground fighters fighters and put on fights that the crowd enjoys. That is my point. He doesn't just sit in a guard and play putter patter. He hits you hard and looks to advance his position and get the KO/TKO/SUB
  15. Adding to my post above(because I accidentally hit send before I was finished)....MMA fans for the most part, do not like this kind of fighter. I'm not saying its right, but most drunk muscle-head MMA fans want to see some action. Dana white very well may pass on Askren, in favor of somebody who just go's for broke. That fighter may not win as much as Askren, but he may put more butts in the seat.
  16. I wouldn't be so quick to pencil in Askren to sign with the UFC. Dana White seriously does not like "lay n' pray" fighters. If he does get signed he definitely will not get an immediate title shot. Yes, Askren has finished some people recently, but those guys weren't UFC caliber fighters. As far as Askren and Sonnen are concerned, that is just not a good comparison. Sonnen looks to finish fights. He is always trying to pass guard, has many submission victories over very good fighters, and he is not afraid to stand up and strike with the best of them. Askren is happy to sit in guard, he can't nor will he strike with anyone, and is perfectly happy to sit in someone's guard for an entire fight and get the W via refs decision.
  17. As an Iowa fan I'm happy for Zalesky. I never had any ill will towards him. He is a great coach and great guy! Hope he gets a national champ this year.
  18. I loved Metcalfs interview, that told how as a Freshman, DSJ was getting his butt kicked by Metcalf, but he was still slapping and throwing jabs.
  19. It's never completely worked for me. Some videos work fine, but I'd say at least 3/4 do not work at all.
  20. I'm in the same boat here. My iPhone has basically taken place of my laptop. I've tried the Flowrestling mobile app/homepage and it is just horrendous. I will give skyfire a try. Thanks Rakkasan.
  21. Zaleskies, Banachs, Zadicks, Brands, Steiners, Lofthouses, Ballwegs, and the Williams off the top of my head from Iowa.
  22. So technically sound for a 6th grader. Georgia is making strides, but matches like this show me just how far we have to go especially at the elementary and middle school levels. Coaches at the younger levels all around the country should watch this.
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