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  1. Remember what it was like to be a teenager. The teenage brain is different, medically speaking, than the adult brain. It's literally all over the place. That is why as a teenager it feels like its the end of the world when someone "breaks up" with you, or laughs at, or you have a bad day, etc... Now, take that teenage brain and put it into an adult situation that really is important and will surely affect your life for the next four to six years. I do not envy star high school athletes that have to make this decision. (Though I do envy Chances skills. He is one really talented wrestler!) So give the kid a break, remember what it was like to be a teenager, and put yourself in his shoes. Some of the posts I have read are just ridiculous and childish, all because Chance would dare even consider going anywhere other than PSU. Pick where is right for you, Chance. You do not owe anyone anything. You do not owe loyalty to Penn State, just because you live in Pennsylvania.
  2. Graff and Mango will be the two main guys I'm looking at, as an Iowa fan, to possibly beat Ramos. I think he has Graff's number, even though the scores will be close. Mango worries me a little bit more. He's a bit of a question mark since he's coming off of a RS season. If he can look like he did at midlands, and keep that high level intensity up all season, he could beat Ramos. With all that being said I still think Ramos is a heavy favorite to be on top of the podium in March.
  3. we dont need no education on grammer or spelling. hookid on fonics worked just fine for me
  4. So that's where Brands got all those dance moves he pulls off in the corner!
  5. I agree. People at his weight are training just for Burroughs. Burroughs' style, as bada## as it is, is very American. That means when "whoever" pulls off the big upset, they are not going to be ready for the different styles we see on the international stage. Edit:typo
  6. Yeah I thought that was pretty epic too. Palmer showed up with some horsepower and pretty boy Faber as well. I bet that felt really good on Oliver's part blanking him 8-0!
  7. That is dang impressive. Is it up on YouTube or flo for free yet?
  8. Woah...for a second there I thought you meant 105 pounds at Bellator.
  9. I don't know about the others you mentioned but I have seen Cael do multiple reps and sets of military presses with 225lb. I think it's a matter of what kind of wrestler you are. It takes all kinds and if lifting works for you, then do it. Just do it smart.
  10. Yeah Dennis looked like a caveman at your ACW!
  11. Yeah they are gonna be good. 4 returning finalist,plus the Alton's, plus McIntosh who I think will be a high AA at least, plus Gulibon who will be good out of the gate. Tough team.
  12. I think he should forget friendship and stay at HW to go after the title. Hasn't he ever had to wrestle a friend before? Did he not wrestle teammates in live wrestling every day during his wrestling days? I know they can't go live in MMA, but I would imagine that he has grappled live with Cain. Turn the switch on when you step in the cage, and turn it off when you step out and be friends again.
  13. Yeah I really enjoyed the coverage of the World Championship's and Tour ACW test event recently, as well as all of the other events you commentate. Thanks JB
  14. Cory Clark 125 Iowa Morgan McIntosh 197 PSU
  15. Cory Clark 125 Iowa Morgan McIntosh 197 PSU
  16. Ohhh wiedsworld knows his antihero. He's got ya there DF, Hook, line, and sinker. I suppose DF could have been referring to his step dad in that post: Mr. Abbas Deldidi.
  17. I'm with wrestlingnerd. 211 is a bit too much unless he completely changed his body. Let's not forget that he was a small 197 lber his senior year who bulked up for the teams sake. Granted he did win that class and Kilgore was a beast of a 197lber for college....the key word being "for college". The guys at 211 lbs on the world stage are a whole different kind of beast. I just don't see him being as effective as he could closer to his natural weight, even if he took a year and bulked up. I will say that Q has proved me wrong many a time however.
  18. MedicineMan, you are my hero...I was hoping you'd get around to making a pic sometime. That one is going up on my wall in my room. +5,000 for this pic (the reason I pick five thousand is to honor Jadidis miracle of feeding 5,000 people by turning one cheeseburger into many....well his intentions were to feed the multitude. After he saw the food, he ended up eating every single cheeseburger himself that day.)
  19. Does that make Paulson vs Hall's 15+ minute match the most underrated and under dramatized match ever? Hmmmm
  20. Oh, sorry smittyfan, scribe doesn't want us to get into a conversation about it do I guess I better not reply. For those of us who haven't been here for 10 years and/or missed those threads, if you want to discuss it let's make a separate thread and do it. (out of respect of the TS i would rather not get too off topic in this thread)
  21. Sorry, my brain was thinking B. Satiev. I was on some pretty stout pain medication earlier when I wrote that. Apparently I didn't get the "do not operate heavy machinery" instructions...cuz there I was just typing away on my I-Phone.
  22. I've been wondering the same, and like you I think he was made for freestyle. I think with a full year training at freestyle he could be beat Gavin and Foster, and a few years could produce something special. His high-low setups and takedowns would make for unique mix that would prove tough for international competition. As a bonus, he would be the first guy since the early nineties, on the national team, who could handle himself in upper body situations, which would be nice.
  23. I think this sort of thing is good. A little gamesmanship will help hype up the matches more. We could use some of this in wrestling to bring in more fans. With that being said....Jordan Oliver's coach didn't have what I would consider "horsepower" and he was a 6x world champ.
  24. 141- Joey Lazor (UNI) has improved by leaps and bounds each year of college. Last season was his first trip to the NCAA's and he lost in the round of 12. I expect to see him at least on the podium, possibly 4-6 if he has a good tournament.
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