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  1. I'm going with Clark, but it must be pretty close with some of the "insiders" going with Gilman. It's a good problem to have this year, but it's going to be a really good problem for us next year, when the loser can bump up to 133!
  2. Sakuraba is awesome! Sakuraba vs Renzo and Sakuraba vs Royler were awesome. Sakuraba vs Royce was epic! It is MMAs version of Hall vs Paulson. They fought for over an hour and half and Sakuraba made Royce quit. Unlike BJJ, catch wrestling takes some athleticism, conditioning, speed, and explosiveness (like modern wrestlers have/strive for.) IMO catch wrestling trumps BJJ, as evidenced by the best catch wrestler(Sakuraba) beating 4 family members of the family who invented BJJ(the Gracie's), along with Vitor Belfort, Alan Goes,etc... And this was back in the late 90's-early 2000's, so it was before everybody started cross training. It really was Catch wrestling vs BJJ. Sorry most of you could probably care less, but Sakuraba is one of my heroes and my favorite fighter, so when I see someone mention his name anywhere, I get fired up! Catch wrestling is legit. I just wish they had it near where I live.
  3. Do they have a dual against Wisconsin this season? Maybe they could bump Taylor up.
  4. Great news! Hopefully he pans out along with Gilman (i think Clark has already panned out and will be a force at 125 next year)and we can have a future murders row with Clark, Gilman, and Gross. After Ramos graduates we will need some kids to step it up at the lower weights.
  5. Great news! Hope they get a good coach and supporting cast, and are able to bring in some good, hard working wrestlers!
  6. "Two freshman members of the University of Iowa wrestling team have been suspended after they were caught hunting rabbits on campus.".... "The men allegedly told police they were going to make hats." On campus?!?! I know I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it. This sounds like something that would happen down here in Georgia at certain colleges.
  7. I liked to elevate the arm with the under hook toward his head while circling, where his hand was pointing outward and his bicep was behind the neck. We called that a snake.
  8. Askren has been fighting at welterweight (170lbs), and making weight without too much trouble. That's going to be quite a weight advantage for Q!
  9. BTW, I wouldn't be so hard on him if he was possibly saying something in jest, but like Rhino184 mentioned above he tweeted it and made the comment, so he thought it out.
  10. Wow! I'm pretty sure the likes of Metcalf and Palmer didn't wear "flip" headphones and they beat his tail. I wonder if Dake wore his "flips" before putting a saddle on Molinaro and riding him for over 6 minutes in the finals? What a stupid tweet and comment. What's next? You are not a true wrestler unless you tan and are a fan of "The Jersey shore".
  11. What's up with assistant coaches these days? We've got Brandvold going for the Alf-Alfa look. We had J Jaggers going for the James Brown look, with his burgundy suit at nationals. I also remember seeing Jason Ness at a dual with a shirt and tie that looked like an Easter bunny. Can anyone link a pic of Ness or especially Jaggers that I'm talking about? Jagger's wore it at nationals last year but I can't remember which day It was. It was interesting to say the least. And Ness was rockin his Easter colors at one of the home duals I think. I'm no fashion police or nothing, and Ness wasn't that bad , but Jagger's really stood out. You could point him out from anywhere in the arena. Sorry to get off topic...that hairdo just jogged my memory.
  12. You know, in all seriousness, Jadidi should have won the match against Angle 2-1, and it should not have gone to a decision. If you watch the turn that Jadidi scored on, Kurt did not go palm to palm. His elbow touched, which should have resulted in a 2 pt turn. Watch the video and you will see what I mean. Of course being down by a point would have changed Angle's tactics, but "as is", Jadidi really should have won.
  13. If he could catch a football this season I might be impressed. lol j/k Falcons fan here and I know Roddy is playing hurt.
  14. Dake in any style of wrestling. 1. Dake is really really good. 2. Dake will have a pretty big size and weight advantage on him.
  15. Some young wrestlers walk around with a chip on their shoulders because they put a lot more work in but don't get half of the credit or money that basketball players do. When you start to mature some though you see that wrestling makes you happy and that's why you do it. I think this stigma is left over from some people's high school years, even though they have grown up and feel differently.
  16. I agree with granbytroll. I think that the Abas brothers were the first successful wrestlers to start diving under people's legs. You can find some isolated examples in the mid to late nineties, but none with the degree of success that they had, especially Stephen.
  17. Good point de4857. I think one of our problems is our selection process. Everyone spends their time training to beat Americans just to make the team, and aren't properly prepared for all the various styles and match tactics that the world stage brings.
  18. You are completely missing the point. We had an off year. Thats what happens with these blind draws with repachage that Fila has us doing. It happened to Russia last year as well. Where we're your cries last year, when the girls had an off year and only brought home one bronze? Furthermore, what do you propose we do? Just get rid of Zeke Jones and company. Who do propose replace them?
  19. We have fallen way off in freestyle? Um, did you catch the Olympics last year where we brought home 2 golds and a bronze. How quickly we all forget.
  20. Men's freestyle just had a down year. It happens. Now GR have not had a medalist in 4 years. So I think we really have to look at the two separately before passing judgement.
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