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  1. Having all of our guys make weight, or move up a weight would be a good place to start. Lester was sucked out at the Olympics and is couldn't compete this year....time to move up.
  2. What's he got to lose. He was a JUCO champ and on his way to Iowa state with a full scholarship, so he wasn't a pushover in wrestling before he started MMA. My guess is that he might could win a match or two.
  3. All I said is that he had something to fall back on, and a lot of aspiring MMA fighters do not. What exactly is so funny about a bachelors degree from ASU?
  4. Well apparently he is making enough off of fights and sponsors (which is a big part of fighters salaries) to get by, and at least live life good enough to be happy. I met him and talked to him this summer at a wrestling seminar and he was very happy with the way his life was going. He may not live in a mansion, but for some people monetary gain does not determine their level of happiness or fulfillment in life. It's true that in long run he may not make it big in MMA, but unlike these fighters who dream of doing nothing but fighting and end up not making it and being poor, he has a college degree from ASU to fall back on. He is not putting all his money under one mattress like these fighters that say,"this is all I have, and this is my only shot at being someone". He spent four years studying, unlike those guys, and if things don't work out he won't have a problem getting a good job and putting food on the table.
  5. It's only one fight. Geez. It happens to just about everyone in MMA. Give the guy a break. He still made his money and will continue to. He's under a good organization (the second best in the world) and they aren't going to cut him after one fight. He will still be making a living doing what he loves, while resting up, and then training for his next fight.
  6. John Smith should get an automatic vault to number one because he won every World/Olympic tournament that he entered. Bruce B. was great but HW's usually have longer longevity in general because their style is completely different than all the other weights, requiring strength above speed, and strength is the last thing to go in an athlete. Oh, and Mcllravy gets an extra half point for his mullet ;)
  7. Very insightful posts by pinnum, oldirty, and especially bigapple's most recent one. Thanks guys. You have all given me food for thought. I'm still pretty hard nosed and think I can bring a high school team to prominence, as a head coach, and have success at a lower level college, despite never even wrestling in college. It's not that I wasn't good enough to wrestle in college, but I came down with a life threatening illness as a high school senior and ended up wrestling for my life instead of for a school. BTW I am in no way closing this thread. Keep it coming!
  8. Yeah I haven't updated in about 6 months or so, so there must be something with the most recent update. I love tapatalk. Don't know what I'd do without it.
  9. Yeah I knew a of a high schooler who trained with the Russians every summer. He went to a different school than me and was a multiple time state champ. He graduated with me which was 2004.
  10. Lol how crazy would that be! We won't find out until Burroughs retires, so we are looking at at least 2016. I can see it, right after he wins his second Olympic gold, he says "though I will never be Abbas Jadidi, I am a 6 time undefeated world champ". Then he invites me and medicineman to come hang out with him after being so loyal throughout the years.
  11. Jordan Burroughs: Episode 3: The Phantom Ankle
  12. Reza Yazdani was amazing today. Amazing that he came back after a knee tear(I believe it was acl) from a year ago, and was able to be in top form and win Gold. Love his style. Love his heart. Love that he proves to everyone that you can be short for your weight class and still be a champion!
  13. Finals predictions: 55kg: Kumar(India) over Israpilov(Russia) 66kg: Metcalf(USA) over Robberty(Venezuela) 96kg: Yazdani(Iran) over Gazyumov(Azerbaijan)
  14. Great stuff guys. Thanks for the input/discussions. And +1 Pinnum, really great read!
  15. This thread started off as a reply to a comment another poster made, and then I realized I was hijacking JT1's thread on "Evaluating yourself as fan". So I just made a new thread...... I find it interesting that it's almost an unwritten rule in the wrestling community, that you can't coach wrestling at a certain level unless you have competed and/or accomplished a certain amount at that level. Look at just about any head coaching position at D2, D3, NAIA, and even Juco (and the same is true for many high school coaching positions) and D1 level wrestling experience is preferred. Once you get to the D1 level, you had to have started and done well to get an assistant coaches job, and for a head coach you pretty much have to had won multiple AA honors or a be a NC. IMO this is a problem and schools are missing out. There are wrestlers out there who, for whatever reason, got too nervous, and couldn't perform when match time came around, but they were excellent technicians, and great at helping other wrestlers learn while in the room. Because of their lack of accolades, the best they can do is maybe get a high school head coaching job, and that's best case scenario for some. Many end up coaching peewee, when they could be a very good addition as a paid assistant coach at a college program. Our sport is really the only one I can think of that has this issue. Football, basketball, baseball, swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. are full of successful coaches who didn't excel at their sport, and some did not even compete at all. They are just students of the game, like many of the wrestlers I am speaking of. And this is not because it is a combat sport. MMA and boxing, for example, are full of great coaches who never stepped in the ring/cage. I'm just curious as to what you guys think concerning this matter. Do you know any coaches who fall under this category? Are we hurting ourselves by not giving some of these guys, who weren't the greatest at wrestling, a chance at coaching?
  16. I have always regarded Ruth as a the better of the two. Perhaps it's because I'm not a PSU fan. I mean no disrespect, but for lack of a better term, Taylor has always been PSU's "Golden Boy". Ruth has beaten tougher competition and most likely will win NCAA's this year, making him the more accomplished. Ruth is a beast!
  17. I really don't like the fact that the MMA community views this guy as a representative of wrestling. Even if it's not true, that is how some fans see it, and that makes us look very bad. Our athletes need to be warned before making deals with this tool.
  18. Matburn155

    Calm down

    What's bad is when the athletes do nothing, but the coach runs out on the mat and ruins the moment. An extreme example can be seen here:
  19. Igali was awesome today. If there was anybody on the edge, I think Mr. Igali won them over.
  20. This is awesome. I can listen to young wrestlers who say they want to be Olympic champions one day now, without getting a sick feeling in my stomach. Thank you God! Thank you wrestling community! Thank you Mr. Igali (you killed it today). Whew, I will sleep well tonight for the first time since February!
  21. My cousin wrestled at Darton as a freshman last year and told me how hard the conditioning was during "hell week". Of course I thought he was just getting acclimated to college wrestling. Apparently this "hell week", as the coaches call it, is when all of this happened. He has been in touch with some of his friends and it is pretty bad. First and foremost, thoughts and prayers go out to the wrestlers and families, especially the young man who is critical. Second, I fear that some lawsuits will most likely be coming and Georgia will lose one of its few college programs, which is terrible. Somebody on the coaching staff screwed up bad during this "hell week", and I hope it does not end up costing a young man his life.
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