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  1. I know I'm a little late to the conversation, but I am really looking forward to this new event. It sounds very fan friendly, and the wrestlers that you guys have recruited is impressive. Interesting that all of the nut head "politicians" at fila can't come up with a comprehensive system of rules and guidelines, but give one real wrestler, who actually cares about the sport(Mr Tirapelle), give him a little bit of backup, and he can come up with a better product than Fila has in 15 years.
  2. Ohhhh Lmao medicineman, that one might be a very high seed for the 2014 AJ photoshop tournament!
  3. Sending up prayers for the Carr family. I never met Jimmy, but had the pleasure of knowing Nate and his son Nate Jr while he wrestled in high school. Great Christian family that helped a young Christian, in myself. God bless the entire Carr family.
  4. Nice DF, very nice. Definitely an upgrade on the lyrics. I Can't stand The Police
  5. I wanted to agree with some of RED's posts, but honestly didn't have the guts to and I disagreed with the way he went about it. FullNelson said everything that I have been thinking, but he was able to put it into much better words than I could have. Men's wrestling is being destroyed, just like other men's sports were destroyed in our country due to Title 9 years ago, and it's all because of this stupid "politically correct", "let's give everybody a chance" society that we live in today.
  6. LiMarty vs anyone who doesn't see things his way....which would be everyone, minus his alternate screen names.
  7. Wow, this is crazy. If they want equity then they need to look at the amount of female wrestlers compared to the amount of male wrestlers. Fila proposed this!?! I suppose I should not be surprised at anything Fila does. I have lost what little faith in Fila that I had. Obviously, the changes in personnel has done nothing. Screw you Fila, for driving yet another nail into our coffin. The IOC pushes you, and of course you break like the no good, do not give a s##% about wrestling, money loving, pansies that you are! This makes me want to puke.
  8. That's great news! Was always a fan of Sentes (ok...except when he beat Ramos at NCAA's). He is incredible on top, and great everywhere else, and will make a great addition to Cal Poly. I'm glad that things are working out for him!
  9. Man his piece about message boards and today's social media world is spot on. Everyone wants to be heard (and the media outlets want that feedback....any blog or newspaper article has a comment section) and there is an outlet for them to be heard concerning any subject. Most of these people are just normal people, but then there is that 1% that are just "on Neptune", as he puts it who ruin it for everybody. Interesting to think about his point that in society we have laws to prevent these "loons" from doing any harm, but on the Internet there are no such laws. I wonder what these people would be doing if the internet had never been; Here are a few friends sitting around talking about wrestling, and then out of nowhere some guy just jumps in and pulls out a knife, while telling you that you are an idiot for thinking that way.
  10. Train hard and train smart and it will pay off in wrestling. Learning your strengths and weaknesses and tailoring your training towards that is not easy for some. But I believe that if you are able to find a "formula" that makes you the best wrestler you can be, and work hard at it, you will find success. Work hard, but work smart.
  11. I think he can make the stand. After the top 2-3 wrestlers at 133, there seems to be a pretty big drop off in competition. I'd say if he can stay healthy he could be in the 5-8 area on the stand. I don't think he was a one hit wonder, I just think he's been plagued by injuries and weight issues. Given a full and healthy season I say he can make the stand, and would like to see him there.
  12. Ness winning the Hodge over Varner...we've had some heated threads over that.
  13. The good judges don't let things like that bother them, and are trained to block the crowd out. Judging fights like these is not an easy job, but there are some good judges out there who are capable.
  14. Why so surprised because its in Brazil? The judges for the fight were not all brasillion. Sal D'amata, Chris Watts, and Rick winter have all judged many UFC fights without any bias.
  15. I think Ware vs Gallick was all four years, and was a great rivalry. Gallick beat him just about every time, except for the NCAA finals their junior year, which gave Ware his second title. That one was a really good match. Gallick got his NCAA title the next year against Ware.
  16. I thought Machida won a very close decision, but wasn't too surprised that Davis got the nod. Fights like that are hard to judge. Do you put a premium on Machida Landing the most significant strikes, or the fact that Davis completely controlled the takedowns and where the fight takes place, for the most part, even though he didn't do much damage?
  17. I agree, he is definitely a medal threat. And if he were to get an extremely favorable draw I could see him winning it. His style and conditioning help him in a wrestling match under the new rules. I also believe that his conditioning and style will help him with the way the tournament is held( (1 day with a 15 minute respid), and that will be a bigger problem than it was before with the longer matches for some wrestlers.
  18. Muay Thai...and I'm not talking about the watered down version we see in MMA here in the states, I'm talking about the sport they do in Thailand. For training they harden their bones by repeatedly hitting them with hard objects, which creates mini fractures, and grow back as calcium deposits. They have people repeatedly strike every part of their body, to kill off all of their nerves endings and pain receptors. I could go on and on, but you can find info about it easily, if you want to learn more.
  19. Quentin Wright...I think he will be our man at 84k if he continues to wrestle and I think he was tailor made for freestyle. I know this one is kind of out there, but I just don't see Dlagnev or Bergman putting Winning a world title....medal threats, yes. I wouldn't bet anything on it though
  20. Epic! Took me a bit to get the timing just perfect, but that was awesome! Rocky really was an antihero, working at the docks, taking Paulie's sisters virginity, etc..
  21. Dang that is crazy! Not many wrestling teams can spare a top recruit not panning out, or getting injured. PSU could spare at least a couple and still be likely to win nationals.
  22. Lester did good against Burroughs in a practice match as well and he's a GR representative, who hasn't had to sprawl in years. I wouldn't put too much stock into the "practice matches". He will let it all hang out and beat the 74k guy handily in the upcoming tourney, if they meet. If I were Burroughs I would not put my best effort, and give him my best looks in practice. Especially if he is a foreigner who I could be wrestling soon in a match that counts.
  23. Cael, Taylor, and Ruth have been chosen to be the be the first men to walk on Mars?
  24. My bad...by "beating him out" I meant: he won his spot. I did feel a little bad for Slaton, but when Dennis busted onto the scene like he did, I guess it was a little hard to feel sorry for him. Dennis was just such a textbook "Iowa Style" wrestler, not to mention he had an awesome mustache that year, it was hard not to get behind Dennis and not Slaton. I did not know Slaton had issues in the classroom, but I'm sure that didn't help his wrestling out.
  25. Great coach and great wrestler. I always enjoyed watching him. Congrats to Lewis, and to Maryland for the great pickup.
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