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  1. DF, when is your comeback tour? Your fans want it!
  2. Went 2-2 at state tourney my senior year. It was a heartbreaker, being a returning state place winner and 2x region (our state qualifier) champ. I had a decent season but nothing compared to my sophomore and junior year when I was 3 and 4 weight classes lighter.
  3. Dan Dennis....beat the returning NCAA runner up, Joe Slaton, during the 08-09 season for his spot in the starting line up. During that season he became an All American, and won the midlands
  4. Reminds me a little of Steve Williams'(R.I.P) dance after pinning his opponent quickly in the 1991 Illinois AA state finals.
  5. I would like to see DF take on the Sherdog forums. I haven't been there in years, but they should still have a "grappling" section where wrestling is talked about, and he could teach people about Jadidi. He could start off there and eventually work his way to the main MMA section(God knows there are plenty of antiheroes in MMA...Tank Abbott would be perfect). It would take time, but man it would be epic!
  6. Cheaptilt does raise a point about members who aren't around too often, and new members...they think we are all stupid for being trolled, or think its some big inside joke, when it's not. I wish there was a way in letting new members know that it's all in fun and we aren't keeping some sick joke from them, or something of that nature. DF is just part of the board. As dsnc mentioned, there are many threads that take a life of their own. How many 10+ page "Dake vs Taylor" threads have went way off topic, and turned into 2 or 3 people having a pissing match against one another? Those are the ones I choose to skip over.
  7. I choose to fall for DF's "troll" threads. I know what he is doing before I even open his threads. But they are awesome. DF has catapulted himself beyond "troll", he is a legend. How many trolls do you know that have their own photoshop tournament that someone else made (medicine man) in his honor and is actually a hit amongst posters. No, DF is no "troll".
  8. ^Probably because gymnastics governing body doesn't want to have anything to do with it.
  9. Anybody who won an NCAA D1 title as a true freshman, no matter what their accolades in high school, made a huge leap in their wrestling ability. They may not have came out of nowhere, because they were such studs in high school. But that is such a huge leap in competition, to go from beating up on kids, to being the best in the nation against the best of best men in college.
  10. The more matches he can get under the new rules, before worlds, the better. That 3 grand cash prize is pretty nice too, for what will probably be an easy tournament for Burroughs.
  11. Oh, yes ....the old not making weight/being WAY over weight before a weigh in dream I have had many times!
  12. I was not speaking of Grapplefan's post. Perhaps I should have started a new paragraph after my first sentence. I don't think Grapplefan was trying to "persecute" me, and his statement was perfectly fine and a good point. I enjoy Grapplefan's posts and find them very insightful. His statement just opened up a door for more discussion on the matter. As for the rest of the post I was speaking in much broader terms. Yes, I do realize that some Christians like to play the role of the victim, and I can tell you with a clear conscience that I am not one of them.
  13. I remember watching some of the Oprah interview when this all first came out and he did seem insincere to say the least. On the tough questions, that would rattle anyone, he seemed emotionless and almost robotic in his answers, like he had practiced all of it in his head. I'm not saying he's a sociopath because I don't know enough about sociopathic behavior, but if dsnc's characteristics, mentioned above, are what makes a person a sociopath, the he certainly meets quite a few of the criteria.
  14. No Gopher fan, but I too have liked Steinhaus since he first hit the college scene. His progression since the beginning of his freshman year has been a treat to watch. I really hope things work out, whether it be a medical redshirt or him toughing it out(which he can do) after a recovery and making it back to the medal stand at nationals. In a Worst case scenario, in which he doesn't get a medical RS(which is probably unlikely but you never know), and isn't able to recover in time for regionals and nationals, he will still be able to compete at the Senior level in freestyle. At least it is not a career ending shoulder injury like Nickerson and Caldwell had. That would be very unfortunate. They can do amazing things with ACL injuries these days so I'm optimistic that he will be back by seasons end.
  15. ^Man that pic has Jad photoshop written all over it.
  16. I don't want to get into a religious argument grapplefan, I was just agreeing with someone who stood up for God. It seems these days that Christians that even say anything pertaining to God or Christianity, like me or Fullnelson, end up being ridiculed for forcing our beliefs on others. But if an Atheist stands up for his beliefs, it's hardly ever an issue. It's my opinion that Atheists and Agnostics who are happily married, and I know some as well, would be more happily married if they had God at the center of their marriage. I also find it interesting that, for example, when a great wrestler or coach gets sick or passes away, we flood the thread with messages saying "you/the family are in our thoughts and prayers". I wonder, how many of those members are atheists or agnostics, and who are they praying to? Are they praying to "the great teacup in the sky", as Richard Dawkins is so fond of saying? I certainly am not, and I do earnestly pray for each person/family that say that for.
  17. Amen, Fullnelson. Without knowing the truest love there is, how can a man or a woman be expected to keep a commitment of love between each other?
  18. I actually dream quite a bit about my wrestling career. Here I am 27, and dream that I'm back in high school. Sometimes I dream about just being able to practice once more. Every once in a while I'll dream(nightmare?) about one of those huge matches that I almost won, but I have never had the same dream twice. My illness and disability, and why i had to stop wrestling has been well documented on this forum before. The frequency of dreams could be attributed to the many medications I am on(I dream all the time about all sorts of things). Just seriously curious if any other "retired" wrestlers have dreams about the good old days.
  19. Dang that was impressive! The Russian Olympic and world champ did not even know hit him after that head and arm throw. I think maybe the 7 point tech may just make Greco exciting again, like it was back in the 80's and 90's! I still think its a little too low for freestyle, but for Greco....maybe we will finally see some much needed, exciting throws at the elite level once again.
  20. Medicine man, I'm sure you have seen the thread by now, but just in case you haven't.....the legend(DF) who taught us about the legend(Jadidi) is out of retirement and back! I've been partying ever since....heck I self slammed myself in a drunkin brawl at the club the other night!
  21. By replying to that I would be giving you more attention. Going to sleep now. Sorry, no more attention for you tonight
  22. Then keep blocking him when he comes back. He's so easy to spot under his other screen name(s), as you inferred. Where the heck is our moderator Mr. Immel(sp)? The best answer is to stop feeding the troll and stop replying to his threads and posts (which is what I did some time ago, save this thread), but people just can't help themselves. The kid will eventually get bored when he doesn't receive any attention. In any case, if the title of this thread is not grounds for a ban, then I do not know what is.
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