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  1. I see a some Asian medalists he had to go through, and I will admit that I don't follow the Asian Championships as much as I should, but if these guys are so good why aren't they placing at Worlds? Huseynov was a good win, but failed to come back through repechage and even place because he was beaten by Zarkua from Georgia, who also failed to place. It's fairly evident that Huseynov was not having a good tournament. So he only had to beat one guy who had ever placed at Worlds to make the finals. I call that a favorable draw...maybe I should not use the word "easy" because there are no easy draws at the world level. Everyone is a stud. But as far as World Championships go, I would call it an easy draw. Back to Metcalf...yes he placed 10th at 2014 Yarygin, but the 66/now 65 lb weight class is wide open at the top 10-15 guys. Most would agree that if this weight were wrestled 10 times, you would come out with a different winner and medalists. The top ten would be all over the place as well. There are so many high caliber wrestlers at this weight, that I would say it is the second toughest, next to 97kg. No group or wrestler has emerged as sure fire medalists.
  2. Metcalf will beat Gomez by 6 or more points if they meet at Worlds, and if not, Metcalf will place higher than Gomez. That's my prediction. I don't see how I could be any clearer. Losing to Molinaro to place second at Dave Shcultz does not really help your argument, but it does help mine. So does the fact that Metcalf placed 2nd at the Yarygin and world cup in 2013. Metcalf has chosen to concentrate more on training in 2014 than go to smaller Fila tournaments, so we don't have any results, as of yet to go by, save the US open where he did thrash (beat very badly) everyone he faced. IMO Metcalf is on a whole different level than he has ever been in the past. He is also learning how to peak for the big show, as opposed to peaking at the beginning of the freestyle season, which is vital at this level. You recieve an easier draw at Worlds when the other side of the bracket is full of studs(world champs and placers) and your side is not. Duh! Edit: Typo
  3. Dolph Lundgren also is playing 3 separate rolls. All Soviet wrestlers.
  4. Pamela, your BF is basically dead on when it comes to Bleacher Report. A lot of their "reporting" of what they call "fact" is opinion based, and some of it is downright crap.
  5. 1. Gomez is moving up a weight, and never was all that big for 60kg to begin with. 2. Gomez's style is very "American", and Metcalf has thrashed anyone with a remotely American style over the past year. 3. When Gomez placed second it was under a different set of rules, and he hasn't really impressed since...and even then, he had a very good draw. These new rules favor someone like Metcalf immensely because they bring conditioning and fatigue into consideration. 4. It's my opinion, based on what I have seen from both, and the above mentioned points. Take it or leave it.
  6. As much as I'd love to see Snyder pull off the upset, I think we need to remember who Gatsalov is. It's true that he is not in his prime, but this guy still practically walked through the HW division at Worlds last year. To make an Analogy: If Cael had not retired in '04, kept on wrestling full time until now, and moved up to HW by putting on solid muscle, do you think Snyder would have much of a chance? Well, this guy beat Cael in 2003, as both were approaching their prime. If Snyder wins it would be great, but I just don't see it happening.
  7. Dang MM, I know I've said this before, but that is some fine photoshopping right there
  8. Yeah, Fila just seems to pick and choose which tournaments/matches that they will use when coming up with these rankings. They are bizarre and off the wall. I can understand some of their reasoning, such as not having Varner ranked, since he has had so much off time. But then you have Metcalf, for example, who I'm fairly sure would thrash the "number 2" and "number 4" ranked wrestlers in the world, not even ranked. I could go on about how off they are on other rankings, but it's fairly obvious. At the end of the day I think Fila just doesn't care about putting time and resources into rankings, which seems to be their trend with a great many of other things they are involved with. Sure, they "saved" wrestling until 2020, fixed the rules (somewhat, though Greco still has issues that need addressing), and put in a new president, but I see them slowly trending back to their old ways. Before we know it I am afraid they will be back to their cheese and wine meetings in Phuket. We, as a wrestling community, really need to stay on their backs to ensure this doesn't happen, and that our sport is not axed again after 2020.
  9. Is the streaming going to be behind Flo's "Paywall" or free? Fingers crossed...
  10. First off, great breakdown 2td3nf...this is not the first breakdown you have done that I have enjoyed. Keep it up! Wow! This is an amazing lineup! This is the best BTS by far. Apparently Russia got sick of their second and third stringers getting beat, so they decided to basically send half of their team that they will be sending to World Championships! Also, does anybody know if this will be televised or broadcasted on the Internet somewhere other than behind Flo's Paywall?
  11. The formula used to come up with these "objective" rankings is very subjective. I could probably come up with an "objective" formula that puts Metcalf above Sanderson, because Sanderson never won a Big 10 title. How I came up with that formula would be very subjective, though.
  12. Looks like the TS Edited the name of the thread and completely changed the subject, making the people who posted in the thread (me) look like idiots.
  13. Very nice pickup for Rutgers. He can recruit and develop B1G caliber studs. This could be just what RU needs.
  14. If Ed Ruth has a desire to go to MMA, then more power to him and I will be cheering. But, to my knowledge Ruth has not shown any interest in MMA. So he certainly shouldn't be pushed away from wrestling by someone on a wrestling website, as armspin mentioned.
  15. I can't stand Hasanov. He's extremely dirty. I hope Taylor thrashes him and sends his tail running to 70kg.
  16. GSP has gotten punched in the head a lot. He has missing time and hours that he doesn't remember. He actually thinks its because he's being abducted by aliens! And this is from a guy who had a relatively safe style (usually got the takedown and GnPed the guy mixed with a little kickboxing), and relatively safe career (only KOed/TKOed once). God help those guys who took a lot of damage throughout their careers and had multiple KO and TKO losses. They will be in assisted living by age 50 and they only make enough money to get by.
  17. "I've worked hard to be a four time state champion, and now I'm headed off to college to be a camel"....just doesn't sound right.
  18. All of you guys who are criticizing, and haven't made a list, need to try it or be quiet. It's not very easy considering all variables. If our lists are so off then please, show us how it's done.
  19. I say Stieber had the toughest field, followed by Schlatter, and then Sanderson.
  20. Looks like he could hitch his entire house and bring it camping/hunting with him, along with a full sized octagon to practice in.
  21. Marstellar...Pico is not beating Metcalf and Metcalf ain't retiring until 2016.
  22. I think Ruth will be on this list as well, and he already would be if he had some international wins, which will come as soon as he gets to some tournaments. Anyway, if he beats Foster at WTT, which I think he will, he moves up the list quite a bit. Thanks for the vote of confidence in my list btw!
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