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  1. Is this not grounds for a ban. Let's get rid of this troll already.
  2. I agree scribe. I think moving up a weight would allow him to strength train and put on some muscle. I know people will say he won't be able to put on enough muscle to compete with all the brutes at 84kg, but if he wants to be able to beat top level competition outside of the U.S. one day I think he has to put on some strength, and I just don't see how he can do that at 74kg. Taylor can person can completely reshape his body and gain enough strength and muscle, with 10kg and a decent weight cut, to compete at 84kg. It won't happen over night, nor will immediate success, but in the long run I think this is his best option.
  3. Great showing for Taylor I don't care what all the "haters" say. He's still in college and is not training freestyle full time yet. It was a good experience, and he got to get his hands on a world champ caliber wrestler outside of the U.S. That was a good experience and now he has a little bit better idea as to what he has to do to get there. Two observations....he's got to get stronger and finish faster. He's getting in deep, but is nowhere near finishing on someone like Tsargush. In any case, congrats to Taylor for bringing home a bronze for the U.S.
  4. JC, no problem. I can respect a man who admits he made a mistake.
  5. Mango will definitely be a threat this year. As an Iowa fan I have no delusions that Ramos will walk through everyone. If Mango looks as good as he did at midlands and can stay at that level all season, he will give Ramos all he can handle. Graff I am not so worried about. Yes, the match was close at nationals, but their match at BT tournament was pretty much controlled by Ramos, despite what the scoreboard said. Plus, Graff has some real head scratcher losses due to his gas tank. I would love to see Ramos vs Mango at the All-Star. Perfect match up because I don't think they will see each other too much during the regular season, if at all. And I think it would be an absolute war and crowd pleaser!
  6. JC, look a little closer at our responses and take a look at the Abbas Jadidi photoshop tourney. I think you are the one having a single leg pulled.
  7. Hey DF, sorry to hear that. I had always pictured you sailing off into the proverbial sunset after retirement. Keep your mustache and chin up high. When one door closes others open, and remember to always ask the question W-W-J-D. When the world shuns you, remember that you always have a friend in Jadidi. Glad you are back where you belong, my friend.
  8. He has great wrestling, and a style of wrestling that caters well to MMA....very explosive with his shots and good Greco skills and balance. He also has some nasty front choke that are augmented by his height in which he used to choke Machida out with.
  9. Agree...we need some of the recently graduated/soon to graduate 125 lbers to step it up and take over the role and separate themselves. But who?
  10. Exactly my thoughts Scribe. I am optimistic he will do well, possibly even a medal threat had he got the spot, but we just don't know how he will do yet until we see him in some overseas wrestling tournaments. And Burroughs is a monster here and whatever country he enters tournaments, with the best from around the world entered as well. Dake has not. Dake is a question mark in this matter. .
  11. The people who rigged the Olympics showed up and decided to give people named Howe the toughest draw possible. Can't believe you didn't hear about the big conspiracy yet.
  12. 1. Ruth 2. Dake 3. Taylor 4. Steiber 5.Oliver 6.Wright 7.Maple 8. Nelson 9. Delgado 10.Ramos
  13. A pizza box signed by Melvin Douglas (didn't have enough money at wrestling camp to buy his pictures he was selling, so I grabbed an empty pizza box)
  14. I really would like to see Metcalf meet (and beat) Hasanov under the new rules. Those guys go at it hard and do not like each other.....Could be the makings of another Terry Brands vs Jesus Wilson in the hockey arena!
  15. Nice! Metcalf should fare much better under these rules. Hope he goes to Worlds and gets that medal he's been searching for
  16. I noticed that one too PAfan. Pretty epic quote IMO, and quite true as well.
  17. Apparently he strayed away from his one peanut per day diet, and decided to eat a sandwich. Sad to see what happens when wrestlers let themselves go after their college career is over.
  18. The only person that can touch Ramos at 133 is Graff, and it's still a question mark if he will be at 133 or 141. Does anyone know where Graff will be?
  19. Your statement on Squash has already been proved wrong. It's got a big following in middle Eastern countries. You say that baseball would be gone if not for the US....ha you really have no idea what goes on in the world, save your fact that you looked up on the Internet about Dagestan having a lot of wrestlers. While you are sitting on your butt trolling you might want to do an Internet search on how many baseball players there are in Latin American countries. Then check out Japanese numbers with baseball. After seeing those numbers, any halfway REASONABLE person would come to the conclusion that it is not the good old USA's "fault". So I'll give you a chance to do some research and await your conclusion. If you retract your original statement, after doing said research, then I will consider you halfway reasonable. Not holding my breathe....
  20. I think Logan is, and will be our best guy against international competition. The problem he will have is getting past his US competition. I think it doesn't help that he trains/wrestles with some of his toughest domestic competition daily at the RTC at Ohio State. They have all day in the practice room to figure him out, and know exactly what he does.
  21. No, banbasketball, that is a photo of Larry after Gable got revenge in their rematch in freestyle. Yes that photo was taken after that match as Larry left the Arena, with his head planted firmly between his legs....literally!
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