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  1. He accomplished more in his 23 years than most people do in 75+. College wrestler and a Navy Seal. Thoughts and prayers out to his family and fellow servicemen. God bless and RIP.
  2. Why is it that before Dake became a 4 time champ nobody mentioned the "loss" that Cael had. For the past 10+ years it has been "Cael, the only undefeated 4x champ". But now that Dake has won his fourth, people say Cael really wasn't undefeated and count the redshirt loss. Ridiculous....Cael is the greatest.
  3. Is also what happens when a freight train runs over a station wagon....He will not be denied, and the other wrestler just gets wrecked.
  4. Oliver, Stieber, Dake, and Wright will do great IMO and could place by 2016. I think Taylor and Ruth can do well too, but they have yet to impress me at the senior level...who knows after they go full time how they will do.
  5. Can some of the teams that are flourishing at the D2 and D3 level possibly make a move to D1? I know there are some teams that could be competitive. Does this happen often? What would be involved in the process of moving a wrestling team up to D1? Just curious if this is a feasible option.
  6. As much as I hate to admit it, because I'm such a fan of McDonough, I think Jesse Delgado is a candidate. Non AA last year, to national champ this year.
  7. Yeah I didn't give Q much of a chance either, in fact, next to Ruth I thought Kilgore was second most likely to win in the finals. Q proved me wrong. What a masterpiece of a match he wrestled!
  8. I say Cael would win vs Ruth at 184, during their Jr year of College. I don't think he would Major Ruth, but does win comfortably by 4-6 points.
  9. This site has really went downhill since JB stopped moderating....and it's not just the Ramos bashing.
  10. Trice attempting the Flying squirrel. That was hilarious!
  11. Holy crap! That was INSANE!!!
  12. I'll go with Ruth as well, followed by Maple and Oliver.
  13. I remember that kid...skinny, with glasses. After he says that about the lava he flexes. That would be cool if he's still in it and pretty good.
  14. Not as impressive as going undefeated, but still pretty darn impressive if Dake pulls out "4 at 4".
  15. Btw yes I was wrong and will be rooting for Taylor tomorrow night. I said a few months ago that if it was him and Dake, I would definitely be rooting for Taylor
  16. Matburn155


    Great match by both guys...gutsy performance by Wilps and Wright.
  17. I'm stunned...heck I'm heartbroken! Dang this sucks! He's tough though. He'll bounce back.
  18. Lost a few years on that one...whew....way to go St John! Hats of to Deirenger for a fun match!
  19. Jadidi was found backstage earlier hanging out.
  20. Tough to watch. McDonough is still my hero. Great job by Garrett. That kid is going places!
  21. DocHfuhruhurr, I picked Yates over Taylor and basically got flogged by PSU/Taylor fans, so apparently a 3 beating a 2 in the semis is a big deal.
  22. Wait until they each have a national title. Until then they are nowhere near close to the Brands, Banach's, Schultz, Smiths, etc...
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