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  1. Nothing about Taylor tells me he is one of the top ten wrestlers ever. How many championships has he won? I big one. How many will he have after this tournament, as he most likely will have the same amount, because if he doesn't lose to Yates he will most likely to lose to Dake. 1. There's a lot of people I would put in front of him if everyone who's wrestled. I can definitely think of ten. Not is he even near the top ten wrestlers of all time.
  2. Evans has split with him, so naturally I would feel better about Brown than Storley. That was a nice pancake but saying that he out wrestled Evans for 13.5 out of 14 minutes is just silly. Even the match he lost, Evans was ahead by 1 due to Browns sock pulling, before the pancake. Brown just went into defensive mode after that.
  3. As a Hawkeye fan I don't like that Evans has Storley in the quarters. I know he can beat Brown, but Storley I'm not so sure.
  4. They should just show wrestlers when they are normally done with a round. Most wrestlers do this after the quarters and consi finals, and then they have the official press release they could show for semifinal and finals winner. Maybe soon they will cover these.
  5. Part of being a fan of someone means you are probably going to favor them over a guy seeded 1 seed above him. Are you not thinking any of the guys that you are fans of will do better than their seeds?
  6. Then could it not also lead to you being a "homer/wishful thinker". Because you are a Penn State fan and therefore also probably a fan of Taylor. That's no different than me being a fan of Yates. Perhaps you are just seeing things through blue and white glasses. Even Longshot admits that HW "has improved immensely and is a monster for size and strength at that weight". Have you even seen Yates this year? Because I have and I can tell when a wrestler is on another level like Yates is. Edit:typo
  7. Okay , here ya go: 1. Yates has improved greatly from last season. His record and dominant wins are evidence to this. I have seen nothing that shows me Taylor has improved. I was just saying that because I knew you counter argument would be, "as of Taylor has not" I know it's hard to improve Taylor's season last year, but he is no more dominant than he was, but he does have 2 more losses than he did last year (one official and one not). I know it was against a stud, but still a loss, none the less. 2. If he has improved greatly since last year, then maybe it is not the "big leap" that you make it out to be, and he has improved enough to finish on Taylor, which he was close to doing multiple times. I also believe Yates, with his improved skills can slow Taylor down on his feet. Dake has done it. In fact I bet he is watching tape, and practicing Dakes two on one/Russian, which slowed Taylor down on his feet. So, Yates gets that takedown(s) I've been talking about, slows/shortens the match with the 2 on one/Russian, then he can stay off bottom and possibly and have more takedown than Taylor at the end of the match. That is how he can beat Dake. 3. It's not his fault that he hasn't wrestled Taylor or Dake to prove that he is right there with them, if he indeed is. 4, Me being a fan has nothing to do with it do I'll give ya this one. Edit: Typo
  8. Well your name "Pa-fan" suggests that you are biased as well, and just because you replied to my reasoning as to why I think Yates will win, doesn't mean you disproved them.
  9. I was hoping they would bring Robles back. He was awesome last year!
  10. Apologies for getting off topic. Seriously, my bad.
  11. Yes I'm biased, but am I not allowed to make a biased prediction against David Taylor the great? You can all tell me how stupid I am when/if I am wrong. Seriously, a 3 seed beating a 2 seed. Never would I dream of such a travesty happening.
  12. Let me also say that I think it is disrespectful to Yates, and the other 29 wrestlers competing in the 165 lb weight class, that the NCAA/ESPN is billing Dake vs Taylor for the main event before the tournament has even started. I like the idea, but wait until after the semifinals are done to do this. I think even PSU and Cornell fans can agree with me on this one.
  13. 1. That was last year and Yates has gotten much better. (I know Taylor has as well) 2. Yates was able to get in on Taylor multiple times, which few can do. If he can just finish, which he was close to doing, he can stay off of bottom, where Taylor wears everyone out. 3. Yates has looked very good this year, and beat up on Bubby Graham in the process, as mentioned by HokieToph above. 4. I am a big fan of Yates. I watched him win all of his state titles in Georgia, where I'm from. (My Senior year of high school he was a freshman, so I wrestled in the same state tourney as him once). What is so crazy about picking a number 3 seed to upset a number 2 seed, even if it is David Taylor? I think Taylor could get caught off guard in the semis, because the pressure will be on and he will possibly be thinking of Dake, and the fact that they are going to be the "main event" for the finals.
  14. What's wrong with me calling an upset? I shake things up a little to make things fun, and everyone brings their torches and pitchforks. Thanks for the vid, but I've already seen that match. Taylor is not beyond getting caught. Anyone can get caught and I say Yates is the one to do it.
  15. Pete Yates over Taylor in the semifinals.
  16. Tirepell, you might see yourself as being "not above the fray", but it is very comforting that I am not the only one who has turned the TV off before the HWT finals are finished. And it's even more comforting to know that other person was a 2x NCAA D1 finalist.
  17. Everyone's going to be disappointed when Pete Yates upsets Taylor in the Semis...but I guess Dake will still be going for his fourth, so it's still the premier match. Ps. If I end up being wrong about this I bet "Acadia" will bring it up and quote me and tell me how wrong I am...along with everyone else who wasn't 100% right on their predictions. He comes around every year just for that purpose.
  18. You are cherry picking his worst match against their only common opponent, without mentioning the other times that Burroughs thrashed Caldwell, including in the NCAA finals. Sr. year Burroughs would beat both Taylor and Dake. He would major Taylor and come close to majoring Dake. That bad match he had against Caldwell at Big 12's was an anomaly.
  19. Why do people lump the Alton's together. Does anyone remember D. Alton placing 3rd last year at NCAA's. I'll admit he doesn't look quite as good this year, but he hasn't regressed and doesn't gas like his brother, and D. Alton could certainly win one before all is said and done.
  20. That would be great to see them wrestling for 7th/8th, or 5th/6th! It would make for a great storyline for ESPN to talk about before the round they wrestle. Oh yeah, and it would help Iowa out big time if we got Nathan to AA.
  21. You guys did have Brown move from his 5th seed up to first which was pretty significant. I wasn't overly surprised, given how crazy 174 is this year, but he did look really good.
  22. How do I enter?...when I go to the link provided all I get is last years results. Thanks in advance for any help.
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