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  1. Tried to post this on the other thread but "comments are closed" apparently. McDonough apparently tried to retrieve his medal. Pretty good read : http://http://thegazette.com/2013/03/11/reactions-of-a-reaction/ I think it was a heat of the moment, bad decision. People make mistakes.
  2. Apparently McDonough tried to get his second place award back. Pretty interesting read here: http://thegazette.com/2013/03/11/reactions-of-a-reaction/
  3. The problem with PSU is that they get so many bonus points, it is like having another finalist/champion. Add those points to the finalists and champs that they actually get, and it becomes tough to even get close to them at NCAA's. It would take an epic collapse of one of their big studs (Taylor, Ruth, Wright) and an incredible performance from Iowa or Minnesota to beat them. We would probably also need their other great wrestlers (Mega, Alton's, Brown) to get low AA's for another team to be in contention.
  4. Lol "give em the old gator bacon"
  5. ^same here two-six....and I thought our little scuffle in the Ramos vs Steiber thread was bad lol. Dang!
  6. Oh I know u were just joking hurricane. Same here. I knew Spurrier was a heck of a QB back in his day, but not about the other sports. The only reason UGA fans don't like him is because he always beats us. Seriously, he has ruined our season by upsetting us so many times it's crazy. He just knows how to beat UGA football. But those few times that we did beat him, we all loved to see the visor go lol. I've met spurrier and he really is a class act, and he will go to bat for his athletes. Mark Richt is a class act as well. The problem is I think he is too nice sometimes. Sometimes a team needs a good chewing out....like after the South Carolina game last year!
  7. It could just be some guys on the Hawkeye page who want to make out like they have some kind of "inside scoop", and know more than the other Hawkeye fans. Hopefully if it is something, it's nothing bad or medically related.
  8. ^he looked great this weekend and could break a lot of people's hearts at NCAA's. The man is fearless, and can get a 5 pointer at anytime during the match. He's definitely out of any kind of "slump" he was in. And I noticed his physique/strength today...I haven't seen much of him this year and what I have has been on a tiny iPhone screen. I felt like that was the only thing he was missing last year as a true freshman. He has really been hitting the weights. Like his brother, I bet it sucks to tie up with him!
  9. Just came from the Hawkeye board(where i am not a member, just a lurker) and there is a rumor that something is up with McDonough, and it's not weight cutting. The guys that are "in the know" won't say what it is and say it will be released after the season is over. Don't know about the validity but does anyone know what they ate talking about? Ps.If it can't be posted, please send me a PM. I won't tell, and if I do you will know who it is because I use my real name in my profile.
  10. Well some wrestler(s) will "feel" they were screwed in seedlings for NCAA's.
  11. Hurricane, what can I say when it comes to College Football I'm a UGA fan and have seen Spurriers antics over the years. He has gotten better and calmed down with age, but back in his days at Florida he was dang mean. But to be honest if I had a visor today I would have thrown it too after the Hawks performance in the finals lol.
  12. I'll be rooting for Taylor, unless somehow Iowa happens to be in the team race and we need Taylor to lose for us to pull it out(I know, very unlikely but you never know). I just really like Taylor on and off the mat.
  13. To all of the people jumping on Brands going overboard....have you ever watched college football coaches? They cuss at refs and athletes during a game, grab players by the helmet and give them an earful, throw stuff, etc. None of which Brands has ever done in his coaching career. YouTube Steve Spurrier if you want to see a college coach go overboard. He's a hard nosed, demanding coach, but he is not as bad as some of you guys make him out to be. He did not tell McDonough to throw away his trophy.
  14. And as I mentioned in another thread, any way you look at it someone is going to get screwed in the seeding at 174, and probably more than one wrestler.
  15. Hats off to Brown. Is it just me or is he a dang Gorilla for 174 lbs. I think he is the new "tank" for PSU's team. Thank God he can do without the tan like the last "Tank" y'all had. As far as seeding goes...it's gonna be a mess. Any way you look at it somebody is going to get screwed, and probably two or three will.
  16. And this is for everyone, including Eagle321 and Two Six. I am sorry for my demeanor earlier in this thread. For those of you that know me I am usually a peace maker, but I just saw my favorite wrestler(Matt McDonough) get destroyed, along with the other Hawkeye finalists. Nothing excuses the childish name calling though and I am sorry and hope this does not tarnish your view of me.
  17. Eagle321, I don't care when you wrestled. I don't care if you played or whatever. I was referencing sports in general...what do you want me to say? You "competed" in horse shoes? Are you saying that today's wrestlers "play", but back in the 60's it was tougher? Kinda disrespecting everyone you watched today, including Steiber.
  18. Two-six, that wasn't directed at you. It was directed to Eagle321, who originally Quoted me and made a tasteless comment directed toward me. I had not even seen your post, as it was made while I was typing. I thought it was obvious with the "horseshoe" remark I made. Ps. On tapatalk you can't quote, or I would have.
  19. Yeah he did not get ridden and the match went to overtime. Thats a big improvement from last year, moron. It counts because it tells Tony that he can beat Steiber and be an NCAA champion in two weeks. Genius comment about horse shoes btw, which is obviously the only sport you've ever played, troll.
  20. Hats off to Welch. Hopefully DSJ gets his stuff together at nationals and we get to see them go at it.
  21. And Evans losing to Brown just now. Iowa loves to be the underdog at nationals...well here we are. Let's hope for some Iowa magic like we had during the Gable years. We are going to need it big time.
  22. Lol interesting to see PSU's forum and compare it to Iowa's forum. PSU:Byers is awesome, and Ironside was way out of line...Iowa: Byers is too loud and annoying everyone who is sitting in front of him, and Ironside was perfectly fine in telling him to quiet down.
  23. Ramos has definitely closed the gap. If he really was sick, then Steiber will have his hands full in two weeks. Ramos did look a bit off this entire tournament...not shooting as much as he usually does, so hopefully it was an illness.
  24. Wait what happened with the announcers? What was said/done?
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