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  1. Hats off to Delgado. He dominated, and this is coming from a diehard Iowa fan. McDonough has got to get off first if he wants to even have a chance at beating Delgado...but that is hard to do because Delgado is always shooting, and finishing extremely well. He's the real deal.
  2. All 5 guys win their consi semi matches and we are .5 points behind PSU. Let's go Hawks! We can pull this off!
  3. Yates over Storley: 174 was crazy enough to begin with and now it just got a little bit crazier!
  4. 125: Matt McDonough 133: Tony Ramos 141: Kendric Maple 149: Jordan Oliver 157: Derek St. John 165: David Taylor 174: Mike Evans 184: Ed Ruth 197: Dustin Kilgore Hwt: Alan Gelogaev
  5. Hahaha What an honor it would be to wrestle on that mat!
  6. Ryan, you act as if Welch is a shooting machine when he wrestles St. John. Welch didn't shoot any more than St. John when they wrestled last year. did They are both scramblers, and St. John out scrambled him when they wrestled. Plus, you do realize that St. John was wrestling with an pretty badly injured leg, which impeded his ability to shoot.
  7. Agree with Steiber vs Ramos. This match is almost guaranteed fireworks! Dake vs Taylor has a good chance of being a "riding time" chess match. I'm also looking forward to a a lot of possible match ups at 174. There are 6-7 guys who could walk away with the title, and they have all had close and very exciting matches against each other. The quarters, semis, and finals are going to be wild at 174. Can't wait!
  8. Amen brother! God has big plans for Mr. Futrell. He has already used him, in touching me with that video. Doors close, and others open. He is already a champion in my book!
  9. I think number one definitely goes to Schultz vs Banach. I also agree with the rest of the matches mentioned by OP, minus Metcalf vs. Caldwell because it wasn't really that "anticipated". Not sure if they are top five material, but some of the more recent highly anticipated matches, which haven't been mentioned in this thread yet, that immediately come to mind are: Jay Borschel vs Mack Lewnes- both undefeated, Lewnes had not been taken down all season, and Borschel had just had that incredible comeback in the semifinals, along with an incredible season. Brent Metcalf vs Lance Palmer- Palmer had just beaten Metcalf in the B1G finals, which was Metcalfs only loss on the season, and Palmers only losses were against Metcalf. I remember ESPN billing the meeting as "The Perfect Storm" Jesse Jantzen vs. Zack Esposito- I remember this one being highly anticipated. Jantzen having a chance to be only the second NCAA champ from Harvard, and Esposito being a stud as well. I know these matches thatI mentioned above did not live up to their hype (except for Schultz vs Banach), but if we are talking about most "anticipated", they definitely fit the bill. I'm sure I could come up with more, but it's late here on the East coast.
  10. ^That is CRAZY and an awesome story! Thanks for sharing. I bet a their jaws dropped when the ref raised Clar Anderson's hand for the forfeit!
  11. ^Worked fine for me on safari on my Iphone. It would be a pretty big statement for our cause if Burroughs won this. People would say, "he's the best amateur athlete in the USA and the IOC is taking away his sport? What's up with that?" Get out there and vote for our ambassador, Jordan Burroughs.
  12. ^love that story about Barry Davis. He was in the checkout line with a bunch of junk food, and in walks Gable. "I didn't eat anything yet I swear". Lol classic!
  13. I firmly believe he will get his stuff together and win his third title. We will see the McDonough we are use to seeing at the big show.
  14. No prob roadkill. I should have elaborated more in my original post.
  15. Yes, I know there is nothing that says they have to have a wrestling program, but if Ga tech joined the B1G I would be willing to bet that they would reinstate their wrestling program. And that would be huge for the state of Georgia. Excuse me for getting excited about a wrestling program possibly being added. Geez!
  16. They have one bad weekend and all of a sudden Brands is a bad coach. Wow...people really love to hate Iowa.
  17. It would be nice for Georgia wrestling if Ga Tech went. It would create a D-1 program for Georgia, which we sorely need.
  18. Great idea! Maybe we could have a camp for the foreigners that lasts a week or two, during which we could teach them, take them to some tournaments and duals, and then at the end have a goodwill tournament for them.
  19. The IOC needs to watch this video. Wrestling, no doubt, helped him be able to deal with the pain and misery. It's amazing that he was able to recover. I'm sure he learned lessons and a "no quit" attitude while wrestling, which helped him through tough times. I can speak from personal...I was bedridden with a very painful disease for years, which was diagnosed right after I finished my wrestling career,and can honestly say that without wrestling I would either be dead or in assisted living. Ive never heard of rat lungworms! And you can get it from eating unwashed fruit...Yikes! Glad he is okay, back on his feet, and doing well.
  20. I was #21,825, and that won't be the last that comes from my little corner of the country!
  21. How about we send Gable, John Smith, Saitiev, and Karelin to join them in their little meeting.
  22. "Everything is easy, after you have wrestled" may not apply here. I met him once and he is one tough dude. Hope to see him walking around at NCAA's.
  23. Are you sure it's not just one poster, who posts a lot? I think WE ALL KNOW WHO I'm speaking of.
  24. That was EPIC! I'm glad someone dug this up, because I have never seen it. WOW!
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